Jr Shooting Podcast 001 - What Age Can You Start Kids Shooting

This podcast is dedicated to developing the next generation of shooters, gun enthusiasts and second amendment defenders.  We will spend as much time on recreational shooting as competition shooting.  Each episode will have main topic with a guest that is an expert on some facet of junior shooting, training if possibly equipment that applies to junior shooters in particular.

Main Topic:  What is the right age to start a junior shooter?

Guest: Col Mark Farell US Army Retired

  • CMP Master instructor Rifle and Pistol
  • NRA certified instructor Rifle an Pistol
  • CMP and NRA High power official and competitor
  • IDPA official and competitor
  • Competitor in various other action pistol and multi-gun sports

CMP Master Instructor Website http://thecmp.org/training-tech/gsm-rifle-master-clinics/

CMP Junior Shooters Magazine Website  http://thecmp.org/communications/on-the-mark/

Junior to Junior with Sam Sparrow

Topic: The four rules of firearm safety

Jeff Coopers four rule link http://thefiringline.com/Misc/safetyrules.html