Handgun Radio 153 - The SHOT Show 2017 New Product & Speculation Episode!

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad  from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, we are joined by the illustrious Doc Wesson from the Gun Nation Podcast to discuss some of the guns that have been introduced & guns we think may be introduced at the 2017 SHOT Show!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: -Helped a friend break in his new Kahr CM9! Worked great!!!

-Really wanting some surplus rifles….Steyr M95, Gewehr 98, Winchester 1907 Self-Loader

Weerd: Renovations to the house are finally done, and we’re moving our stuff back into the house.   This means I didn’t EXACTLY do anything with guns,  but it DOES mean that some of the upgrades to the new room mean the Armory gets some trickle-down in the form of a new Stereo and TV!

Drink Segment:  Blood and Sand


2oz Blended Scotch Whiskey

1oz Orange Juice

0.5 oz Sweet Vermouth

0.5 oz Cherry Brandy

Orange Bitters

Shake and serve up in a cocktail glass with an orange twist and a cherry.

Main Topic:

Guns Holsters & Gear SHOT 2017 Page

Coonan 9mm, 10mm Pistols

Chiappa White Rhino

Glock 19M

Ruger: GP 100 in .44 Speical

Ruger Redhawk 8-shot .357 Magnum

Remington RP 45

S&W M&P 2.0

Hudson Manufacturing Mystery "1911"?


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  • Doc! Thank you so much for joining us! Where can people find you?

Until next week, have fun & safe shooting!!!


Handgun Radio 124 - Handguns of TV Shows

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.


This week, I’m joined by Weerd Beard to discuss the guns used in some of our favorite TV shows!!!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: -I was unexpectedly featured on The Firearm Blog this week! Nathaniel F. wrote up a blog post about my video on the Detonics Pocket 9! Go check it out!

-Got to try some of the CCI Quiet 22 LR ammo going at 710 fps with a 40 grain bullet. It is almost hearing safe.

Weerd: laid up with the flu all week, so I’ve JUST been able to do much of anything.

What I have done, that is remotely gun related is I have a side hobby of lockpicking.   I’m not great, but I’ve been playing with any lock I can find.    When I bought my LCRs I got a pair of padlocks that are Ruger Branded,   I assume they’re for running the shackle through the frame window, since the LCR doesn’t ship with a hard box.

Still these locks are REALLY good for a freebie.   They have a floating plate over the cylinder that prevents drilling (you try to drill out the cylinder and it just spins) but also the cylinder has a bunch of security pins in it that doesn’t make it impossible to pick, but does make it a challenge….very cool given that it’s a free lock.

Drink Segment: Jim Quinn on the Facebook page asked about bourbon and bourbon drinks in light of the NRA Annual Meeting being Held in Kentucky.

For those not in the know, Bourbon is a Whiskey, generally made in Kentucky that is made from a Mash that needs to be at least 51% Corn, and aged in new charred white oak barrels.   Many other spirits don’t require a new barrel so many aged spirits like Scotch, Brandy, and some wines are actually aged in bourbon barrels that have a fresh char added.

So before the early Americans established bourbon, Rye was the most similar whiskey.  Because of this Rye and bourbon are often interchangeable in cocktails (tho Bourbon has a much sweeter, lighter taste, and Rye more dry and spicy, so a drink substitution will have a noticeable difference) .

Some classic Bourbon Cocktails are: The Old Fashioned, The Manhattan, The Whiskey Sour, and I personally will mix a Sazerac with bourbon.

Of course the quintessential Bourbon Cocktail where no substitutions are allowed is the Mint Julep.   This is a VERY simple drink where you muddle mint with some sugar then add your two ounces of bourbon,  shake and strain over crushed ice into a tall glass (a silver Julep glass if you have one).

Never actually had one of these, but I have a Lewis bag, which is a canvas bag used to crush ice, and the canvas keeps the ice cold and dry,  and I’ll have to do it once Mom’s mint comes up.

Main Topic: Handguns of the Small Screen

For this week, we thought we would go for a fun episode discussing some of the guns we see in our favorite TV shows. These can be on Netflix, regular TV or available on DVD, but its always fun to peruse IMFDB and check out what guns they’re using!!!

Mission Impossible

Miami Vice

Law & Order

The Blacklist

Boardwalk Empire

Boston Legal

Magnum P.I.

