TGC 015 - Holding Back the Tidal Wave

TGC 011 - Batten Down the Hatches

TGC 010 - Gun Control Battle

TGC 003 - Tom Bostic | Tommy Built Tactical

This week we spoke to Tom Bostic of Tommy Built Tactical.

Tommy Built Tactical -

Ruger Security 9:

Ruger PC Carbine:

CZ 455 Integral Silencer:

CZ Scorpion Reflex Silencer:



TGC 002 - Ashley Hlebinsky | Cody Firearms Museum Curator

This week we spoke with Ashley Hlebinsky, the Curator of the Cody Firearms Museum. 

Cody Firearms Museum -

Ashley Hlebinsky -

ATF Rulemaking Article -

Full Auto Maxim 9 -

Honor Guard Not Drop Safe Video -


TGC 001 - Brandon Combs | Firearms Policy Coalition

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