GGP 047 - Gun Girls @ USPSA Nationals

Hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are in the middle of the final push of the competition season so for this episode of the show it's a short version with bonus video footage.  Catch up with Julie as she updates listeners and shares results, photos and videos from the 2014 USPSA Handgun Nationals in St. George, UT. Congratulations to the Winners!

Sara Dunivin - Production

Kaci Cochran - Open

Tori Nonaka - Limited

Debbie Keehart - L10




GGP 046 - Girl Talk Concealed Carrie Purses

Catch up with Gun Girl Radio hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob as they chat about the busy summer. Then Julie interviews Leslie Deets, the founder of Concealed Carrie, a company that offers women a way to safely secure their firearm without sacrificing fashion. GGP 046 Concealed Carrie.001

After developing Sharp Shooters USA, a female friendly gun store and range in the Atlanta area, Leslie Deets began taking shooting classes. Shooting with other women, she quickly discovered a need for purses that safely concealed firearms with an updated look. The goal was to create a line of fashionable and fabulous purses for women.

It’s not just about the fashion either. Leslie explains how all Concealed Carrie handbags are ambidextrous. “All firearms are stored in a separate compartment that is accessible to both right and left handed shooters in an adjustable Velcro holster that adapts to any size firearm. Special design focus ensures that the main compartment is not compromised leaving women plenty of space that is also enhanced with the numerous pockets and dividers that you'd expect.”

Compact Carrie

Julie and Leslie discuss how, for some women, off-the-body carry in a purse is the most practical and effective way for them to carry concealed.  Where carrying on the body is more secure, many women are not comfortable with body holsters. It may result in them choosing not carry their firearm, hence leaving them unprotected.

Concealed Carrie launched  with the Classic Carrie line featuring all leather products. With innovation key to this company’s growth they expanded with a lighter weight and less expensive solution with the addition of Microfiber and Casual Carrie products. Addressing the woman athlete and outdoor enthusiast look for Carrie’s Closet, an athletic shirt that is specifically designed for a women and allows for a firearm to be worn discreetly and safely while exercising.

Learn more about the Concealed Carrie line and sign up for email updates at


Listener Feedback:

Shootin Straight: I know both of you have spoken about practice, and drills, but I would be curious - when you don't have an upcoming competition - how often do you go to the range to shoot (practice) - and what would you suggest, or what do you practice on?

Eric: In previous podcasts you have talked about how upper body strength is a differentiator between male and female action pistol shooters. Is there a similar difference between male and female 3-Gun shooters when it comes to long guns? If there is, no one bothered to tell the Team Smith and Wesson Lady 3-Gun shooters.

Brice: Offered comments on RO's on timer cadence, bumping the RO and timer technique.

John: Offered perspective on shot timer apps.

GGP 045- Gun Girl Timer Tips

This week on Gun Girl Radio hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are talking all things shot timers. Learn what timers the Gun Girls use and what to look for when buying a timer. Learn about drills you can use with your timer, tips on running them and even tips on major match timer questions. Finally, Randi and Julie answer all the listeners questions on timers. Main Topic - Gun Girl Timer Tips 

  • Why is shooting with a timer so important?
  • What are the timers that the Gun Girls Use
  • What kind of drills can you do with a timer?
  • What features should you look for in a timer?
  • Tips on Running a Timer
  • Main Match Timer Tips
  • Shot Timer Apps

Google Play

IPSC Shot Timer

Shot Timer PRO


Free Shot Timer

Make Ready Shot Timer App 

AIPSC Shot Timer (High performance shot timer) 

IPSC Timer 

ShotMaxx Trainer


Listener Questions:

  • Dean: I need a new timer, what one should I get??
  • John: What would be a good practice routine for a timer to use
  • Robert: Do they make timers with adjustable volume? I dry fire practice when my kids are sleeping, and the constant buzzing of the timers has them now saying "shooter ready, standby" in their sleep.
  • Charles: Do you know of any shot timers that show the par time counting down on the screen?
  • Tom: They need to make an app. For phones to use as timers! They do everything else.
  • Bob: Do they make a timer that works in all platforms ( airsoft, 22's, center fire) maybe a adjustable sensitivity?
  • Kelli: Downloadable timers (android, i phone etc)...yay or no way?
  • Ty: I just had the chance to listen to the episode where you answers my question about the ladies only match. Thanks for the input, I will put your suggestions to good use. I have set a date for the match, it will be Saturday July 26th at 10:00am. So Julie if you are available you are more then welcome to come on over. Thanks again.
  • Mike: Randi- sorry to hear about the 73 issues at EOT. Time for a new extractor? I have yet to have that replaced on my 73 - Any thoughts on the number of rounds before you have that done? Great podcast as always - Like to hear more information on shooting tips and tricks, they are always good.
  • Julie - Great work you are doing for the shooting sports and NRA, the newest video is great. When you were picking guns I was screaming Tommy gun Good pick. I agree as well, results should be easier to locate, and be real time.
  • Eric:I'm curious to hear your both your thoughts on how perishable shooting skill is.  How much skill do you lose if you aren't routinely competing in shooting sports?
  • Jade: Are ShotMaxx timers reliable? Paul: General thoughts on shotmaxx as well as your opinion on the best timer Apps for smartphones etc Julie Found A Review
  • Ryan: Why are they so ugly?
  • Bob: Do they make a timer that works in all platforms ( airsoft, 22's, center fire) maybe a adjustable sensitivity?