Jesse Stone





Until Next Week, Have Fun and Safe Shooting!!!!!!


HGR 086 - Cool "Non-Defensive" Handguns

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wilds of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.


This week, Weerd Beard and I discuss cool firearms that were not intended for defensive purposes, but rather target shooting, curiosities, and other specialized roles!

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Week in Review:

Ryan -

  • Apologies for not being very active on the Facebook page. This past week my wife’s grandmother passed away after a long illness. She was a very special lady and even though she wasn’t a firearms enthusiast, she was always very supportive of the show and always encouraged me to keep improving. Weerd came up with this weeks’ topic, and I think this will be a fun & entertaining episode. She was a fun lady, and I’d like to dedicate this week’s episode to her.
  • Seeing rumors of the new Glock 43 around the internet. I have seen several photoshopped Glock 42’s with the “43” and “9x19mm” on the slide which were very well done, but I believe most of them were determined to be faked. However, I HAVE heard from several people that sources (who have pre-production guns I’ve been told) say it will be debuting at the NRA Annual Meetings. We shall see.

Weerd Beard-

Main Topic: Cool “Non-Defensive” Firearms

We thought this was a cool topic of discussion

1911 in .38 AMU

1911 Magazine with .38 Special Wadcutter

1911 .38 Wadcutter Magazine Follower

.38 AMU -

Smith & Wesson Model 52 -

Smith & Wesson 1891 Target & .38 First Model Single-Shot -

S&W Model 617 -

Desert Eagle -

Thompson-Center Guns -

Olympic Target Pistol Guns:Semi-Auto, and single-shot

Mateba MTR-8 Target Revolver:

Race Guns (STI, Caspian, Custom Glocks) -

Serbu Super Shorty 12 Gauge -

Pen Guns -


Until next week, have fun & SAFE SHOOTING!!!

HGR 085 - Single Action Safety

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wilds of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world. This week, Weerd Beard and I discuss single action firearms and how they can be carried safely & how those mechanisms work!

Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network

Week in Review:


- Some great videos coming out from Ian over at Forgotten Weapons from the James D. Julia auction house, be sure to go check those out!

  • Another one of my favorite channels on Full30 is Duelist. Mike Beliveau is the proprietor of the Duelist channel, and he does great videos on classic handguns and rifles. He writes for Guns of the Old West and does a great job. Go check them out!


Main Topic: Single Action Safety

Last week when Weerd and I were discussing inexpensive, not cheap handguns, I made a comment to him about how even though I understood all the mechanisms preventing accidental firing, I was still somewhat uncomfortable with carrying a single-action auto. I did it when I carried a Browning Hi-Power, but I still was sometimes leery. Weerd and I thought it would be a good topic of discussion to cover how single-action handguns can be safely carried while not worrying about accidental discharge.

What are the Conditions of Carry? (0,1,2,3, etc)

0 =  Ready to Go.  Chamber loaded, magazine loaded, hammer back, safety off.   All you need is a trigger pull to fire the firearm

1 = Cocked-and-locked.   Chamber loaded, magazine loaded, hammer back, safety on.   Safety need to be disengaged to reach condition zero

2 = Hammer-down.   Chamber loaded, magazine loaded, hammer down (preferably on half-cock) safety off.    This is a pretty lousy idea with 1911s,  but it is very viable for double-action guns like Berettas, Many CZs.  Technically this the the only way you should carry a traditional SIG Sauer

3 = “Cruiser Ready”  Chamber empty, magazine loaded, hammer down, safety off.   Generally this is a bad idea for carry, as you need to rack the slide and chamber a round.  There is a lot to go wrong here, from short-stroking the slide, to simply not having a free hand available to you when you most need it.    The term “Cruiser Ready” comes from how police carry rifles and shotguns in their cruiser.   There is actually some validity if you have the gun for specific circumstances, where the gun won’t be under your direct control, like a gun in a desk drawer in your private office, or a gun on your nightstand while you sleep.  Extreme caution should be used with this as it is still a loaded gun, but it is a bit safer than many of the other above methods.

4= “Unloaded”  Chamber empty, magazine (or magazine well) empty, hammer down, safety off.  This is frequently the definition of an “Unloaded” firearm.  Technically condition 3 is also “unloaded” as no round is chambered,  but in the eyes of the law this is the recognized definition of “unloaded”.

