GGP 043- Gun Girl Summer Shift

GGP 043 Gun Girls Summer Shift JPG.001 The shooting season is four months old and the Gun Girls have been busy focusing on NRA Action Pistol and many other shooting activities. As the warm summer months start the Gun Girls take a moment to catch up on the last few weeks as well as make plans for their shooting season and practice schedule. I look at gear, some additional summer shooting tips and the start of preparing for the IPSC World Shoot is what the ladies are looking at now.

Main Topic - Catching Up and Looking AheadInterview with Jessie Duff

Listener Feedback:

  • John Pocklington · It happens to the best of us, no sweat. What are some of your favorite guns to compete with?
  • Matt Hoffman what did you all think of the NRA World? Good seeing you again, never got a chance to speak to Julie. Didnt want to be like drunk fat guy and interrupt.
  • Craig Narramoore · Does this mean Christmas will be a week late for you?
  • Michael Gottlieb What do you find to be the best way to involve women in shooting sports, not just coming to the range.
  • Mark Overweg From a man's perspective, I hope women don't feel belittled if a man offers to help them shoot. If I try to show someone something it is either a safety reason or just a helpful hint. The last thing I want to do is make a woman shooter not want to come back. I also feel ranges have a duty to make sure everyone (male or female) who rents a gun knows how to use it in person. (not really a question just some fatherly perspective).
  • Jay Graham Question for you Julie Golob. Have you ever had a guest that represent gun owners like 1MMAGC 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control, INC?