GGP 044- Gun Girl First Ever Listener Questions Episode

GGP 044 Gun Girls Listen Questionsjpeg.001 The Gun Girls have their first episode of only listener questions! For many listeners this is their favorite part just as it is for Randi and Julie. Before the Gun Girls jump into the long list of questions there is some quick catch up on the last two weeks. Julie shares information from the Cameron Cup as well as her experience videoing and Randi Rogers brings home all the stories from the SASS World Championship End of Trail. Both ladies touch on how to handle gun malfunctions and then it is over an hour of all the questions you have on shooting, competition, hunting and even what are the Gun Girls' favorite guns.

Main Topic - End of Trail/ Listener Questions


  • End of Trail
    • Event location, duration, # of shooters
    •  Favorite stage?
    • Shoot Off
    • Malfunctions- What do you do?

Listener Feedback:

  • Duane  Hi Randi Rogers and Julie Golob, you are both great people in my mind, as far as shooting competition, it would be nice to be able to get the results faster, I would like to know how you made out but also others, thank you for all you do for us in the shooting sports
  • Chris:  Randi, love to hear your go to for the basics drills. If I want to work on X, I do Y drill/stage/set up. I think you did a bit of this a while back but more is better. Thanks great show.
  • Megan: How does a beginner assess what shooting competitions would be best for their skill level?
  • Surveyor Seven I have been asked in the past if I could only keep one firearm, which caliber/gauge and which platform would I keep and why ? I have always though that this is the most horrible and unfair question, it’s like asking if you could only save your wife or daughter from a burning house who would you save ? (we would all burn together or all get out together) So I will modify this question for you ladies, “if you could only keep 5 firearms that you own, what would be your top 5 choices of firearms, calibers and platforms and why ? And the ultimate follow up question. “of the firearms that you don’t already own, which one do you want the most and why ?

IDPA ?s...

  • Steve - Listening to your podcasts gave me the nudge I needed to try out the IDPA matches up here in New Hampshire. They are a lot of fun (as you already know).  I’ve been a bullseye shooter for many years so this shooting and moving is a whole new game. The scenarios add a fun element to it too! I had some procedurals in my first match. I set as a goal, to not have any in the next one. I succeeded. I do have a question. Why are the no shoots always in the way?


  • Ty -  Hello Ladies! I've been listening to your podcast since the beginning, I enjoy it and now have a question for your.  I am the match director of our local IDPA club, there are quite a few ladies that are interested in shooting but are intimidated by shooting in front of a bunch of guys.  I've been asked to have a ladies only match. I believe most of these ladies have shot before but most of them have no competition experience.  What would your suggestions be for a match to get them started shooting?  Should it be very basic or a more advanced stage that we break down into shooting positions?
  • Kathy I'm thinking of trying to sign up for IDPA Bug nat'ls. I've never done a national match and am only marksman level. Do you gals think this is an ok place to start? You gals made it look like so much fun last year, that I'd like to try.
  • John - Julie, I noticed in some of your pictures that you wear glasses outside of shooting. Are they for close-up or distance or fashion? I know you wear shooting glasses while on the range but how has the change in eyesight affected your shooting? You are way to young to need glasses for close-up because of age. Do either one of you do something special to help your eyes or is it just good genetics? Some of us are not as fortunate to have excellent eyesight but have to deal with glasses on and off the range. Thanks for all that ya'll do for shooting sports and being excellent examples of young ladies for the industry.


  • Larry from the Power Factor Show -Hi Randi! I have a Comp-Tac Beltfeed quad mag pouch that I bought about 8 years ago, back when the USPSA rule said that the gun and the mags were to be 2 inches from the shooter's body.  Since the rule changed to "2 inches from the inner surface of the inner belt" my mag pouch has been illegal.  Specifically the second pouch from the front.  This is the case for my CR Speed belt that I bought about 11 years ago, and there's only one layer of inner and one layer of outer belt. Is this "problem" addressed by the current Beltfeed model, or do I just need to get a thinner belt?  I enjoy the show


  • Dale -  Hi Julie and Randi, You were talking about the debate between shooting a match in one day or shooting multiple days.  I don't want to diminish the amount I love to shoot and compete, but I also love the social aspect of shooting.  Do you feel that shooting matches in one day reduces the social part of shooting?  If it does do you factor that into your match choices? I love the show keep up the good work


  • Pistolet-Chef Donald - Hey, this is a little different what is the best way to get sponsors to supplement the cost of participants in the sport?





