GGP 045- Gun Girl Timer Tips

This week on Gun Girl Radio hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are talking all things shot timers. Learn what timers the Gun Girls use and what to look for when buying a timer. Learn about drills you can use with your timer, tips on running them and even tips on major match timer questions. Finally, Randi and Julie answer all the listeners questions on timers. Main Topic - Gun Girl Timer Tips 

  • Why is shooting with a timer so important?
  • What are the timers that the Gun Girls Use
  • What kind of drills can you do with a timer?
  • What features should you look for in a timer?
  • Tips on Running a Timer
  • Main Match Timer Tips
  • Shot Timer Apps

Google Play

IPSC Shot Timer

Shot Timer PRO


Free Shot Timer

Make Ready Shot Timer App 

AIPSC Shot Timer (High performance shot timer) 

IPSC Timer 

ShotMaxx Trainer


Listener Questions:

  • Dean: I need a new timer, what one should I get??
  • John: What would be a good practice routine for a timer to use
  • Robert: Do they make timers with adjustable volume? I dry fire practice when my kids are sleeping, and the constant buzzing of the timers has them now saying "shooter ready, standby" in their sleep.
  • Charles: Do you know of any shot timers that show the par time counting down on the screen?
  • Tom: They need to make an app. For phones to use as timers! They do everything else.
  • Bob: Do they make a timer that works in all platforms ( airsoft, 22's, center fire) maybe a adjustable sensitivity?
  • Kelli: Downloadable timers (android, i phone etc)...yay or no way?
  • Ty: I just had the chance to listen to the episode where you answers my question about the ladies only match. Thanks for the input, I will put your suggestions to good use. I have set a date for the match, it will be Saturday July 26th at 10:00am. So Julie if you are available you are more then welcome to come on over. Thanks again.
  • Mike: Randi- sorry to hear about the 73 issues at EOT. Time for a new extractor? I have yet to have that replaced on my 73 - Any thoughts on the number of rounds before you have that done? Great podcast as always - Like to hear more information on shooting tips and tricks, they are always good.
  • Julie - Great work you are doing for the shooting sports and NRA, the newest video is great. When you were picking guns I was screaming Tommy gun Good pick. I agree as well, results should be easier to locate, and be real time.
  • Eric:I'm curious to hear your both your thoughts on how perishable shooting skill is.  How much skill do you lose if you aren't routinely competing in shooting sports?
  • Jade: Are ShotMaxx timers reliable? Paul: General thoughts on shotmaxx as well as your opinion on the best timer Apps for smartphones etc Julie Found A Review
  • Ryan: Why are they so ugly?
  • Bob: Do they make a timer that works in all platforms ( airsoft, 22's, center fire) maybe a adjustable sensitivity?