TLP 245 - Kris "Tanto" Paronto


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  This episode we get to talk with the legendary Kris "Tanto" ParontoBroadcasting live on Talking Lead's social media from the Eagle Imports Inc. booth the Official "Leadquarters" of Talking Lead during the 2018 NRAAM (go to our Facebook page to watch the live feed). Much to the chagrin of Tanto's publicist what was supposed to be a 15 minute interview turns into a fun-filled full hour with this warrior.

With a standing room only audience we talk about everything from running to post traumatic stress (not a disorder: Kris explains) to Gangsta Rap, to Musicals, to being the best you can be to his new training company Battleline Tactical and much more!  We also get an exclusive #TantoTwerk

Kris "Tanto" Paronto

Tanto was part of the CIA annex security team that responded to the terrorist attack on the US Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya, September 11th, 2012, helping to save over 20 lives while fighting off terrorists from the CIA Annex for over 13 hours. His and his 5 surviving team members story is immortalized by the book and movie “13 Hours” written by Mitchell Zuckoff

Before he was a security contractor, Tanto was a US Army Ranger from 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. Rangers are trained to lead by being pushed to their physical and mental limits so that they can perform against impossible odds in punishing situations.  In his book, THE RANGER WAY, Tanto shares stories from his training experiences that played a role in his team's heroic response in Benghazi as he explains the importance of demanding excellence when you commit to improving your life.


TLP 244 - NRAAM 2018 1-2 Full Conceal, Aklys, Inland, Hi-Point

TLP 244 NRAAM 2018 1-2 Full Conceal, Aklys, Inland, Hi-Point


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast.  This episode we bring you part 2 of our first day coverage of the 2018 National Rifle Association Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas. from the Official "Leadquarters" at Eagle Imports Inc. booth.  Lefty and Mike Sodini host great guests like Aklys Defense, Full Conceal, Bersa Chat, Inland Mfg & Hi-Point.

Aklys Defense

Friends of the show, Joe Meaux and Charles Watson stop by to talk to us about their recently released AKSV Integrally Suppressed AK Rifle  "Velociraptor" and some new suppressors they have in the works.  Pilum M modular pistol can, Atlas 30 caliber user serviceable suppressor & the Kopis TI (titanium version of Aklys's proven .22LR suppressor).

MKS Supply

Bringing the firearms industry great products from Hi-Point Firearms and Inland Manufacturing, LLC, Charlie and David sit down at the "Leadquarters" to talk about 10mm carbine, Pistol Caliber Competitions (PCC) and Era correct shooting competitions.

Full Conceal

New guy to the show but fit right in from the start, Trey Gingles with Full Conceal brought over their new M3D and M3S super concealable pistols for Mike and Lefty to gawk over.  Full Conceal has taken the popular G19 & G43 pistols and vastly improved concealability, comfort, safety, and firepower through their innovative reengineering process. Trey walks us through that process and the benefits of their pistols.

Bersa Chat

Eagle Imports Inc brings America great firearms from around the globe.  Bersa, Grand Power, Metro Arms Corp, Comanche, SPS, Llama and more.  With that many brands it just stands to reason you are going to have a large user and fan base.  Enter TuxAir owner and administrator of Bersa Chat the largest Bersa forum on the Internet.  JL shares his story of how and why Bersa Chat started and the great information available from this tight-knit fan forum.

Bonus question for you Lead Heads:  If you could be President for the day what would be your first Presidential act?


TLP 243 NRAAM 2018 1-1: TriStar, Ammo Inc., Ultradyne, SnagMag, MagFix


TLP 243 NRAAM 2018 1-1: TriStar, Ammo Inc., Ultradyne, SnagMag, MagFix

Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast!  This is our Kickoff episode to the 147th National Rifle Association's Annual Meetings and Exhibits.  With 87,154 patriots and 800+ exhibitors it is the biggest Annual Meeting yet!  All these great interviews took place at the Official Talking Lead "Leadquarters" studio from the Eagle Imports Inc. booth #5921.  Our guest Co-host all week was Michael Sodini, President of Eagle Imports Inc.

TriStar Arms

Ryan Bader joins us at the "Leadquarters" to tell us about a new 12ga bullpup shotgun called the TriStar Compact that is compatible with Saiga AK style magazines.  TriStar, known for their shotguns, offers a wide selection of quality firearms for hunters and recreational shooters alike.