GGP 043- Gun Girl Summer Shift

GGP 043 Gun Girls Summer Shift JPG.001 The shooting season is four months old and the Gun Girls have been busy focusing on NRA Action Pistol and many other shooting activities. As the warm summer months start the Gun Girls take a moment to catch up on the last few weeks as well as make plans for their shooting season and practice schedule. I look at gear, some additional summer shooting tips and the start of preparing for the IPSC World Shoot is what the ladies are looking at now.

Main Topic - Catching Up and Looking AheadInterview with Jessie Duff

Listener Feedback:

  • John Pocklington · It happens to the best of us, no sweat. What are some of your favorite guns to compete with?
  • Matt Hoffman what did you all think of the NRA World? Good seeing you again, never got a chance to speak to Julie. Didnt want to be like drunk fat guy and interrupt.
  • Craig Narramoore · Does this mean Christmas will be a week late for you?
  • Michael Gottlieb What do you find to be the best way to involve women in shooting sports, not just coming to the range.
  • Mark Overweg From a man's perspective, I hope women don't feel belittled if a man offers to help them shoot. If I try to show someone something it is either a safety reason or just a helpful hint. The last thing I want to do is make a woman shooter not want to come back. I also feel ranges have a duty to make sure everyone (male or female) who rents a gun knows how to use it in person. (not really a question just some fatherly perspective).
  • Jay Graham Question for you Julie Golob. Have you ever had a guest that represent gun owners like 1MMAGC 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control, INC?


GGP 042 - Gun Girl Talk with Jessie Duff

GGP 042 - Jessie Duff An interview many have been waiting for! While Randi Rogers is away filming the latest season of Ammo & Attitude, this week on Gun Girl Radio, Julie Golob sits down with national and world champion, Jessie Duff to talk about shooting, television, hobbies and Jessie’s personal goals.

Main Topic - Interview with Jessie Duff

  • How did you get started in shooting?
  • When did you know you were hooked?
  • What was your first gun?
  • How often do you train and about how many rounds do you shoot in a year?
  • If you could choose just one sport and one division, what would it be?
  • As the first woman to make USPSA Grand Master, how long has this been a personal goal and can you describe to our listeners the process of how someone achieves GM status?
  • Would you say that performing well in Bianchi is as tough as say Steel Challenge or USPSA?
  • As someone who is constantly switching up guns and gear for different events, do you have any advice for our listeners on how to make the transition to different guns and gear easier?
  • For our lady listeners, any tips on how to stay cute and comfy on the range?
  • Is there anything in your range bag that might surprise people?
  • What’s the best part about working in the TV world as a cohost of NRA All Access on the Outdoor Channel?
  • Which is more nerve racking? Shooting the Mover at Bianchi in front of the crown and cameras or preparing for an appearance like the one you did for Sean Hannity’s show when you debunked gun myths?
  • What are your other hobbies?
  • What’s next on the Jessie Duff goal list?

Listener Feedback:

  • Bryan shares how he is getting his daughter involved in shooting.
  • Jake asks about inviting shotgun extraordinaire, Kim Rhode to the show.
  • Chad shares his experience with his twin 8 year-old daughters. He also asks: Does the optics of today really take away from the raw skill of shooting? Sight alignment, trigger control, even grip can all be compromised to an extent when using digital optics and you can still get good hits. Are we (am I) teaching bad habits by using these optics? How would one go about getting a signed autograph?



GGP 041 - Gun Girl Bianchi Cup Secrets

GGP041This week both Gun Girls are training for the NRA Action Pistol World Championship and the NRA Bianchi Cup! As they have practiced they have "rediscovered" many tips and tricks on the best way to shoot the match. Tune in to learn all the tricks of the trade from the basics of the match, to what you might encounter on the range and the nuances of shooting each stage. Then the Gun Girl listeners write in with tons of questions about the Bianchi Cup. Main Topic:

Listener Questions:

  • Mike Just keep up the good work. would like to try it but no ranges near me shoot it.
  • Matt tell Julie congrats on getting to ask Tom Selleck a question at NRA show. Now you all know how exciting it is when you answear our questions! See you all thursday.
  • Jason Curious to know what the overall schedule is like. When do you shoot what? How many days does it take. Hope to make the trip some day but can't figure out how many days I need to take off work.
  • Surveyor Seven What caliber do the majority of competitors shoot and what do you think the advantages are to caliber choice ? How many different firearms are you allowed to shoot in the open division and what are the advantages to each setup ?
  • Jec-Jess I want to know why i havent shot a 1920 yet
  • Bob Simple, Jec-Jess Clark. Not enough practice!
  • Kim Hi to you both:-). Look forward to seeing you both soon. Julie let's not repeat Germany on the plates
  • Julie I would love to come watch some of the competitions. How do I find out where they are being held?
  • Rooster from Twitter What other shooting sports best prepared you for Bianchi Cup or is it a world to itself (looks like it)
  • Becky How many people take the plates at 15 yds standing vs prone?



