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Bill Harris

First Care Provider:

What is it? 





FCP Podcast

Why: Because public training modalities and educational curricula are inadequate, and not based on experience

Who we are: We are a social engagement enterprise creating a community with the mutual goal of improving civilian survivability

Our Goals: 

1. Decrease civilian trauma mortality (we've had several after-action accounts attesting to the system working)

2. Improve Public Disaster Education

3. Improve awareness of Stop The Bleed movement

4. Continue to develop the science of Civilian Survivability™

What's different about FCP: The portability and universality of the Race2Safety & CARE systems. 

  • Here's some feedback from a sheriff deputy in Ohio that completed our course:

" I have to share some irony with you...when I read you post about on the check in chat room I went to check the sheriff’s office message board to see when that class said with in minutes I received the call from the Sgt. about helping with the class. Again I was suppose to be the assistant instructor for stop the bleed not first care provider. ( I am working on getting the other instructor to get her first care provider...) I was only going to be an assistant instructor as I was the only one on duty that night which was the same as the other night. I arrive with my training Assistant materials (assortment of tourniquets and my yoga block setup for wound packing) but no computer or slides. The Sgt and Sheriff are in a panic due to the main instructor being a dispatcher/EMT for their department who is now not able to teach as she was prepared for but had a prior engagement the night of this class. (Poor communication on someone’s part but it happened and now we are here and have a situation). The Sgt is looking at me about pleading with me to teach this class as they are already behind on time and the media is there and they don’t want to have to cancel. The Sgt who was setting the class up said that they would handle my village’s calls so I could teach. I began the class while they set me up with a laptop-compatible with their WiFi and a projector. The Sheriff had training tourniquets for all the people taking the class, which was a plus. The class went well and they all enjoyed it. But I will say that somethings that I had never thought of before taking the instructor course through FCP and even some things I already knew but felt more confident after our discussions came to light in one class. The Sheriff, Sgt, and Captain all thanked me several times. About an hour after the Sheriff called me and wanted to thank me again. He said he had been through a stop the bleed course before but liked the setup of the First Care Provider Course. He will be speaking me up in the county. It also opened the door for me to come back and teach the explorers cpr/AED this fall. I just wanted to let you know what you have said so many times is true. The message is key. If you know the message of first care stop the bleed the rest will fall in place. You guys rock! I know I have told you this before but it is worth saying again. We as a teaching community are awesome! "

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