GGP 036 - Gun Girls Carry Concealed

This week on Gun Girl Radio the ladies are talking all things concealed carry. Randi Rogers and Julie Golob start with tips on getting a concealed carry permit, how to choose a firearm for concealed carry and how to choose a style of carry. Covering different types of firearms, different holsters carry methods and tips and suggestions especially for women. Tune is as both ladies share their personal experiences with carry concealed and answer listener questions on everything concerning concealed carry.

Main Topic: Gun Girls Carry Concealed

  • First Step- Getting a Permit
  • Concealed Carry Classes VS. Firearms Training Classes
  • Choosing A Firearm
  • Revolver Vs. Semi-Auto
  • Caliber
  • Ammo
  • Choosing a Carry Method
  • Holsters- IWB, OWB, Leather, Kydex
  • Purse Carry
  • Pocket Holster, Flashbang, Thunderwear
  • Spare Ammo
  • Changes in Lifestyle


Listener Questions:

  • Mike - Who tends to carry smaller guns, men or women? Also, how small a gun will you carry and feel adequately armed and comfortable manipulating the weapon?
  • Dan - Your top choices for holsters designed for women?
  • Steve - I know it's all personal choice, but what's the best location for your carry piece for a female?
  • Dani - Pros and cons of different carry locations for women (IWB, appendix, purse carry, etc.)
  • Jay - Which type of carry do you prefer off or on body and why?
  • Surveyor Seven Do you ladies carry extra ammo ? If so how much and what is your preferred carry position / method ? If I remember correctly neither of you carry a revolver any longer, but Julie when you did carry a J frame, I would like to know how you carried extra ammo, my wife is considering getting a concealed carry permit now. She will either carry the Mdl 36 she has now or I’ll get a new J frame like a 442 with moon clip. Thanks
  • Dustin - What and how do you carry? Tips for ladies on how to carry on body.
  • Shelly Ray what is your preference of carry..inside or outside the waistband? Front, back or side? Does it change with the seasons (clothing differences)
  • Kevin - Should a CWP holder be concerned about printing? I am fairly skinny and I don't want to carry a large caliber pistol, 1911, due to it being obvious, so I carry a Glock 26.
  • Kathy - My biggest obstacle is getting past the ingrained "cold range" mindset. It "feels" so wrong to be loaded anywhere but on the firing line. Any suggestions for overcoming this psychological barrier?
  • Jay - I carry a large usp but it's very hard to find a good holster any suggestions?
  • Anthony Traveling to a match where magazine capacity laws and laws on transporting your firearm change. For example Florida to Massachusetts for IDPA indoors nats are being held.
  • Kelli - When carrying on you...empty chamber or one ready to go?
  • Megan - I've been hearing a lot about new firearms that are on the market. I'm curious what caliber you trust: 9mm or .380?


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