GGP 033 - Gun Girl Winter Shooting Fun

GGP 033 Gun Girls Winter Shooting Fun .001 With Winter here Gun Girl Radio is talking all things winter shooting! Tune is as Randi Rogers and Julie Golob get back to competitive shooting and go over tips tricks and advice for practicing in the snow. Starting it with a discussion of how cold is too cold, getting to the range in the snow, layering up and then specific snow practice drills. As they wrap it up Randi and Julie also cover some listener's cold weather questions and a what is on a Gun Girl's Christmas List.

Main Topic: Gun Girl Winter Shooting Fun 

  • How cold is too cold? Dry cold vs. wet cold
  • Preparing to get to the range- Winter Driving considerations
  • What to wear to prepare for the cold.
  • Gloves or no gloves?
  • Shooting with Snow on the ground.
  • Time of day to shoot?
  • Eye protection changes
  • Bringing warm liquids
  • Cold Weather Shooting Drills
  • Indoor Shooting
  • Dry Fire

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Listener Questions:

  • Jason: Find any gloves that actually keep your hands warm and allow you to pull the trigger?
  • Surveyor: any tricks for not loosing your brass in the snow for us compulsive reloaders, I use the big blue trap are there better options?
  • Kitty: How do you stay warm on the range? Any snacks/food that helps take the chill off?
  • Susan: Best undergarments or pants to wear in low temps?
  • Manuel: This is for Julie who has a daughter.

    I have a 5 year old son who is starting to play with toy guns. I\'m not sure whether I should let him shoot at other kids (the toy doesn't really shoot anything) or whether I should tell him about the safety rules. This would mean essentially toy guns are never to be used since you really have to point and shoot and keep your finger on the trigger.

    I would hate to be \"that\" parent (and probably confused with a gun banning type who would prohibit kids from ever touching even a toy gun). On the other hand, if I want to teach my children about firearms it may be hard for them, at least initially, to keep real from fake gun being confused. It seems there is no middle ground. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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