GGP 047 - Gun Girls @ USPSA Nationals

Hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are in the middle of the final push of the competition season so for this episode of the show it's a short version with bonus video footage.  Catch up with Julie as she updates listeners and shares results, photos and videos from the 2014 USPSA Handgun Nationals in St. George, UT. Congratulations to the Winners!

Sara Dunivin - Production

Kaci Cochran - Open

Tori Nonaka - Limited

Debbie Keehart - L10




GGP 035 - 2014 Where to Go, How to Get There & What to Know!

Gun Girl Radio 035 - 2014 Where to Go, How to Get There & What to Know!

After an exciting and busy time and the NSSF SHOT Show the Gun Girls are back in action. The season is only a few weeks away and as  Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are planning their calendar they have loads of information to share with their listeners. With so many great sports, matches and events how does one choose where to go? Tune is as the ladies recommend some matches for each sport, give some tips on the best way to plan out your season for success and even give their listeners some heads up on events to keep an eye on during 2014!

Main Topic: 2014 Where to Go, How to Get There and What to Watch For

Listener Questions:

  • Brian: Question for both of you. I just got caught up with Top Shot Season 4 and it was great to see Julie as the M&P expert (gee, wonder why). Unfortunately there was less than 1 minute's worth of instruction that the viewer could use as take home points. Julie and Randi, can you expand on how you handle moving targets? Do you ambush or track them, or do something completely different?
  • Cherie: Hi Julie and Randi, In last week's episode you both said that the Bianchi World Shoot is on your goal list this year. I'm excited to be going to Bianchi this year too. And you also mentioned that you might talk about practicing for events, so... I'm wondering if you have any tips for training for the Bianchi match, in particularly the mover if you don't have access to practice on one? Thanks
  • Matt:  How about the NRA action pistol world shoot at Rock castle. Same as Bianchi?

  • Jason: Running any new gear this year or trying out any new shooting sports?

  • Alvin:  Any new "rising stars" that we should keep an eye on for the new season? Also, unrelated to the shooting season, what would be a good gift to a new shooter? (Namely my younger sister, college aged)

  • Eric: Will either you or Julie be shooting the 2013 Single Stack nationals this year? If so, what pistols will you use?

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GGP 030 - Gun Girls and their Ammo

Randi Rogers and Julie Golob share their experiences and preferences with all things that go bang. From reloading equipment to their favorites factory ammunition, Julie and Randi give the lowdown on loads they use in everything from competition and carry guns to the ammo they choose when they are out hunting. Tune in as they share tips about reloading, ammunition storage and travel considerations.  They also discuss steps to prevent reliability issues and what to do when ammunition fails.

GGP 030 Gun Girls Ammo.001

Main Topic:

  • History with reloading and reload room/set up
  • Reloading safety, storage and tips
  • Ammo preferences by shooting sport
  • Carry Gun Ammo
  • Hunting Ammp
  • Traveling with ammo/shipping ammo
  • Ammunition malfunctions and issues.
  • Chronograph


Listener Questions:

  • John - Do you notice a difference cleaning from lead, open lead base (FMJs) or closed base (JHP or TMJ)?
  • Surveyor Seven Are there rifling cuts that are designed only for jacketed bullets ? If so how can you determine the difference and what are the results of shooting cast bullets in that type of barrel ? I have never heard a definitive answer on this discussion
  • Susan I do actually. I'd like to know the ballistics/drop at 25 and 50 yds, between 115 gr, 124 gr and 147 gr 9mm rounds
  • Ryan Do you guys have to pay for your own ammo or does your sponsor cover it?
  • David wrote: What bullet weights shapes do you use in 9mm and .45acp and why?
  • Richard  What are your opinions on the Hornady Critical Defence vs. the Hornady Critical Duty as a conceal carry round. will one stop my threat better than the other?
  • Jamim - What is your preferred minor load in 9 and 40, and major load in 40. Thanks!

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GGP 024 - What's On a Gun Girl's Bucket List?

GGP 024 - Shooting Bucket List

This week on Gun Girl Radio Randi Rogers and Julie Golob talk about their buckets lists.  With 80 world and national titles between them what could possibly be left? The answers are surprising. Randi and Julie discuss different matches, sports, locations and guns they dream of using some day!

Main Topic:

  • What shooting sports would the GG try?
  • What Guns do GG want to try?
  • What places do GG want to travel and shoot?
  • Events GG want to see/ watch or be in.
  • What are the GG goals?
  • Who do the GG dream of meeting?