Christine Rogers, President, of SNAGMAG LLC is up next with their innovative product that helps the everyday conceal carry person carry extra magazines in their pockets.  The SNAGMAG was invented by a plain clothes LEO who wanted a better option for carrying a spare magazine while off duty.   Listen to the interview to get a special Lead Head Brigade discount!


Ultradyne has made utilizing barrel mounted front sights easier by pairing together their C-4 Dynamount folding Front Sight with their line of Compensators (.223/5.56). By mounting the Front Sight to the barrel, the user cuts down on movement making for consistent aim every time.  The C-4 Dynamount Folding Front Sight is available with any of the three compensators from the Compensator line, including Athena, Mercury, and ApolloDon't miss the Talking Lead exclusive deal offered by Ultradyne


Jay Grdina, CMO/Genius, drops by the "Leadquarters" with a non-incendiary solution to tracer ammoSTREAK visual ammunition is the answer.  STREAK is safe for indoor and outdoor use.  STREAK rounds are non-flammable phosphor material that utilize light emitted during the discharging of the round to make STREAK glow.  The glowing material used is applied only to the aft end of the projectile, making it only visible to the shooter and those within a 30-degree viewing window.


Paul Carlson introduces us to the MagFix.  The MagFix is a performance enhancing part for your Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. The MagFIX is carefully designed to do these 3 things:

  1. locks your extended magazine sleeve and the base pad firmly together to make sure the sleeve stays in place so that your reloads are smooth and fast.
  2. provides enhanced gripping steps on your oversized base pad to make sure you have a solid grip on the gun while shooting and an improved purchase should you need to deal with a malfunction.
  3. features an enhanced profile which helps your empty 8 round magazine to drop free, ensuring that your reloads will be as fast and efficient as possible.

TLP 242 - The Sodini, Abe & Moe, Geissele & NRAAM

TLP 242 The Sodini, Abe & Moe, Geissele & NRAAM


Welcome back to another loaded episode of the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  This week Lefty's co-host is Mike Sodini, President of Eagle Imports.  Eagle will be the "Official Leadquarters" for the 147th NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas.  Mike and Lefty talk about all the exciting and fun events, giveaways and interviews they have planned for NRAAM.  The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train screams in to haul off a big load of Jackwagons.  Guest this week is Diego Muya with Geissele Automatics.  Diego joins the show to talk about Geissele's new complete uppers, SSP single stage trigger and introduces us to a new knife company called Abraham & Moses Survival Equipment.

The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

The Gunny can't wait to haul off this week's bunch of Jackwagons on the TLJWT.  First up; Nashville, TN (Lefty's neck of the woods) had a mass murder by a complete nut-job at a Waffle House.  The firearm he used was previously taken from him by the FBI but his father gave it back to him, WTF!?  Mike and Lefty talk details about it.  Joining the Waffle House nut-job is the acting Mayor of Nashville, TN David Briely because of his leftist mentality of "never let a crisis go to waste" using this tragedy, blatantly, as a platform for his mayoral election campaign.   Mike's friend Mindy Robinson actress, model and huge 2A proponent (girlfriend of Randy Couture) has been going head-to-head with a hollywood-socialite-butterfly-social-media-troll, Lysa Heslov.  Find out what happens!

Geissele Uppers and Abraham and Moses Knives

 There is no such thing as too much DiegoDiego Muya joins us at two different events to keep us updated on all the great new products Geissele Automatics is offering.  Don't miss the new complete upper by Geissele called the URGI or their new Super Speed Precision single stage triggersDiego tells us all about them during the 2018 SHOT Show at the Kel Tec booth.  Next we catch up with Diego during the Spring Big 3 East Media Event to talk about Giessele's new knife company called Abraham and Moses (Abe & Moe)Diego tells us about their full line of survival knives and sheaths.

Eagle Imports is the Official Leadquarters for the 2018 NRAAM

Lefty and Mike talk about all the reasons you need to plan on being at the 147th NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, Texas May 3-6.  The main reason is WE WILL BE THERE and we will be giving aways firearms and Talking Lead swag!  Make plans to join us at booth 5921 The Official Leadquaters!

TLP 241 - Godspeed To Gunny, DEFI Watches & Southpaw Tactical

TLP 241 Godspeed To Gunny, DEFI Watches & Southpaw Tactical


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast!  This episode is dedicated to The Gunny, R. Lee Ermey.  May he rest in peace.  Semper Fi Godspeed Gunny.  Bringing you LEAD HEADS amazing deals this week from my special guests former SWAT guy Jerommie Smith, now President/CEO of Smith & Bradley Watches & Joe Dasilva from Southpaw TacticalListen for deals ONLY available to you the Lead Head listenerWe also announce the release of our new Talking Lead Tumblers: Pre order by clicking this link.

Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

This week's Talking Lead Jackwagon Train is a somber one as we mourn the loss of R. Lee Ermey, The Gunny.  Lefty and Jerommie make Gunny proud with a well deserving load of Jackwagons that includes snowflakes, country music artists and pneumonia.

Southpaw Tactical

Joe Dasilva of Southpaw Tactical drops by the Kel Tec Weapons "LEADQUARTERS" during the 2018 SHOT Show.  Southpaw specializes in offering the left-handed shooter the latest and greatest in firearms' accessories available on the market.  Lefty and Chad talk to Joe about what products caught his eye at SHOT and the difficulties they have to overcome by being a California based firearms accessories business.  Joe offers an exclusive LEAD HEAD Discount, listen to find out how you can get it.

DEFI Watches

Jerommie joins Lefty this week to talk about a new company under the Smith & Bradley banner called DEFI Watches. Jerommie wanted to get back to his roots and give back to those who selflessly serve or have served at home and abroad.  The objective:  build a mission quality watch, load it up with technology & features and set a game changing affordable price.  Enter the BATTLEFIELD and the SCOUT.  Get super special LEAD HEAD pricing on these watches and more by listening to this episode


TLP 240 - No Other Choice

TLP 240 No Other Choice


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Show Lead Heads!  This episode's special guest is Kevin Dixie owner of No Other Choice (NOC) Firearms Training.

Lefty and Kevin start of the show having a good time throwing Jackwagons on the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train.  This episode's TLJWT is dedicated to crazy chicks.  That thug-wanna-be facebook live chick in Texas that shot her friend in the head, the crazy exercise chick that shot up the YouTube headquarters because they censored her account and that whinny, cowardly, disrespectful,  child-puppet chick from Parkland Florida David Hogg.

Since this is Kevin's first time on the show of course Lefty hits him with the Talking Lead New Guy Questions.  As we find out more about Kevin we also learn more about N.O.C. in the process.  N.O.C. Firearms Training is much more than a firearms and self-defense training company; they are a change agent for all communities.  N.O.C.  provides a much-needed sledge-hammer to break down barriers to get all good people to understand that freedom, prosperity, and liberty is for ALL;   N.O.C. executes this by promotion and preservation of the Second Amendment and will do all we can to make sure our freedoms to be armed remains intact.  “We are more than guns; we are a community”

Aiming For The Truth

Another great initiative Kevin has started is  "Aiming For The Truth".  "Aiming for the Truth"  helps enrich lives to grow equity. Once people have equity, it's easy to teach them to defend it. This is the platform that has been missing from our communities including the 2A community. "The goal is to show people we care about them and can relate to their struggles, assist, invest, and then of course hold people accountable for their actions moving forward." "We have to do more than say guns are cool, Merica, and bacon! If we want to win the fight, we have to invest in lives! The most important capital is HUMAN capital!"

TLP 239 James Reeves, Targetize & Sonic Gun Cleaning


TLP 239 James Reeves, Targetize & Sonic Gun Cleaning

Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast! Coming back strong from a long Easter break we bring you powerful and informative interviews at the 2018 SHOT Show "Leadquarters" from the Kel-Tec booth.

Joining Chad Enos and Lefty first this week is our 2018 SHOT Show man on the street, James Reeves of The Firearms Blog, bringing us his report on all the coolest products at SHOT.  Some highlights include the Franklin Armory Reformation, IWI Tavor 12ga shotgun and the new lighter Hudson h9a (34oz to 26oz).  Also joining in the pow-wow is Mat Rogers from DAC Technologies bringing us an awesome dry-fire training tool called "Targetize".

For our next round of interviews Lefty has long time Lead Head Nick Dooley of Dooley Defense. Nick brings his buddy Calvin Christie of River City Arsenal to talk about his mobile sonic gun cleaning service. Nick and Calvin share a couple of funny stories during their service in Iraq over a round of Talking Lead "New Guy" questions...homemade Gun Trucks anyone!?

Support Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Today!

TLP 238 RUNENATION, Carbon Fiber Barrels & 3D Suppressors

TLP 238 RUNENATION, Carbon Fiber Barrels & 3D Suppressors


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast episode TLP 238.  This episode we have special guests John Aaron Jones with Thermal Defense Solutions, Ian Strimbeck with Runenation, Adam Kraut with The Gun Collective and Darrel with Tactical Kinetics.