How do safety mechanisms in modern firearms work?

Single Action Revolver Safety:

  • On an old style single action (or sometimes double-action) revolver with a fixed firing pin, it is imperative that you carry the hammer on an EMPTY chamber. While at rest the firing pin is in direct contact with the firing pin primer and will fire if the hammer is struck. Use the load one skip one technique as shown in this video and watch this Hickok45 video showing how the guns can fire.
  • Single action guns like the North American Arms Mini Revolvers actually have notches between the chambers to rest the hammer down on a fully loaded cylinder.

Single-Action Auto Safety:

What makes cocked-and-locked carry safe?

Thumb Safety.   Most block the travel of the hammer, and either block the travel of the trigger, or disconnect the trigger.


Series 80

Firing Pin Safety (Heavy Spring, Light Firing Pin)

Is Cocked and Locked Dangerous?


Until next week, have fun & SAFE SHOOTING!!!

HGR 049 - What Makes a Good Handgun?

This week, Weer’d Beard and I discuss what makes a handgun a “good” handgun and what things you can look at to choose the most appropriate handgun for your needs!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: - I found a supplier for the Colt 1903 rear and front firing pins! Hopefully I can have those ordered sometime soon!

-Saw a great article on the 9x23 Winchester! I think we are going to do another episode on Odd Cartridges very soon!

WEERD: no real shooting.   Was going to head to the range for Father’s day, but I was too sick.   I have time off this week where I hope to run some .22 through my revolvers to crank out the rust, and hopefully remove the mag disconnect on my M&P9c With a pen spring!

Main Topic: What Makes a “Good” Handgun?

Remember: we are not bashing certain brands or designs; we are just fleshing out why certain firearms are less easy to use or less effective to use in certain circumstances. Not everyone has unlimited training resources, and you must use those resources in the most efficient way possible.

Everyone has a different definition of “good”. It is very subjective. For our discussion, we will be touching upon some of the points that people use to determine whether a handgun is a “good” handgun (and whether or not those ACTUALLY determine that) and what can someone use as a yardstick to measure whether or not they’ve chosen a “good” handgun for themselves! Note, that we are primarily discussing guns that are used for self-defense and therefore need to be trained with and shot a lot. A Webley in .455 is a “good” handgun for the range, but maybe not so much for concealed carry.

What is it Good For?:   A handgun might be VERY versatile like a Springfield Armory 1911, or a Glock 17,   Good for Competition, good for carry, good for plinking, good for Home Defense, ect.

For instance, a S&W M&P 9mm can be customized for hand size, it can be used for home defense. With the right holster, a full sized duty handgun can be used for concealed carry. There are many handguns that do a lot of things pretty well, but can only excel in so many areas before you make sacrifices. See below.

Is it VERY specialized?   Say A STI 2011 in .40 S&W with 20 round magazines, a ultra-light trigger, tungsten internals and a reflex optic and compensator.   Might work OK for home Defense, but really it’s an ideal IPSC Open Class Gun.     Same With a 8” Freedom Arms in .454 Casull with a 4x Teloscopic Scope.    Not really ideal for most aplications, but an AMAZING hunting handgun!


What is the Gun’s History?:  How long has this design or similar design been around? What is it’s reputation, and history?   Example M1911 pattern, SAA, or S&W Hand Ejector.   Glock’s reputation in the 80s and 90s, vs. Today.

See: Colt 1903 Example. If that gun was introduced today as a “pocket” gun, people would laugh at you. But back in the day, pockets of overcoats were larger, and the whole concept of a small automatic pistol for personal protection was really in its infancy. Something like the Ruger LCP is nearly half the size of a 1903, and fires a more powerful round. Context makes a HUGE difference.

What is the Gun’s Popularity?:  Popular guns will have more holsters, accessories, and parts.   Also popular guns generally have a good selection of ammo that is easy to find.

How Efficiently is It’s Construction and manual of arms?: Does the gun have bizarre parts, numerous parts?  More parts means potential for more breakage or failure.   Is it easy or difficult to field strip?   Does it have an excess of safeties, and are they easy to manipulate?

Ease of Use (sounds similar, but different from Efficiency.):

How easy is the gun to shoot? An Airweight .357 is an awesome pocket gun if you can control it.   Maybe .38 Loads mark the paper better?