GGP 040 - Gun Girls Recap 2014 NRAAM

Gun Girl Radio 040 - Gun Girls Recap 2014 NRAAMThis week's episode is everything NRA Gun Girl style. Tune in as the ladies share their favorite moments and information from the show as well as give a heads up on the exciting events going on in May.  Welcome to episode 40 of Gun Girl Radio! I’m  Julie Golob and my cohost Randi and I are here to bring you the insider scoop from the range, tips on how to improve your shooting and share with you our adventures in the wonderful world of shooting sports.

What have you been up to this week?

1) what was your favorite part of the NRA show?

2) what was the coolest product/booth you saw?

3) how does it feel to ask the Tom Seleck a question? Are you a big Tom fan?

4) Signing at the Smith booth is such a great experience because we get to share time with our awesome teammates as well as meet so many shooters and gun enthusiasts? Who do you enjoy signing with, any funny stories from the show?

5) one of my favorite things about Indianapolis was all the great places to eat! I know you are a big foodie- did you have any standout meals?

6) how did you toe handle all the walking and running around you were doing?

7) the NRA has been doing more than ever to protect our freedoms and they feature you on a Huge billboard- how does it feel to see yourself 20 feet tall??

8) in the last three weeks you have moved done NRA and now are filming? How do you keep yourself from being homesick?

9) if I remember correctly Bianchi is your next match- what are you shooting and how are you preparing for it with all the travel and moving challenges?


GGP 039 - Girls Guide to First Shots with Tisma Juett

GGP 039.001

This week Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are back on track! They are recording in pieces and cutting together to get you all your Gun Girl news even with moving, working and shooting happening. This week Randi Rogers welcomes Tisma Juett from NSSF First Shots onto the show to share some valuable information on the National Shooting Sports Foundation, First Shots Program, Second Round and her own love of hunting and shooting. Julie sends in segments on moving and how to store and organize your guns and both ladies answer listener questions.

From the Show:

Listener Questions:

Eric to Julie: When do you expect to return to a full competition schedule?
Eric to Randi: Will we get to see you shoot the ProAm in Frostproof this year?

Jason: Since First Shots will likely come up, let's hear about your first shots

Paul: Randi -- Here's your question (two) actually. 1. Compare and contrast SASS shooting with 3-gun with modern weapons. 2. I attended a clinic taught by you and Evil Roy. Based on your teaching experience -- who learns gun skills faster -- ladies or men? Other instructors have told me that women are better students because they pay attention and don't have big egos.

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A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League

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GGP 038 - Girl Talk with Natalie Foster of Girls Guide to Guns


We owe our listeners a huge apology for our messed up schedule. We're doing our best to get on track and excited to bring you a fun interview with Natalie Foster of Natalie is also a the only female NRA Commentator and she dishes out good stuff on the Second Amendment.

From the Show:

Listener Questions:

Jay - This is for you Julie Golob. How are you able to do all you do in shooting sports and juggle a husband, two children and, from the pictures, be a great cook?

Christopher - What do you recommend someone do to get started. Name top three basics to have mastered before anything.

Rich G - How do you travel across the country and to OTHER countries with firearms and ammo? Basic FAA rules are fine for your average hunter but for a competitive shooter with multiple guns and TONS of ammo? How about other countries ? WOW…

David - What is the secret of your smile ? Just kidding (well, you have a great smile of course !) If it was not for shooting, what sport would you like to perform ? (nothing to do with shooting I know)

Robert - If you could go nuts and have any gun made for you, free of charge and ignoring little things like materials science, what would it be?

Tony - How do you balance it all? Family ? Friends? Shooting?

Brian - How would a fairly busy stay at home dad (4 y/o and 4 m/o boys) who's getting started in IDPA find meaningful improvement training reps in that rare event we call free time?

Harry - In IDPA the uber-classic SSR wheel gun just doesn't get any love when competitors become more successful. Most of them go to the moon-shooters. Why is that?

Madeline - I want to know what your favorite shooting sport is and why

Seiichi - Have Randi email me. We revo shooters need some holsters from comp tac. Would like to work on an ELS setup.