The Legal Brief Guy & The Barrel Guys:

Tactical Kinetics, aka "The Barrel Guys", is bringing a carbon fiber barrel to the market.  Weighing in at 8 ounces with an 850 degree plus fail heating point where most others crap out around 650 degrees.

Adam Kraut talks to us about his upcoming run for the National Rifle Association board.  You can find out more about Adam and why you should vote for him at

RUNENATION LLC & Thermal Defense Solutions:

Ian Strimbeck joins Lefty to talk about his new company Runenation LLC.   Ian is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  During that time he attained experience in combat and security operations and held every position in a fire team from SAW Gunner to Team Leader.  Runenation is a consulting and education company specializing in the constant growth of the multidisciplinary tactician.

Wrapping up this episode we have John Aaron Jones representing Thermal Defense Solutions.  TDS uses the physics-based approach of making suppressors through the use of advanced 3D modeling and simulation tools. By using this approach, TDS can not only predict, but manipulate the speed and direction of expanding gases throughout a suppressor.  The result is suppressors with complex designs that are not always feasible to produce through traditional manufacturing methods.


TLP 237 - The "Riesenator", Less Lethal KEDS & Gun Locks


TLP 237 The "Riesenator", Less Lethal KEDS & Gun Locks

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of the Talking Lead Podcast!  This episode we talk about a new less-lethal KSG shotgun from Kel-Tec.  Senior Team Leader Joseph Garcia, of US C-SOG talks about his Giant Schnauzers & Santa Cruz Gun Locks introduces their gun lock system to the civilian market.

Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

Before we continue our interviews from the Kel-Tec LEADQUARTERS at the 2018 SHOT Show, The Gunny roars in with the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train.  This week Lefty goes solo but has plenty of Jackwagons to throw on the TLJWT.  Listen in to find out who earns a seat this episode.

2018 SHOT Show LEADQUARTERS Interviews

This round of interviews starts off with Chad Enos, of Kel-Tec, and Lefty talking with STL Joseph Garcia about Kel-Tec's new less lethal line of KSG shotguns, only available to the US C-SOG team. The Kinetic Energy Deployment System or KEDS, offers Law Enforcement and Special Operations Teams a quickly identifiable and readily deployable Less Lethal Shotgun.  Listen in as STL Garcia explains...

A Legend Retires: Max The "Legend" Riesenschnauzer

With more than 10 years of service Maximus (Max), STL Garcia's number 1 Riesenschnauzer, retires.  STL Garcia shares some heartfelt "best-of-time worst-of-times" stories about Max, how Max came to join the team and Max's after-service plans.  If you don't shed a tear you're not human, grab your tissues and listen to a great farewell salute to Max!  Check out for more on Garcia's "Riesenators"!

Santa Cruz Gun Locks

David Tanos of Santa Cruz Gun Locks joins the conversation next.  David tells us about his "sexy" rapid access weapon retention devices.  This is the product to keep your guns secure and accessible wherever you need them - your truck, UTV, under your bed, in your closet.  Easily assembled and installed their modular system is ready to configure how it bests serves you.  Great for those that like to display their gun collections as well.

TLP 236 - Michael Bane, Vanquest & MODWalls


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads! Our guests this week are Chris & Tim of Tactical Walls. We continue our 2018 SHOT Show interviews with Michael Bane and VANQUEST from the Kel-Tec"Leadquarters".

This is a first. Tim & Chris, the owners of Tactical Walls, join Lefty together for the first time. Since the release of the MODWall mounting system last year at NRA they have been busy. But before we get into the latest and greatest with Tactical Walls The Gunny streaks in with the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train. The guys have a good time loading up the TLJWT this week.

More from the Kel-Tec Leadquarters at the 2018 SHOT Show

My next guest very well might be "The Most Interesting Man In The World"Michael Bane of Down Range TV joins Chad and Lefty for a great conversation about his illustrious TV, Podcasting, Writing & Hunting career and adventures. Michael talks about some interesting and innovative products he ran across during his visit to the 2018 SHOT Show. We talk about the gun culture in Hollywood and Michael also shares some of his personal Hollywood involving the Walking Dead!