Things like slide bite, or narrow grips can add discomfort in shooting or make it hard to have a good firm grip on the gun.

How Easy is the Gun to Deploy for it’s Use(s)?  Is the gun light enough to carry all day every day?   Can you Conceal it well?   The above .454 Hunting revolver is a great gun, but maybe not for hunting Antelope at 300 yards on the plains.

Fun Factor:

Do you LIKE the gun?  I will be the first person to say Glocks are awesome guns, and I recommend them.   Still to me they’re ugly, boxy, and I hate the grip angle.   Nothing wrong with the gun,  but if I had a Glock I’d never shoot it.   Actually LIKING a gun is a huge and personal factor for if a gun is great to you.

Can You Afford To Care and Feed It?  A gun like the Walther PPQ is from all reports a great gun, but magazines tend to be more expensive than comparable guns.   Will your wallet be able to handle buying all the mags you need for the gun?   Will you be able to simply throw a magazine away in the event it runs it’s service life?    In Massachusetts people hang onto their pre-ban magazines like they’re gold,  but how nice are they if the feed lips are worn out, or the floor plate is badly cracked?

Will you shoot the gun regularly?   A .45 ACP 1911 or Glock 21 is pretty awesome,   but a box of even the cheapest .45 ACP isn’t very cheap.    Will you be able to find .38 Super, or 5.7x28mm at your local gun shop or Wal Mart?    You may SAY you’re going to reload that box of Brass, but maybe once that new baby goes to bed the LAST thing you want to do is crank out 500 rounds for your next range trip.

Also you might be able to afford the dirt cheap practice ammo,  but will your gun like it?   Steel case ammo is great for shooting on a budget but a few guns won’t be able to function with it.   Same goes for .22 LR (when you could find it)   maybe that cheap Anguila stuff is awesome, but will your pistol run it, or do you need a specific, and more expensive brand?


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Until next week, have fun and SAFE SHOOTING!!!

HGR 042 - NRA Show 2014 Wrap-Up

This week, I hear from Handgun Radio’s NRA Show 2014 Floor Correspondent Matt Hoffman regarding his experiences at NRA Show 2014 and some of the really cool items he saw that are being introduced & improved!

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Week in Review:


  • Loaded some .38 Special cartridges with CB Bullet 158 grain LSWC. Awesome shooting target round with Trail Boss Powder.
  • The Glock 42 and XDs 4.0 videos have been postponed due to bad weather, but they will be upcoming shortly.
  • Go check out my video quick look at the Rossi Model 13 “Princess”. It is unlike any other revolver I’ve ever handled. It looks almost like a ⅝ scale model of a Smith and Wesson Hand Ejector (maybe that size is wrong) but it is a small framed, double action, swing out .22 LR revolver made by Rossi. It isn’t high quality, but it is VERY interesting.


      *  Still working loads for the NRA world shoot. Looks like I’ll be shooting a bottom   feeder, an M&P9 pro. Got it slicked up a bit and shoot it pretty well

Main Topic: NRA Show 2014

Frequent contributor Matt Hoffman made the trip out to NRA Show 2014 and kept an eye out as Handgun Radio’s NRA Show floor correspondent. He is here to share his impressions of the show, as well as some of the products he was able to check out!

  • What was your feel of the “mood” of the show? Good vibes?
  • Attendance?

      > ERGO grip for S&W J frames

              Rubber with a pebbled finish. They look like a potato or a wedge. They were too big for my hands and actually felt like they were going to wedge themselves out of my hands. My natural poa was way off with these. I’d like to try them anyway.

      >Magpul 1911 grips

               These were pretty nice and affordable. They had a smooth finish and a rougher set. I prefered the rougher set. They were nice and thin with a generous relief in the grip for the reaching the mag release. was told they come with hardware and both tapered and flat bottom in standard magpul colors

      >R51: a threaded barrel is now offered, but why if it doesn’t run? The sights were standard 3 dot, with a fairly easy racking slide. Gun rattles like a box of ball bearings and seems alot heavier than others in this size group. The trigger felt heavy and gritty but had a short reset. Not impressed at all.

      >SCCY CPX2: Not a bad gun, just too big for my hands and no way to reduce size. Available with or without thumb safety and various colors. A great value for $250 area.

