TGC 071 - Police and 2A w/Hero Hunt!

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Tonight we are going to try to dive into some topics that I think you guys will enjoy. The topic of police in general these days can be quite polarizing. In some circles the police are looked at as the pawns of the government, in other circles the police are the ones that lock up their friends and family and in others, the police are there to try to protect and serve. I want to try and understand what its like to be a cop in todays world and better yet, understand the perspective of a police officer that I know is pro gun.

Our guest tonight is going to help me unpack those things and on top of that, hes going to tell us about something HUGE he has going on with one of my favorite non profit groups that he started called Hero Hunt. Joe Towers is with us tonight!
Also, TEXT HERO to 24365 to enter as well!


  • Biggest challenges of being a cop

  • Post shooting - what do you do

  • What is it like to deal with people from all walks of life

  • Stolen guns

  • What is it like being a pro gun cop

  • Hero hunt - what is it, how does it work, how people support

  • The raffle