John - Relax(if only you could) we all know you are both crazy busy. Do you know if we can conceal carry at the Indianapolis convention center during the NRA show?

Jay - Would you ever put on make up/disguise, go to a random range and just crush all the guys?

Chris - How long does it take for you to change gears from steel to uspsa to idpa? (training) And/or why so more pro shooters play uspsa and steel, why not idpa?

Mike - so many things - first, love the podcast. I like to hear about training, drills, and shooting practice - The food and equipment segments are always good. I don't have any specific questions, just keep up the good work - no worries on the podcast, lots going on in your lives!

Valerie - any recommended holsters for concealed carry for females. I've tried a few for my XD subcompact and they all feel like they ride too high.

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A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League –

GGP 037- Gun Girls in the Dark IDPA Indoor Nationals

This week on Gun Girl Radio is a full recap of the 2014 IDPA Indoor Nationals. One of the largest IDPA matches in the country this match has offerings for shooters, press and companies from all across the county. Tune into Gun Girl Radio as hosts Julie Golob gives great tips from her experience coaching Katie Pavlich from and Randi Rogers shares a stage by stage breakdown of how the match went, tips and shooting and what to add to your practice regimen.

Main Topic: Gun Girls in the Dark 2014 IDPA Indoor Nationals

  • Julie Coaching Katie Pavlich
  • Tips on Coaching a Shooter
  • Stage by Stage Breakdown
  • Duck Blind
  • Trevor Baucom's Stage
  • Dark Standards
  • Other Things Going on in Springfield


Listener Questions:

  • Vicky: First, thank you both for the time and work you devote to making this great podcast.My question is about clothes that conceal. I have my carry gun and holster for small of the back carry. Now I'm shopping for clothes that hide it. My wardrobe was form-fitting and solid colors. Now its untucked plaid flannel shirts and jeans. What other clothes cover well?

  • Matt: Hey Ladies My wife pretty much has her carry guns and gear worked out and carries when ever possible except when I\'m with her. I do like the vote of confidence, but after the third lap around the clearance racks I tend to make my way to the chairs to sit with the old guys. So please tell Shelley its a good idea to carry all the time. Also do you all have any tips for going prone? I\'m starting my practice for the NRA world shoot but cant seem to get comfortable with going prone. Thanks!

  • Jim  I'm looking forward to hear more peoples impressions

  • Surveyor  all about Katie's first time with coach Julie and the two proud stage designers Mike and Trevor

  • Robert  Please tell us why you are so dang awesome,Randi!

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GGP 037 Delayed One Week

Hello Listeners of Gun Girl Radio! Due to some unforeseen technical issues we will be delaying this episode one week to next Wednesday. So sorry for the delay. Thank you all for listening to the show!  

GGP 036 - Gun Girls Carry Concealed

This week on Gun Girl Radio the ladies are talking all things concealed carry. Randi Rogers and Julie Golob start with tips on getting a concealed carry permit, how to choose a firearm for concealed carry and how to choose a style of carry. Covering different types of firearms, different holsters carry methods and tips and suggestions especially for women. Tune is as both ladies share their personal experiences with carry concealed and answer listener questions on everything concerning concealed carry.

Main Topic: Gun Girls Carry Concealed

  • First Step- Getting a Permit
  • Concealed Carry Classes VS. Firearms Training Classes
  • Choosing A Firearm
  • Revolver Vs. Semi-Auto
  • Caliber
  • Ammo
  • Choosing a Carry Method
  • Holsters- IWB, OWB, Leather, Kydex
  • Purse Carry
  • Pocket Holster, Flashbang, Thunderwear
  • Spare Ammo
  • Changes in Lifestyle


Listener Questions:

  • Mike - Who tends to carry smaller guns, men or women? Also, how small a gun will you carry and feel adequately armed and comfortable manipulating the weapon?
  • Dan - Your top choices for holsters designed for women?
  • Steve - I know it's all personal choice, but what's the best location for your carry piece for a female?
  • Dani - Pros and cons of different carry locations for women (IWB, appendix, purse carry, etc.)
  • Jay - Which type of carry do you prefer off or on body and why?
  • Surveyor Seven Do you ladies carry extra ammo ? If so how much and what is your preferred carry position / method ? If I remember correctly neither of you carry a revolver any longer, but Julie when you did carry a J frame, I would like to know how you carried extra ammo, my wife is considering getting a concealed carry permit now. She will either carry the Mdl 36 she has now or I’ll get a new J frame like a 442 with moon clip. Thanks
  • Dustin - What and how do you carry? Tips for ladies on how to carry on body.
  • Shelly Ray what is your preference of carry..inside or outside the waistband? Front, back or side? Does it change with the seasons (clothing differences)
  • Kevin - Should a CWP holder be concerned about printing? I am fairly skinny and I don't want to carry a large caliber pistol, 1911, due to it being obvious, so I carry a Glock 26.
  • Kathy - My biggest obstacle is getting past the ingrained "cold range" mindset. It "feels" so wrong to be loaded anywhere but on the firing line. Any suggestions for overcoming this psychological barrier?
  • Jay - I carry a large usp but it's very hard to find a good holster any suggestions?
  • Anthony Traveling to a match where magazine capacity laws and laws on transporting your firearm change. For example Florida to Massachusetts for IDPA indoors nats are being held.
  • Kelli - When carrying on you...empty chamber or one ready to go?
  • Megan - I've been hearing a lot about new firearms that are on the market. I'm curious what caliber you trust: 9mm or .380?