      >Beretta Pico 380: Very small and concealable with no sharp edges and real sights. To me it was too smooth and small. It would carry great but would probably be very hard to control shooting even with mild loads. Better choices out there for probably cheaper. No msrp listed.

       >Sig 938 9mm: Liked this gun alot. I carried/competed with a 1911 for 2 years and this seemed very familiar. All the controls are the same just shrunk down. Very attractive, smooth slide, nice single action trigger and good sights. Felt a little awkward with the mag extensions, a little worried it might pinch under recoil. I would like to try one out for sure.

          >Sig 320: Sigs new striker fired entry. Comes in a full and compact model, all components can be swapped into smaller/larger frame. No interchangeable back straps so a new grip frame would have to be ordered to change size. The trigger was fairly heavy but had a short crisp reset. It just seemed cheap to be a Sig. The standard size frame didn't fit my small hands. Not one I would look at again.

          >Oriskany Arms 1911: One of the biggest surprises of the show for me. Never heard of them before but was very impressed. All American made 1911 that was very high quality. The slide was silky smooth, Novak style sights, nice thumb safety, raised grip safety and a great 3.5-4lb trigger. The finish on the base model I looked at was sort of a parkerized look with a set of black g10 grips. The fit and smoothness is equal to a much higher price gun. The president said this gun would retail for $750-800, an outstanding value if the production models are as nice as this one.

          >Walther CCP 9: Great ergonomics, great feel in the hand, nice trigger and a good size. About the size of the lc9,shield and xds. Gas piston design, worries if frame will get hot like the old H&K. Really liked this gun, would like to test drive one for awhile.

          >Walther ppq 9: Another great feeling pistol. Even with my short thumbs I could reach all controls. Trigger seemed better than the other poly service pistols in this category. The bore axis seems a bit higher than some and the round count is a little lower than others in this category. Would love to shoot a few matches with this one.

          >Ruger match champion: A lot of mixed feelings on this one. They had 2 on display 1 had a great smooth trigger, the other had a gritty trigger than had a lot of stacking. The grips were comfortable, had a slight chamfer on the cylinder,fiber optic sights and a tapered barrel to keep it quick handling. I’m not a fan of the push button cyl release or non adjustable rear sight. I think the adjustable rear sight is very important on a match revo. If I could get one with the good trigger I would give it a try, but I’m still a Smith guy.

         >S&W 66: A fine pistol that would serve anyone well. It just doesn't have the look or soul of the original. I’m  undecided about the 2 piece barrel and would prefer the polished finish. I wasn’t very excited about this one

         >S&W 69: I don’t need it but I want it. A 44 mag on the medium L frame. A great pack gun or hiking gun where big bore is needed without the weight. To fit the 44 in the L frame the round count had to be dropped to 5. I would love to see a a 2.5 version.

         >S&W 929pc 9mm: I definitely want this one. Its a 8 shot 9mm n frame revolver. This one is set for Competition and was designed by Jerry Miculek. I like the pinned front sight rather than the dovetailed version usually on pc guns. It takes moonclips so reloads are very quick. It has a short titanium cyl with a long throat barrel so accuracy should be awesome. The 6.5 barrel with removable comp was a lot quicker transitioning than I thought it would be. I still want a 4-5” version but am real tempted as is.

>PAR-1 .223 Pistol: I don’t see how any velocity or accuracy could come from this gun. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Just seems like a gimmick to me


HGR 033 - Cabot Guns: A Discussion with company President Rob Bianchin

HGR 033 - Cabot Guns: A Discussion with company President Rob Bianchin


This week, Ryan has a discussion with Rob Bianchin, President of Cabot Guns, about their product line and the great lengths they go to in order to make the “Rolls Royce” of 1911 pistols!

Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network

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This week, the book selection from Paladin Press is another Jim Cirillo book, “Guns, Bullets and Gunfights: Lessons and Tales from a Modern-Day Gunfighter”. Unlike the Jim Cirillo biography book we discussed last week, this book was written by Cirillo himself, before his untimely death in a car accident in 2007. The book covers many of Cirillo’s training techniques, suggestions for handgun and ammunition selections, personal stories about how his training regimen gave him the edge in gunfights, and much much more. The book is only 119 pages but it contains a wealth of information that will be appreciated by any serious student of the handgun and the defensive and fighting mindset. Visit www.handgunradio.com/books to purchase this book and many other great titles.

