GGP 042 - Gun Girl Talk with Jessie Duff

GGP 042 - Jessie Duff An interview many have been waiting for! While Randi Rogers is away filming the latest season of Ammo & Attitude, this week on Gun Girl Radio, Julie Golob sits down with national and world champion, Jessie Duff to talk about shooting, television, hobbies and Jessie’s personal goals.

Main Topic - Interview with Jessie Duff

  • How did you get started in shooting?
  • When did you know you were hooked?
  • What was your first gun?
  • How often do you train and about how many rounds do you shoot in a year?
  • If you could choose just one sport and one division, what would it be?
  • As the first woman to make USPSA Grand Master, how long has this been a personal goal and can you describe to our listeners the process of how someone achieves GM status?
  • Would you say that performing well in Bianchi is as tough as say Steel Challenge or USPSA?
  • As someone who is constantly switching up guns and gear for different events, do you have any advice for our listeners on how to make the transition to different guns and gear easier?
  • For our lady listeners, any tips on how to stay cute and comfy on the range?
  • Is there anything in your range bag that might surprise people?
  • What’s the best part about working in the TV world as a cohost of NRA All Access on the Outdoor Channel?
  • Which is more nerve racking? Shooting the Mover at Bianchi in front of the crown and cameras or preparing for an appearance like the one you did for Sean Hannity’s show when you debunked gun myths?
  • What are your other hobbies?
  • What’s next on the Jessie Duff goal list?

Listener Feedback:

  • Bryan shares how he is getting his daughter involved in shooting.
  • Jake asks about inviting shotgun extraordinaire, Kim Rhode to the show.
  • Chad shares his experience with his twin 8 year-old daughters. He also asks: Does the optics of today really take away from the raw skill of shooting? Sight alignment, trigger control, even grip can all be compromised to an extent when using digital optics and you can still get good hits. Are we (am I) teaching bad habits by using these optics? How would one go about getting a signed autograph?