TLP 235 - LaRue Carbon, Ryker USA, Huntress Divine & The Kraken


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast!  This week we talk…a lot!  Guests this week include Chad Enos of Kel-Tec, Chuck LaRue of LaRue Carbon, Josh & Ron of Ryker USAJim & Annaliese ErwinProfessional Hunters.  Make sure you listen to the entire show because we announce a couple of lucky Lead Heads that will get some cool swag!

With all the unease from the recent school massacre in Parkland Florida we had to break the Talking Lead code of not talking politics.  Lefty invites Chad Enos and Chuck LaRue to join in and discuss the chaos that has ripped through our country about firearms and our Constitutional, and specifically our Second Amendment, Rights. …  but not before The Gunny ushers in the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train.  This episode the TLJW Train gets loaded up with Baseball playersWal-MartKroger and Big Ole Dick’s!

LaRue Carbon

Chuck LaRue has developed a new super lightweight and durable carry case using carbon fiber.  Called the CarbonBox it is absolutely the lightest, strongest and most stylish case on the market.  After years of studying the market, it was easy to see the selection of cases are all too similar. Why not have a case that is as original as the owner and their tools?  LaRue Carbon’s CarbonBoxgives you the security, the strength and just as important the style to transport your equipment.

Ryker USA

Ron & Josh drop by the Kel-Tec Leadquarters during the 2018 SHOT Show to tell us about their innovative product.  The Ryker FIST Grip™ is the first in a new class of side mounted, forward grips. It is biomechanically optimized that has been proven on the battlefield and on the range. By offsetting the operator’s support hand, Ryker FIST Grip enables the shooter to engage targets faster and move naturally. The Ryker FIST Grip is engineered and developed with the input and support of Special Operations Professionals, Special Operations Physicians, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Professional Competitive Shooters.

The Kraken and the Huntress Divine

Jim & Annaliese Erwin join Chad and Lefty at the Kel-Tec Leadquarters during the 2018 SHOT Showto talk about some amazing hunts.  You can catch Jim & Annaliese on the Prime Evolution on the Sportsman Channel.  When Jim is on you know we had a good time and cut up a lot.  We also learn that Jim is offering firearms training courses now.  Learn from the best, visit Jim & Annaliese at

TLP 234 - New Scopes, New Ammo, New Gun Imports


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast Lead Heads!  This episode is full of awesome new gunsnew glass, and new (and affordable) ammo you can expect to hit the market this year, 2018.

Starting off the show Lefty has one of his favorite regular guests on to talk about a mega lineup of new guns coming this year.  President of Eagle ImportsMike Sodini, joins us.  Eagle brings the US firearms from around the world, brands like, Bersa, Grand Power, Metro Arms Company (MAC), LLAMA, Comanche, American Classic and more.  One you really don’t want to miss is The Stribog, a new carbine pistol from Grand Power. Featuring a dual mass slide, that significantly reduces recoiland improves overall control of the firearm.

As always when Mike and Lefty get to talking, anything goes!  They manage to work Steven Seagalinto one of their discussions.  Pure energy!

2018 SHOT Show from the Kel-Tec “Leadquarters”

Moving on with Talking Lead‘s coverage of the 2018 SHOT Show from the Official “Leadquarters” at the Kel-Tec booth, Lefty and Chad welcomes Brady of RITON Optics and Jeremy of Freedom Munitions.

Brady tells the guys all about RITON’s new MOD 7 1-8×28 rifle scope that will have first focal plane (FFP) and two different reticles available.  The tactical reticle and big game hunting reticle designed in conjunction with, hunting legend, Craig Boddington.  Brady gives us a quick lesson on FFP vs SFP before he has to jet and he also drops a big discount for you Lead Heads, use code LEADHEAD at and get 25% off your order.

Freedom Munitions is bring the market new ammo at amazing prices.  Jeremy tells us about some of the new Big GrainsHushBoar Buster and Pro Match lines.  A new ballistic hollow point, a new 50 round count box of self-defense ammo for the same price as most 20 count boxes, a new 199grn plated 30cal ( a subsonic 300 blackout round), and the SPECIAL EDITION HUSH STI 2011 9MM PISTOL  are all coming from FM.