Week in Review:

  • Just wanted to say congratulations to Jake and his wife on the birth of their newest child!
  • Made several videos on the Youtube Channel. One video takes a closer look at a single-shot rolling block .22 LR pistol made by Uberti. I have not seen anything like it at gun shows or shops, and it is a blast to shoot. Go check it out!
  • Went to the Ancient Ones gun show this past weekend. The Ancient Ones is a group in Central Maine where the members live like the early frontier settlers did. Keeping with that theme, the Ancient Ones show is one of the biggest shows for blackpowder firearms and accessories in the state. I saw quite a few nice fireams, and I was really impressed by a Sig Sauer P938. If I ever win the lottery and have $795, that will be my first firearms purchase. I also got to see the new PPK/s .22 LR. It looked pretty nice, but I would have to fire it to see how I liked it. It fit the hand well.  Another highlight was being able to hold a vintage Sig P210. The gun felt like an extension of the hand and was a very comfortable and natural pointer. The $2,600 price tag was a bit too steep for me though. Maybe in the future!
  • Main Topic: Interview with Rob Bianchin of Cabot Guns

What is your background Mr. Bianchin?

What prompted the founding of Cabot Guns?

Many people oftentimes look at brand name over quality. Cabot is a relatively new firearms manufacturer. Why should someone purchase a Cabot Guns 1911 over something like a Colt?

Cabot 1911’s are absolutely some of the finest looking and finest made 1911’s I have ever seen. Some people see the price and don’t understand WHY these guns are so expensive compared to the mass-produced type of 1911’s. What sorts of goals does Cabot Guns set for the production of each and every 1911 pistol?

How much does the location of your manufacturing facility have an effect on the materials & skilled laborers you are able to utilize?

Where do you see Cabot Guns going over the next 5 years?

Is there anything new in the works at Cabot Guns that you can tell us about?


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Until next week, have fun and SAFE SHOOTING!!!!

HGR 020 - Listener Roundtable

HGR 020 - Listener Roundtable

In the Twentieth episode of Handgun Radio, Ryan discusses handguns and other topics in the first Listener Roundtable!

Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network

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Main Topic:

1.) What was your first handgun?

2.) Why did you get into guns?

3.) What has been your most memorable firearms experience?

4.) In your opinion, what is the best looking handgun ever made?

5.) In your opinion, what is the ugliest handgun ever made?

6.) What is your favorite caliber?

7.) Do you reload your own ammunition?

8.) Out of all the episodes of Handgun Radio that you have listened to, which is your favorite and why?


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HGR 012 - The 1911 World

HGR 012 - The 1911 World

This week, Ryan discusses some of the guns, tips, tricks and quirks of the 1911 world.

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Week In Review:

  • Returned from Florida this past week, I hope you all enjoyed last week’s episode of Handgun Radio where I discussed some of the guns that I saw down there.
  • I received a comment on the Handgun Radio webpage that said I repeated myself too much on last week’s episode.  I don’t know if it was nerves (I was concerned that my poor internet connection would not let me release the show) or tiredness, but I apologize for the oversight and will try to be more cognizant of such things in the future.
  • Got the chance to handle & fire a Ruger Redhawk in .44 Magnum this past weekend.  It is what I will be using for deer hunting this year.  It is a great shooting handgun with good iron sights and a very nice trigger.  I will be using Federal .44 Magnum Jacketed Hollow Points with a weight of 240 grains. It was all I could find for .44 Magnum ammunition.
  • The Firearms Insider on the Firearms Radio Network will be going live on October 15th and will feature some great product & gear reviews that you will all enjoy for sure.  I will be contributing to the FI podcast/website as well so stay tuned for that!
  • Also, I would like to welcome the We Like Shooting podcast to the Firearms Radio Network! They have a great podcast covering all facets of the shooting world. Go check them out at the link above!

Main Topic: The 1911 World:

In this week’s main topic, we are going to be discussing some of the questions I’ve received from listeners about the 1911. The various modifications, the way the gun works, best places to get information, etc. I’ll then probably get into a few more specific reader emails that describe their experiences with the 1911 platform.