Next up we have Alex with VANQUEST tell us about some of their new offerings for 2018. The KATARA-16, the MARKHOR-45 and the IBEX-35 backpacks. The MARKHOR-45 (45 liters) is VANQUEST's largest and most advanced pack for hiking, camping, and hunting. Its double-sided beavertail panel & DAM (Durable Arms Management) system can be used for external gear carry. The main compartment of the MARKHOR-45 is lined with orange high-viz 210-D ripstop nylon for low-light environments and the ergonomically molded PC (polycarbonate) frame with “virtual stays” curves and flexes with your body makes this the perfect Lead Head backpack.

We wrap up this episode with Tim and Chris hitting us with some new Talking Lead Facts To Fight The Myths.  Don't forget to use your discount code LEADHEAD when shopping at

TLP 235 - LaRue Carbon, Ryker USA, Huntress Divine & The Kraken


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast!  This week we talk…a lot!  Guests this week include Chad Enos of Kel-Tec, Chuck LaRue of LaRue Carbon, Josh & Ron of Ryker USAJim & Annaliese ErwinProfessional Hunters.  Make sure you listen to the entire show because we announce a couple of lucky Lead Heads that will get some cool swag!

With all the unease from the recent school massacre in Parkland Florida we had to break the Talking Lead code of not talking politics.  Lefty invites Chad Enos and Chuck LaRue to join in and discuss the chaos that has ripped through our country about firearms and our Constitutional, and specifically our Second Amendment, Rights. …  but not before The Gunny ushers in the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train.  This episode the TLJW Train gets loaded up with Baseball playersWal-MartKroger and Big Ole Dick’s!

LaRue Carbon

Chuck LaRue has developed a new super lightweight and durable carry case using carbon fiber.  Called the CarbonBox it is absolutely the lightest, strongest and most stylish case on the market.  After years of studying the market, it was easy to see the selection of cases are all too similar. Why not have a case that is as original as the owner and their tools?  LaRue Carbon’s CarbonBoxgives you the security, the strength and just as important the style to transport your equipment.

Ryker USA

Ron & Josh drop by the Kel-Tec Leadquarters during the 2018 SHOT Show to tell us about their innovative product.  The Ryker FIST Grip™ is the first in a new class of side mounted, forward grips. It is biomechanically optimized that has been proven on the battlefield and on the range. By offsetting the operator’s support hand, Ryker FIST Grip enables the shooter to engage targets faster and move naturally. The Ryker FIST Grip is engineered and developed with the input and support of Special Operations Professionals, Special Operations Physicians, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Professional Competitive Shooters.

The Kraken and the Huntress Divine

Jim & Annaliese Erwin join Chad and Lefty at the Kel-Tec Leadquarters during the 2018 SHOT Showto talk about some amazing hunts.  You can catch Jim & Annaliese on the Prime Evolution on the Sportsman Channel.  When Jim is on you know we had a good time and cut up a lot.  We also learn that Jim is offering firearms training courses now.  Learn from the best, visit Jim & Annaliese at

TLP 234 - New Scopes, New Ammo, New Gun Imports


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  This episode is full of awesome new gunsnew glass, and new (and affordable) ammo you can expect to hit the market this year, 2018.

Starting off the show Lefty has one of his favorite regular guests on to talk about a mega lineup of new guns coming this year.  President of Eagle ImportsMike Sodini, joins us.  Eagle brings the US firearms from around the world, brands like, Bersa, Grand Power, Metro Arms Company (MAC), LLAMA, Comanche, American Classic and more.  One you really don’t want to miss is The Stribog, a new carbine pistol from Grand Power. Featuring a dual mass slide, that significantly reduces recoiland improves overall control of the firearm.

As always when Mike and Lefty get to talking, anything goes!  They manage to work Steven Seagalinto one of their discussions.  Pure energy!

2018 SHOT Show from the Kel-Tec “Leadquarters”

Moving on with Talking Lead‘s coverage of the 2018 SHOT Show from the Official “Leadquarters” at the Kel-Tec booth, Lefty and Chad welcomes Brady of RITON Optics and Jeremy of Freedom Munitions.

Brady tells the guys all about RITON’s new MOD 7 1-8×28 rifle scope that will have first focal plane (FFP) and two different reticles available.  The tactical reticle and big game hunting reticle designed in conjunction with, hunting legend, Craig Boddington.  Brady gives us a quick lesson on FFP vs SFP before he has to jet and he also drops a big discount for you Lead Heads, use code LEADHEAD at and get 25% off your order.

