GGP 037- Gun Girls in the Dark IDPA Indoor Nationals

This week on Gun Girl Radio is a full recap of the 2014 IDPA Indoor Nationals. One of the largest IDPA matches in the country this match has offerings for shooters, press and companies from all across the county. Tune into Gun Girl Radio as hosts Julie Golob gives great tips from her experience coaching Katie Pavlich from and Randi Rogers shares a stage by stage breakdown of how the match went, tips and shooting and what to add to your practice regimen.

Main Topic: Gun Girls in the Dark 2014 IDPA Indoor Nationals

  • Julie Coaching Katie Pavlich
  • Tips on Coaching a Shooter
  • Stage by Stage Breakdown
  • Duck Blind
  • Trevor Baucom's Stage
  • Dark Standards
  • Other Things Going on in Springfield


Listener Questions:

  • Vicky: First, thank you both for the time and work you devote to making this great podcast.My question is about clothes that conceal. I have my carry gun and holster for small of the back carry. Now I'm shopping for clothes that hide it. My wardrobe was form-fitting and solid colors. Now its untucked plaid flannel shirts and jeans. What other clothes cover well?

  • Matt: Hey Ladies My wife pretty much has her carry guns and gear worked out and carries when ever possible except when I\'m with her. I do like the vote of confidence, but after the third lap around the clearance racks I tend to make my way to the chairs to sit with the old guys. So please tell Shelley its a good idea to carry all the time. Also do you all have any tips for going prone? I\'m starting my practice for the NRA world shoot but cant seem to get comfortable with going prone. Thanks!

  • Jim  I'm looking forward to hear more peoples impressions

  • Surveyor  all about Katie's first time with coach Julie and the two proud stage designers Mike and Trevor

  • Robert  Please tell us why you are so dang awesome,Randi!

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