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GGP 035 - 2014 Where to Go, How to Get There & What to Know!

Gun Girl Radio 035 - 2014 Where to Go, How to Get There & What to Know!

After an exciting and busy time and the NSSF SHOT Show the Gun Girls are back in action. The season is only a few weeks away and as  Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are planning their calendar they have loads of information to share with their listeners. With so many great sports, matches and events how does one choose where to go? Tune is as the ladies recommend some matches for each sport, give some tips on the best way to plan out your season for success and even give their listeners some heads up on events to keep an eye on during 2014!

Main Topic: 2014 Where to Go, How to Get There and What to Watch For

Listener Questions:

  • Brian: Question for both of you. I just got caught up with Top Shot Season 4 and it was great to see Julie as the M&P expert (gee, wonder why). Unfortunately there was less than 1 minute's worth of instruction that the viewer could use as take home points. Julie and Randi, can you expand on how you handle moving targets? Do you ambush or track them, or do something completely different?
  • Cherie: Hi Julie and Randi, In last week's episode you both said that the Bianchi World Shoot is on your goal list this year. I'm excited to be going to Bianchi this year too. And you also mentioned that you might talk about practicing for events, so... I'm wondering if you have any tips for training for the Bianchi match, in particularly the mover if you don't have access to practice on one? Thanks
  • Matt:  How about the NRA action pistol world shoot at Rock castle. Same as Bianchi?

  • Jason: Running any new gear this year or trying out any new shooting sports?

  • Alvin:  Any new "rising stars" that we should keep an eye on for the new season? Also, unrelated to the shooting season, what would be a good gift to a new shooter? (Namely my younger sister, college aged)

  • Eric: Will either you or Julie be shooting the 2013 Single Stack nationals this year? If so, what pistols will you use?

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A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League –

GGP 034 - Gun Girls Wrap up 2013 and Sight in on 2014

GGP 034 - Happy New Year

The Gun Girls have been on the air for 1 whole year! With 2013 coming to an end hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob take a look back and the ups, downs, successes and bumps of 2013. They share some of their favorite moments as well as what they have learned producing Gun Girl Radio. After the 2013 wrap up Randi and Julie set their sights on the upcoming 2014 season. What shooting matches are they looking forward too? What hunting activities are they planning? Do they have any special events or plans in the coming year? Tune in to hear all about what is coming up for 2014.

Main Topic: 2013 Wrap Up, 2014 Look Ahead

  • Favorite Gun Girl Radio Episodes
  • What Have Gun Girls Learned
  • What was the hardest part?
  • Most Rewarding Part
  • Favorite Moments
  • 2014 Matches Gun Girls are Looking Forward To
  • Hunting Activites
  • Other Events
  • Goals
  • Wishes, Wants Dreams- Gun Girl Style

Links :

Listener Questions:

  • Larry : hello, I am writing to you to thank you for bringing up the subject of children and firearms and how important it is to keep them safe.  my son is almost 4 and has a very strong interest in all things that go bang or boom.  We have taught him that guns are dangerous and that they could really hurt him but because he is still a kid we know that it may not be enough.  His mother and i bought an airsoft for him that he is using to learn to shoot.  we treat it as if it were a real firearm right down to putting it into the safe when we are done using it.  also we use eye protection.

     We are teaching him to come and find an adult if he finds a gun somewhere.  This is working because he spotted a shotgun hanging on a wall as a decoration at a friends home a couple weeks ago and asked repeatedly why it wasn't locked up where no bad guys could get it.

     Toy guns are difficult but so far we have been able to buy them to be either white bright orange or green to make them appear ad far removed from a real gun as possible.  we are making the effort to make him treat them as if they are real.

    he watches everything that i do with a firearm whether it be cleaning or dry firing and it has been some really quality father son time for us.  he has won more than 1 cookie in our family airsoft challenge.