The Inevitable Rabbit Hole & New Guy Questions

The conversation strays off topic, as usual, and the guys start going down the Las Vegas restaurant rabbit hole with Jeremy as he tells us about his Las Vegas Chinatown experience.  Since this was Jeremy’s first time on the show…NEW GUY questions!  Always a funny Talking Lead segment.

TLP 233 - Industry Icon George Kellgren & No Sweat


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast!  This episode our guests include the guys behind No Sweat the innovative hat, visor & helmet liner and long time firearms industry innovator, designer & IconGeorge Kellgren of Kel-Tec Weapons.

Joining Lefty to start the show is Mike Sodini president of Eagle Imports and he brings along a new business partner, Jon Marshalla, to talk about their new product and company called NO SWEAT.  But before we find out about No Sweat, the Gunny roles in with the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train.

The Talking Lead Jackwagon Train

This weeks Talking Lead Jackwagons include MORE nonsensical anti-gun laws being proposed in Washington State, A clueless firearms sponsored (not anymore) Gun Bunny (Rochelle Hathaway) and College Football’s anti-gun Southeastern Conference.

Stop The Sweat!

Jon tells about why and how No Sweat came to be.  People wearing hats, helmets and hard hatssweat.  No Sweat came up with a simple solution for controlling this sweat and the negative side effects it has like burning your eyes, moisture causing masks/shields to fog up, sweat stains ruining your favorite hat and even helmet acne, the patented, the disposable Performance Liner!  NoSweat‘s patented technology wicks away sweat by pulling it into the product, keeping the user sweat free with a clean dry surface.

2018 SHOT Show From The Kel-Tec “Leadquarters”

Our second guest this week is one of Lefty’s all time favorite interviews.  He had the unique privilege to interview one of the most innovative minds in the firearms Industry, Mr. George Kellgren of Kel Tec Weapons.  Mr. Kellgren talks about his early days with Swedish gun manufactures Husqvarnaand Interdynamic AB.  He talks details about his design of one of the most used firearms in pop culture history, the Intratec TEC-9, and much more!

Lefty could not resist hitting George with the Talking Lead “New Guy” questions.  The gang has a great time in this interview with George.

TLP 232 - Triggersafe, Body Armor & Jurassic AK47s


Welcome back to the Talking Lead Podcast episode TLP 232 Triggersafe, Body Armor & Jurassic AK47s.  Continuing our coverage of the 2018 SHOT Show from the Official LeadquartersKel-TecWeapons.

The Ranger Supply Room guys, Dennis & Dustin, join Lefty to kick off this episode.  RSR talks about their new battle bag designed specifically around the Kel-Tec Sub 2k it also has a slot for body armor. Ranger Bags are designed and developed by Army Rangers to make America safe again. All bags are equipped with their patented 2 Second Release System.  Also coming soon from RSR, the Clutch Bag for women!

Body Armor, Jurassic AK47 & AR-15 Holster

Frank Stewart with Premier Body Armor and Joe Meaux with Aklys Defense sit down at the Leadquarters to talk bulletproof vests and AK-47s.  Premier is known to make the lightest and thinnest Level 3 hard plates (5mm at 6.9 pounds) on the market, defeating rounds that travel up to 3100 fps.  Premier’s Level III-A executive vest is light, comfortable and conforms to the body defeating threats up to .44 mag at 1430 fps.

The AKSV aka the Velociraptor!  The newest offering from Joe Meaux and the Aklys Defense crew. An integrally suppressed AK47 that utilities as much of the gas before it makes the bang while maintaining a velocity window in excess of 2100 fps to keep the 7.62 x 39 round’s reliability. The recoil on the AKSV is merely a light impulse due to the gas regulation and braking effect of the suppressor.

Just when you thought you didn’t need a holster for your AR-15, enter TRIGGERSAFE.  Vincent and Jim introduce a sleek, tough, minimal but effective cover for your AR-15 trigger.  TRIGGERSAFE not only adds another level of safety but it also adds a level of protection to your trigger.  Competition shooters spend hundred of dollars on precision triggers, modifications and tuning. Why not protect that investment?!  Coming soon covers for shotguns, hunting rifles and more.