GGP 039 - Girls Guide to First Shots with Tisma Juett

GGP 039.001

This week Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are back on track! They are recording in pieces and cutting together to get you all your Gun Girl news even with moving, working and shooting happening. This week Randi Rogers welcomes Tisma Juett from NSSF First Shots onto the show to share some valuable information on the National Shooting Sports Foundation, First Shots Program, Second Round and her own love of hunting and shooting. Julie sends in segments on moving and how to store and organize your guns and both ladies answer listener questions.

From the Show:

Listener Questions:

Eric to Julie: When do you expect to return to a full competition schedule?
Eric to Randi: Will we get to see you shoot the ProAm in Frostproof this year?

Jason: Since First Shots will likely come up, let's hear about your first shots

Paul: Randi -- Here's your question (two) actually. 1. Compare and contrast SASS shooting with 3-gun with modern weapons. 2. I attended a clinic taught by you and Evil Roy. Based on your teaching experience -- who learns gun skills faster -- ladies or men? Other instructors have told me that women are better students because they pay attention and don't have big egos.

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