     Talking with the parents of your child's friends is also important.  My nephews mother was trribly afraid of firearms until one day that they were here.  my nephew wanted to shoot the airsoft gun.  she was hesitant so i asked her to shoot it first.  It took her a little while to decide to but by the end of the night she was shooting .22 revolver and is considering some safety training and a pistol of her own.  We showed her our safe and how everything was stored in a safe manner.  She thought that all of us gun owners stored our stuff under the bed or hung it on the wall.  Another of my wifes friends carries a revolver in her purse and if they would not have talked about that they wouldn't go to a range together once in a while.

     My views have changed through the years i used to think that my fathers hunting rifles hanging high up  on the bedroom wall with the ammo in his closet was good enough.  Now i realize the value of a good safe or locking gun cabinet.

     As a funny aside my boy has taken his mothers side in the Glock vs XD argument around this house.  I traded my glock for an xds.  sorry for he book but i hope this helps.

  • Raccoon1969: Ladies,

Just listened to your Winter Shooting Fun episode, I really like the idea of putting hand warmers in the magwell.  For shooting in the snow, you both or invited to the \"Nor'easter\" match at Harvard Sportsmen's Club, northwest of boston, at the end of January.  The past two years it has snowed during the match.  Last year the was significant snowfall over night before the match.

One more thing, I really like the idea of the hand warmers on the shoulders, because I also hunch my shoulders in the cold and get sore from that.  Maybe you can reconfigure the bra cups into tactical equipment holders so you can market your shoulder hand warmer bras to men too.  I won't even mention that I shoot with a couple of men that probably should be wearing bras.

Really enjoy the show and I will see you at Indoor Nationals in February.


  • Bryan r: Julie, Randi - since you were talking about shooting in the snow, here is a short vid on how we do up in the Great White North eh

Modified prone in the snow from the final Ontario Rifle Association CQB match of the 2013 season. This was the practice before the match so I got all those mistakes out of my system before the scoring phase. Of course I found some new mistakes to make when scores counted.

  • Mark : Loved the cold weather show. I live in Minnesota, I have Spent sometime in the cold. A local police officer was training out side and got his drawstring fob in his trigger guard and had a discharge. I wear a blaze orange muff, it has a strap that goes around my neck. I put 4 hand warmers in it along with a set of Aim Point batteries. Thank you for the great show.

This episode of Gun Girl Radio was brought to you by…


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GGP 033 - Gun Girl Winter Shooting Fun

GGP 033 Gun Girls Winter Shooting Fun .001 With Winter here Gun Girl Radio is talking all things winter shooting! Tune is as Randi Rogers and Julie Golob get back to competitive shooting and go over tips tricks and advice for practicing in the snow. Starting it with a discussion of how cold is too cold, getting to the range in the snow, layering up and then specific snow practice drills. As they wrap it up Randi and Julie also cover some listener's cold weather questions and a what is on a Gun Girl's Christmas List.

Main Topic: Gun Girl Winter Shooting Fun 

  • How cold is too cold? Dry cold vs. wet cold
  • Preparing to get to the range- Winter Driving considerations
  • What to wear to prepare for the cold.
  • Gloves or no gloves?
  • Shooting with Snow on the ground.
  • Time of day to shoot?
  • Eye protection changes
  • Bringing warm liquids
  • Cold Weather Shooting Drills
  • Indoor Shooting
  • Dry Fire

Links :

Listener Questions:

  • Jason: Find any gloves that actually keep your hands warm and allow you to pull the trigger?
  • Surveyor: any tricks for not loosing your brass in the snow for us compulsive reloaders, I use the big blue trap are there better options?
  • Kitty: How do you stay warm on the range? Any snacks/food that helps take the chill off?
  • Susan: Best undergarments or pants to wear in low temps?
  • Manuel: This is for Julie who has a daughter.

    I have a 5 year old son who is starting to play with toy guns. I\'m not sure whether I should let him shoot at other kids (the toy doesn't really shoot anything) or whether I should tell him about the safety rules. This would mean essentially toy guns are never to be used since you really have to point and shoot and keep your finger on the trigger.

    I would hate to be \"that\" parent (and probably confused with a gun banning type who would prohibit kids from ever touching even a toy gun). On the other hand, if I want to teach my children about firearms it may be hard for them, at least initially, to keep real from fake gun being confused. It seems there is no middle ground. Any thoughts? Thanks.