Freedom Munitions is bring the market new ammo at amazing prices.  Jeremy tells us about some of the new Big GrainsHushBoar Buster and Pro Match lines.  A new ballistic hollow point, a new 50 round count box of self-defense ammo for the same price as most 20 count boxes, a new 199grn plated 30cal ( a subsonic 300 blackout round), and the SPECIAL EDITION HUSH STI 2011 9MM PISTOL  are all coming from FM.

The Inevitable Rabbit Hole & New Guy Questions

The conversation strays off topic, as usual, and the guys start going down the Las Vegas restaurant rabbit hole with Jeremy as he tells us about his Las Vegas Chinatown experience.  Since this was Jeremy’s first time on the show…NEW GUY questions!  Always a funny Talking Lead segment.

TLP 233 - Industry Icon George Kellgren & No Sweat


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast!  This episode our guests include the guys behind No Sweat the innovative hat, visor & helmet liner and long time firearms industry innovator, designer & IconGeorge Kellgren of Kel-Tec Weapons.

Joining Lefty to start the show is Mike Sodini president of Eagle Imports and he brings along a new business partner, Jon Marshalla, to talk about their new product and company called NO SWEAT.  But before we find out about No Sweat, the Gunny roles in with the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train.

The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

This weeks Talking Lead Jackwagons include MORE nonsensical anti-gun laws being proposed in Washington State, A clueless firearms sponsored (not anymore) Gun Bunny (Rochelle Hathaway) and College Football’s anti-gun Southeastern Conference.

Stop The Sweat!

Jon tells about why and how No Sweat came to be.  People wearing hats, helmets and hard hatssweat.  No Sweat came up with a simple solution for controlling this sweat and the negative side effects it has like burning your eyes, moisture causing masks/shields to fog up, sweat stains ruining your favorite hat and even helmet acne, the patented, the disposable Performance Liner!  NoSweat‘s patented technology wicks away sweat by pulling it into the product, keeping the user sweat free with a clean dry surface.

2018 SHOT Show From The Kel-Tec “Leadquarters”

Our second guest this week is one of Lefty’s all time favorite interviews.  He had the unique privilege to interview one of the most innovative minds in the firearms Industry, Mr. George Kellgren of Kel Tec Weapons.  Mr. Kellgren talks about his early days with Swedish gun manufactures Husqvarnaand Interdynamic AB.  He talks details about his design of one of the most used firearms in pop culture history, the Intratec TEC-9, and much more!

Lefty could not resist hitting George with the Talking Lead “New Guy” questions.  The gang has a great time in this interview with George.

TLP 232 - Triggersafe, Body Armor & Jurassic AK47s


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast episode TLP 232 Triggersafe, Body Armor & Jurassic AK47s.  Continuing our coverage of the 2018 SHOT Show from the Official LeadquartersKel-TecWeapons.

The Ranger Supply Room guys, Dennis & Dustin, join Lefty to kick off this episode.  RSR talks about their new battle bag designed specifically around the Kel-Tec Sub 2k it also has a slot for body armor. Ranger Bags are designed and developed by Army Rangers to make America safe again. All bags are equipped with their patented 2 Second Release System.  Also coming soon from RSR, the Clutch Bag for women!

Body Armor, Jurassic AK47 & AR-15 Holster

Frank Stewart with Premier Body Armor and Joe Meaux with Aklys Defense sit down at the Leadquarters to talk bulletproof vests and AK-47s.  Premier is known to make the lightest and thinnest Level 3 hard plates (5mm at 6.9 pounds) on the market, defeating rounds that travel up to 3100 fps.  Premier’s Level III-A executive vest is light, comfortable and conforms to the body defeating threats up to .44 mag at 1430 fps.

The AKSV aka the Velociraptor!  The newest offering from Joe Meaux and the Aklys Defense crew. An integrally suppressed AK47 that utilities as much of the gas before it makes the bang while maintaining a velocity window in excess of 2100 fps to keep the 7.62 x 39 round’s reliability. The recoil on the AKSV is merely a light impulse due to the gas regulation and braking effect of the suppressor.

Just when you thought you didn’t need a holster for your AR-15, enter TRIGGERSAFE.  Vincent and Jim introduce a sleek, tough, minimal but effective cover for your AR-15 trigger.  TRIGGERSAFE not only adds another level of safety but it also adds a level of protection to your trigger.  Competition shooters spend hundred of dollars on precision triggers, modifications and tuning. Why not protect that investment?!  Coming soon covers for shotguns, hunting rifles and more.