GGP 040 - Gun Girls Recap 2014 NRAAM

Gun Girl Radio 040 - Gun Girls Recap 2014 NRAAMThis week's episode is everything NRA Gun Girl style. Tune in as the ladies share their favorite moments and information from the show as well as give a heads up on the exciting events going on in May.  Welcome to episode 40 of Gun Girl Radio! I’m  Julie Golob and my cohost Randi and I are here to bring you the insider scoop from the range, tips on how to improve your shooting and share with you our adventures in the wonderful world of shooting sports.

What have you been up to this week?

1) what was your favorite part of the NRA show?

2) what was the coolest product/booth you saw?

3) how does it feel to ask the Tom Seleck a question? Are you a big Tom fan?

4) Signing at the Smith booth is such a great experience because we get to share time with our awesome teammates as well as meet so many shooters and gun enthusiasts? Who do you enjoy signing with, any funny stories from the show?

5) one of my favorite things about Indianapolis was all the great places to eat! I know you are a big foodie- did you have any standout meals?

6) how did you toe handle all the walking and running around you were doing?

7) the NRA has been doing more than ever to protect our freedoms and they feature you on a Huge billboard- how does it feel to see yourself 20 feet tall??

8) in the last three weeks you have moved done NRA and now are filming? How do you keep yourself from being homesick?

9) if I remember correctly Bianchi is your next match- what are you shooting and how are you preparing for it with all the travel and moving challenges?