Listener Questions:

    • Chris: @julieG1 @RandiMRogers Hey R & J, I may be too late but I'd like to hear thoughts on how (in my view) women shooters are leading the sport.
    • Bryce: Hi Randi and Julie - I just discovered your podcast after listening to Julie on the Balloon Goes Up podcast. Great series you have here-- I'm on episode 4 and moving along in order. I do have an only child-- a daughter, now 4 1/2 years.  She knows the Eddie Eagle rules so it's a start. Not sure when I'll actually have her start shooting but that\'s not the reason I'm messaging. It's mainly about me worrying about how her friends and families might react, especially since I live in Seattle. My daughter might hear the "guns are bad" so I'm trying to teach her guns are good for sports.My questions:-- When you've met parents of other children(who might not know you're celebrities) and they learn of your profession, have some reacted in a negative way? How have you handled it?-- How do you start your kids shooting?
    • Charlene: Hello again!! - I am currently at Camp Perry and having a great time meeting and speaking with many people. I thought I would share one topic that came up as I do not recall it being discussed previously. We were discussing ways of cutting some costs and it was pointed out that volunteering was an outstanding way to not only cut costs, but to support the sport. Some of the benefits mentioned included anything from covering entry fees to reduced lodging costs. This could really make an impact when you consider attending matches that have fees in excess of $100 in addition to the other expenses you may incur. Can you provide more info about this?  Thanks again for taking time out to bring us the scoop!!
    • Mike in TN: Hey Gun Girls - I normally listen to your podcasts during my routine travel from East TN to Southern OH. Your knowledge and experience in the shooting sports makes the trip fly by. I started shooting some local USPSA matches last year and I routinely dry fire practice. I was wondering if either of you have ever practiced using gas blowback airsoft guns and if you have any thoughts on the pros or cons of training with airsoft pistols? Keep up the good work.
    • Duane: great show Julie and Randi, I really enjoy your podcasts


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GGP 011 - USPSA Annual Autism Awareness Match

GGP 011 - USPSA Autism Awareness MatchIn this week's episode of Gun Girl Radio, Randi and Julie are showcasing how shooters are generous and caring people. They talk to special guest, Stacy Maillet, about a special charity event in New England, the USPSA Autism Awareness Match. The annual event raises money for the Nicholas James Foundation and it's programs. What have Randi & Julie been up to?

For the Week in Review segment of the show, Randi and Julie talk about a week of catch up, hunting and Randi's recent feature in Shooting Sports USA.

Main Topic - USPSA Annual Autism Awareness Match with Stacy Maillet

  • Stacy's Story - Stacy's son Nicholas was diagnosed with Autism
  • The Nicholas James Foundation and the Foundation's goals
  • Setting up a charity event at the range.
  • Getting support and raising funds
  • Ipads for kids and teachers
  • Parent mentoring program
  • Stacy shares Nicholas' progress, what division she shoots in USPSA and her advice for moms.

Match Details:

April 14, 2012 Registration at 8:15 a.m. Shooter's Meeting at 9:15 a.m. Harvard Sportsmen Club 250 Littleton County Rd. Harvard, MA 01451 6 stages, approximately 130-150 rounds Match Fee is $40.00

Listener Feedback:

Email from John - You, ladies are awesome and Jake is great as a host. Keep up the great work. I love hearing about the sports and you are motivating me to get into the action. One question that I have is how to motivate a woman in my life to shoot more. She has taken the NRA Women On Target and enjoyed it but she doesn't always want to go out to shoot with me. Do you have any ideas as to how I can get her out more?

Email from Jason - Hello Ladies! And Jake :-) First question is for both of you, its regarding technique and grip.  This video here is the promo that S&W put out when the Shield first came out last year. I remember when this thing came out last year, there was so much buzz about the Shield and my buddies and I couldn't wait to get our hands on one.  I've shot and owned 9mm subcompact guns before (carried a G26 for about 8 months), and the general rule I've seen is: the lighter the gun, the higher the recoil and the more difficulty (for me) doing follow up shots.  The way you (Julie) and Jerry shoot this gun make it look like you're shooting a 22 pistol.  What is the secret??

I understand that there are so many factors at play here, but I really would like to a) get rid of my flinch instinct and b) have much better results with double taps and follow up shots.  I've only shot one steel challenge and one 3gun so far -- only 2 matches total mostly because with my three little munchkins, I rarely have the time :-)  If you could talk just a little about basics and what is the best way to get rid of flinch and recoil anticipation that would be *awesome*!

My wife has recently decided to get her CHL, so I took her to the range and we practiced doing the Texas CHL test (3 yards, 5 yards, 7, etc etc).  To start, I had her just start shooting groups at 20 yards, and she consistently did 6-8 inch groups at 20 yards!  She's only take a few basics courses in the Austin area, but why is it that women are always better shots than men!  So on to my question. She didn't really care for my G17 or my CZ P-01 because they were just a little too big for her, and we don't have a good range around here that rents a high variety of guns.  I know you get this a lot, but here goes:  What sort of 9mm compact/subcompact would you recommend for a woman?  Do you guys have a CHL, and if so, what do you carry?