     This episode of Gun Girl Radio was brought to you by…


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GGP 032 - Gun Girls and Their Favorite Plates

GGP 032 - Gun Girls Favorite PlatesThis episode of Gun Girl Radio is all about plates, and we’re not talking steel targets, but rather favorite food dishes! Tune in as Randi Rogers and Julie Golob take a break from guns and shooting and share what food fuels Randi and Julie both in competition and at home. The hosts start off with some of their favorite foods as well as how they eat while traveling and shooting. They share snacks that both store well and taste great on the range, the craziest foods they have ever eaten as well as go over a whole host of favorites. Main Topic: Gun Girls Favorite Plates- Food Plates

  • Favorite Childhood Meal/ Throwback meal
  • Favorite Meal of the Day
  • Main Dishes - last supper?
  • Shooting/Hunting Snacks
  • Range Food
  • Favorite Game Recipes
  • Cooking Tips
  • Craziest things Gun Girls have Eaten

Links :

Listener Questions:

  • Tom J: Good day gun girls. Randy I have a question for you. How did you like the episode you did on TAC TV with the Glock torture test and were you surprised as I was how reliable the Glock is? Because of that episode on the torture test of the Glock I\'m thinking about getting one. Also because of you two gun girls I\'m thinking about getting in to competition next year. Keep up the good work with the podcast shot sight and safe. P.S. Randy should've shot first
  • Matt : Hey Ladies, I have a question about your ammo show.Great timing by the way. How much cushion do you leave yourselves over minimum powerfactor? Before Bianchi I was 100-120 over using 2 different chromos. After my first day of shooting I was hit for chrono there. Not a good feeling on your maiden voyage. Luckily their gun was a wore out 4\" 66 which explained my getting flagged. My vcomp only made pf by 23fps on their chrono. Made me wonder how much to pad myself without going too high. Thanks and have an awesome holiday season! take care,Matt
  • Raccoon1969: I listened to episode 31 yesterday after seeing it on the IDPA blog, sorry it took so long. I listen to several other shows from FRN and didn't think I had time to add one more.  But after listening to you two on #31 I have added this to my must listen list.  I shot my first IDPA match 2 years ago the day after Thanksgiving and got hooked.  The BUG nationals were my very first national level match, and I loved it.  And agree with what you said about the match.  The reason I have added this to my listening list is they way you two interact with each other, that is great to find two people that work so well together.
  • Earl  How to train when it is cold and raining.

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GGP 031 - Gun Girls at the IDPA BUG Nationals

GGP 031 Gun Girls at BUG Natonals

This past week both Randi Rogers and Julie Golob went to participate in the inaugural IDPA BUG Gun Nationals. The ladies go over all the information of the match and the behind the scenes action. Tune in as they share information on the guns they used, their favorite stages and the practice and planning that went into attending the match.

Main Topic: IDPA BUG Gun Nationals

  • Match Info: Dates, Location, Attendance
  • BUG Divisions and Equipment
  • Stages - What they included, what made them challenging
  • Squads and Scheduling
  • Match Staff Assistance and Support
  • Overall Coverage


Listener Questions:

  • Michael - Great podcast. Julie you can fill my primer tubes when you are bored! I add dryer sheets to my brass when tumbling. It helps get the dirt, lead, bad particles out. Randi - How do you use or apply the turtle wax to your brass?

  • Armando - Are you using a pre-recall shield?

  • Joyce Wilson - It was GREAT to see you and the little one! Glad you're back to shooting ( at least a little :-))

  • Jason - Curious do know how you handled logistics (luggage, kids, etc.)? I traveled alone to the match and felt like I'd brought every piece of luggage I own. How do you do it?

  • Lisa - What are the top three first training goals for a new competitor to IDPA competition?

  • David - How well did the Shield perform? Any issues? Thanks!

  • Eric - Assuming it is all close and low round count am I correct in assuming the fractions of a second count even more than in a traditional higher round count / distance match?

  • Tang - Another Shield question for Julie. Do you like it better than the Compact model?

  • Robert - What's the biggest difference between shooting an M&P FS/Pro and the Shield on the clock?

  • Richard - What kind of ammo did you use being its a shorter barrel on your shield. Can you shoot +p ammo through M&P's

  • Kruzer - For an experienced shooter in other areas wanting to get involved in IDPA would this have been a good match to start with?

  • Nick - What were the hardest shots in the Match?

  • William - What are the regulations as far as caliber and firearm size?

  • Bryan - Loving the reloading episode. One of the items that I got when we moved to our new house was a 9x12ft man cave to use for guns and reloading. I custom built a 2x8ft bench with hardwood top. When I first built it, it was lots big but as my hobby has grown, it\'s getting squishy. Adding a Dillon 650 is mostly responsible.

    Randi - a tip for tumbling brass. I agree that emptying the media is the highest risk for lead contamination. I use a mask and tumble in the garage like you do. I also add a dryer sheet into the mix. This absorbs a bunch of the fine particles and helps cut down on the dust released.

    PS - Julie, the fenced in stage with little ones is a lot to get used to but before you know it they are past it. Sounds like you are enjoying the kids. Fantastic.

  • We had a really nice letter from Eric. Eric was the one who wrote in asking for an ammo podcast so we thank him for giving us such a great idea! If you have an idea for something you like use to talk about please write in with ideas.


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