1.) Do you need a tricked out, tuned and polished 1911 to be proficient with the gun or have a reliable firearm?

  • No. The 1911 in its most basic format, was intended as a combat handgun.  It was not conceived as a target handgun. Even in its most basic iteration it can be a formidable fighting tool.
  • Yes, the sights on the original 1911 and the 1911A1’s are very small, and can be hard to see. By practicing with these small sights, one can become reasonably proficient with them.  The 1911 can have many improvements added to it, but even without them it is very usable.
  • Reliability is key in a fighting handgun. If you have a highly accurate 1911 that is so tightly fitted it cannot be counted on to function reliably, that accuracy potential may not matter. A good 1911 is properly fitted, and left loose enough to function reliably. (that is just my personal opinion, however. Others may disagree.)

2.) I’ve heard of reliability issues with the 1911 platform. Should I be concerned about these issues?

  • Yes, there have been some reports of reliability issues with the 1911. These typically stem from either bad magazines, ammunition selection or poor maintenance of the firearm.
  • Properly maintained, the 1911 is very reliable. Perhaps some of the users experiencing malfunctions are more used to the Glock style of handguns, which may not require as thorough a cleaning as often to function reliably.
  • There HAVE been some issues of the 3-inch versions of the 1911 having reliability issues. There is a video describing the issue done by Rob Pincus. Agree or disagree, it definitely offers up some food for thought.

3.) The trigger on the 1911 looks different to me than the trigger on my Sig-Sauer. Why is that?

  • The 1911 uses a different style trigger than the majority of the guns that are produced today.  The 1911 uses a sliding trigger, that moves backwards and forwards in a line parallel to the slide. Other handguns, such as the Sig-Sauer P-226, Glock 19, and Ruger P95 use a pivoting trigger, that pivots on a single axis at the top of the trigger. These two triggers systems offer a different feel, and one or the other can be preferable to some shooters.

4.) I am uncomfortable with cocked-and-locked carry or “Condition 1” with the 1911. Why is this done? Is this safe? What options are out there for someone like me not comfortable with this method of carry?

  • Condition 1 or “Cocked-and-Locked” carry is the safest method of carrying the 1911 in my opinion.
  • Condition 1 allows for a loaded round to be chambered and the hammer to be safely locked back, allowing for a fast first shot if needed.  It also helps to prevent accidental discharge.
  • On older 1911’s, there is probably no firing pin safety like you are used to on modern guns. The hammer resting against the firing pin would be unsafe if dropped. The thumb safety on older 1911’s blocks the sear from moving. Even if this thumb safety were broken, and the full cock notch on the sear were worn, the half cock notch would catch the hammer before it struck the firing pin.
  • On newer guns such as the Colt Series 80, Kimber, Smith & Wesson, Taurus and Para, a firing pin block keeps the firing pin stationary until the trigger is fully depressed.
  • In order to make your old 1911 drop safe, replace the firing pin and firing pin spring with a light titanium firing pin, with a heavy firing pin spring.  This will decrease the likelihood of a discharge with a dropped gun.
  • If you are not comfortable with the cocked-and -locked carry method, you can choose the Para LDA (Light Double Action) series of handguns, which offer all of the 1911, except the single action trigger design.  Every  trigger pull is a double action only trigger stroke.
  • You can also use the Safety Fast Shooting System from Cylinder & Slide.  This modification allows you to carry your 1911 cocked and locked, but with the hammer safely down. When you disengage the thumb safety, the hammer springs backward to full-cock, and you are ready to fire.

5.) I want to have a gunsmith customize my 1911 pistol. Do you have any advice for someone who has never worked with a gunsmith before?

  • If you are going to have a custom 1911, or any gun built or worked on by a gunsmith, choose a good one. Shop around.  The ones who do exemplary work will not be cheap, and they typically have quite a backlog. This is a good thing, as good work equals high demand which equals the backlog. There may be a reason if a gunsmith does not have a backlog. Just do your homework.
  • Bigger name gunsmiths can increase the value of your handgun, but don’t always assume that.
  • Know what you want done.  If you want a concealed carry firearm, its probably best that you don’t take your handgun to the guy who builds custom big-bore hunting revolvers.
  • Knowing what you want done will also help the gunsmith guide the project and ultimately will result in a better final product.

6.) Some E-Mails from listeners.


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