Email from David in Alabama - You mentioned dry fire practice several time in the last episode. Can you give an overview of what a typical dry fire practice session would look like? Also, how do you deal with having to rack the slide on a Glock during those sessions? Keep my favorite podcast going strong!

Email from Charlene - Thanks so much for the great podcasts. With the laws of differing countries, can you describe the process of getting your gear to and competing in international matches? How does one participate in those?

The next question deals with divisions. Looking at the videos posted on the net, it seems some people compete in multi-divisions. From observing my first match I don't see that as a possibility. Is something like that really practical? An example would be like competing in Limited and L10. I just started listening to you program and it is great. The three of you are an excellent combination.

Email from Jo-Anne - Loved your podcast, which I tuned in to specifically for your take on IDPA and the Winters. Imagine my surprise when Randi mentioned my team's stage as one of her favorites! Yup, I was the SO living in a garage for a week before, painting the "sides of beef" that made up the meat locker - so glad you enjoyed it! But that was simply the window dressing - the challenge that you found in that stage was purely the evil genius of our very talented Stage designer, Ted Picard. Shooters both love and curse his creations, as they definitely make you think the stage through and give you options, as Randi mentioned. Many years of stage design at the Nationals just makes him more devious, but I think complexity is what shooters expect from this premier match. I will forward your comments to him, which will undoubtedly spur even more creativity for next year! FYI, missed you this year, Julie, and hope to see you next year (maybe with the new little one? That's where I got to meet your first)

Note: Randi and Julie have been receiving more politically charged questions from listeners and right now. The hosts of Gun Girl Radio are not politicians or legal experts. We support responsible firearm ownership, shooting sports and the Second Amendment and we know that’s something important our listeners as well. One our strengths is to introduce and cultivate interest in the shooting sports so, we’ll be keeping political commentary to a minimum.


Please feel free to post your questions in the comments below or send them to Tell us what you think and leave suggestions for future shows. We’d love to hear from you! Follow Randi Rogers and Julie Golob  on Facebook and consider leaving us a review on iTunes.

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GGP 003 - Our Favorite Shooting Sports: USPSA

We're kicking off a series of shows on our favorite shooting sports. First up, the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA)! GGP-003 USPSA

What is USPSA? Randi and Julie explain the history of this dynamic shooting sport along with a basic breakdown of divisions, classifications and categories. In addition to sharing why USPSA is one of their favorites, the national champs share some of their most memorable match moments.

Listener Questions

  • What’s the easiest division to get started in and what do I need?
  • What's a realistic goal for my first match?
  • What's your advice for teaching an all women's class?
  • What's the best way to get started and are there special matches for first time shooters?
  • Some people have said that USPSA shooting causes a false sense of skill when held in comparison to defensive shooting, that it causes bad defensive habits that a shooter might default to in a personal protection situation. Could you address that?

For more information about USPSA, visit

What’s Next TBD

Please feel free to post your questions for Randi & Julie in the comments below or send them to  Tell us what you think and leave suggestions for future shows. We’d love to hear from you!

GGP 001 - Who’s Who of Gun Girl Radio

GGP-001 Who's Who of Gun Girl Radio All new podcast! Welcome to the Gun Girl Radio podcast hosted by Jake Challand and bringing you the latest insider scoop on the shooting sports along with some of the finest ladies of the shooting world - Randi Rogers of Comp-tac Holsters & Julie Golob of Team Smith & Wesson!

About Julie:  Julie is a multi-time World & National Champion and her most recent wins include the NRA Bianchi Cup and USPSA Single Stack Nationals. Julie discusses how she got her start in competition shooting with her father. A father/daughter hobby turned into a career from the US Army to now as the captain of Team Smith & Wesson.

About Randi: Randi who is also a multi time World and National champion, recently won back to back national titles at USPSA Production and Limited 10 Nationals. Keeping up the family tradition first in cowboy action and now in modern action shooting sports Randi explains how she began her shooting career with her grandfather, Evil Roy. While pursuing her marketing her degree in college, Randi was offered a position to work for Glock. In addition to a rigorous competition schedule, Randi is now the marketing and sales manager for Comp-Tac Victory Gear.

Why Podcast? Jake, Julie and Randi discuss the podcast and goals:

  • to provide a resource for those interested in the shooting sports
  • answer questions and provide feedback on competition
  • introduce the podcasting world to women in shooting sports

What's Next: Now that we've got the introductions taken care of next week the hosts will jump right into competition chat and talk about the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). Want to learn more about this sport? Interested in an insider take from two national champions? Want tips on how to improve your game? Here's your chance to ask 'em!

Post your questions in the comments below or send them to

And.... be sure to tell us what you think and give us suggestions for future shows. We'd love to hear from you!