AR-15 Podcast - Year in Review

Welcome to another edition of the AR-15 Podcast. On this episode we look back on the year 2018
Joining us….

Tony Simon

Chad Wallace

Alex Horsman

Matt Browning

Derek Jarstfer

Reed Snyder

J.D. Smith


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MAIN TOPIC: Year in Review

January - Reformation
February Stoneman Douglas High School shooting
March - Americans Buying Guns At Record Pace in March – Thanks David Hogg!
April - Sig P365
May - Alyssa Milano Reads the ‘Gun Safety Bill of Rights’ - NRA Meetings

June - Boulder City Council Doubles Down on Gun and Magazine Ban
July - Brett Kavanaugh’s Dangerous Views on the Second Amendment

August - 3D Gun Plans Ready for Download, But Not Everywhere

September - Listener Ryan
Remodeling my bathroom and I found a Remington xp100 hidden under the linen closet in a false bottom
October - ATF Prosecutes Ohio Man for AR Pistol with Brace
November - Midterm Elections
December - Bump Stock Ban


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AR-15 Podcast - Loose Rounds 6

Welcome episode 6 of “Loose Rounds!” Tony, Chad, Reed and JD Cover Current Topics

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3D Gun Battle

National Gun Group Sues Pennsylvania Township, Official Over Gun Range Dispute

Gun policy, Under Armour weakness hit Dick's Sporting sales

Cab Driver Shoots, Kills Passenger During Alleged Robbery In New Bedford

Jacksonville Shooter Upset at Losing in Earlier Round of Video Game Tournament

Vulcan Circle’s New Subscription Service Lets You Try High End Optics Before You Buy

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AR-15 Podcast - Loose Rounds 004

Welcome episode 4 of “Loose Rounds!”  John Richardson and Michael joins the round table to discuss the latest SHOT Show and the latest goings on in the firearms world.

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Common Anti-gun Arguments & Positions:

“Common sense”: AGs often tout lack of “common sense” gun laws. The statement in and of itself is disingenuous because it inherently means that if you disagree, then you lack common sense. However, reasonable minds may differ, which is precisely the reason that law is not proscribed by “common sense.” The legislative process is at once insulated from the whims of the mob via elected representatives, and again distilled into natural compromise through the law making process. Suggesting that a constitutional right can be, or should be, pursuant to folksy wisdoms is dangerous and anathema to the foundation of the republic. Let us not forget that at one time, a flat earth and racial superiority were “common sense.” Being common does not imbue the view holder to correctness. This is a proof by assertion argument that is as weak as it is offensive.

“Weapons of war,” “Assault,” and military-grade weapons: This is one of the most prevalent and potent arguments AGs use. The question is rife with inconsistencies and problems:

Nearly all weapons are used in war, or were at one time weapons used in war. Lever action rifles were used by the U.S. Army for decades—is it still a weapon of war? Side-arms are issued to the military—are they weapons of war? Etc.

Assault: An assault is a noun. To assault is a verb. An “assault weapon” is a weapon used to make an assault. But any weapon can be used to make an assault. But adding the “assault” to weapon is leading the audience to a conclusion, namely that if you have the firearm, you have it to commit an assault. A 26NOV2017 article in The Mercury News regarding the Sutherland Church massacre is instructive here. The author states the bad guy used “attack weapon” while the good guy’s rifle was designed to “defend and protect.” But they were the same AR pattern rifle. This is a classic If-by- whiskey argument that is used to shape narrative. Add that to fact that there is no official definition of what an assault rifle is, and when pressed for the definition and justification for any distinction, AGs deflect to emotional arguments.

“The recent events in Sutherland Springs, Texas. . . The perpetrator had an automatic attack weapon with large-capacity magazines, while the hero that brought him down simply had a single rifle designed to defend and protect.”

“We regulate X, why can’t we regulate guns?”: Again, this is misleading because it implies there are no regulations when we all know there are volumes of them. The primary counter to this position is of course that TRTKABA is a right not a privilege. The most common example is a driver license and insurance. But even this example fails. Right v. privilege aside, one need not procure a license to buy or drive a vehicle unless it’s a public roadway. Conversely, a driver license is recognized in all states, but not your ccw permit—so why the reversal here?

“Rate increasing devices”: How exactly is that defined? Are muzzle brakes, modified gas system, trigger lightening, or reflex sights considered rate increasing devices? What if you can bump fire, absent the specialty item (as is demonstrated across youtube and instagram)? The facts are that AGs clamoring for this simply do not understand how a self loading weapon works, so the outcome is more important than reasoning or details. i.e. fast = machinegun/full auto regardless of the mechanisms involved. Using the logical fallacies, anything can be a rate increasing device, and any firearm can be “full auto.” Does holding the trigger and fanning the hammer of a single action revolver like the gunfighters of the old west classify as a full auto?

“Nuclear briefcase”: This is a classic example of reductio ad absurdum. Opponents sneer and ask “well if you can have an AR can I have a nuclear bomb” or something equally ridiculous. Set aside for a moment absolutism regarding the 2A (i.e. “we can have anything” argument). What is true is that there are laws that dangerous devices and explosives. Nuclear weapons, bombs, grenades, etc. are mass-effect weapons. Once activated, the user has no control over who is harmed. Contrast this with a semiautomatic firearm where each round is resultant from an individual and volitional act (trigger press). So here again we have a non analogous argument to mask ignorance.

The NRA/gun lobby

Campaign finance laws: Another proof by assertion argument that is constantly made by AGs is that the NRA “buys politicians/policy.” False. Campaign finance law caps contributions for all lobbies, PACs, and individual contributors to a candidate. The Supreme Court's 2014 decision in McCutcheon v. FEC, removes the aggregate limit on how much an individual can give in total to all candidates, PACs and party committees combined, but individual contribution caps remain the same. The NRA is allowed to contribute exactly the same amount as a teacher’s union, pharama companies, or any other interest group. Second, the money doesn’t go to the candidate, it goes to the campaign—Marco Rubio isn’t buying a new house with the money, his campaign is financed.

Width of its base: The power of the NRA is not in its “deep pockets” although the organization has money for sure. It’s the width of its base, and by extension then the number of votes it can muster. The 2A community is unique in that it can be focused into a single issue that true believers will rally behind. The real power of the “gun lobby” is that politicians know that all the money in the world from opponents don’t mean anything on Election Day if 5 million+ voters are mobilized against them.

Democratic process: AGs are essentially angry that the democratic process is a two-edged sword. Antifa, the women’s march, Occupy Wall Street, etc. are all examples of demonstration and mobilization for the left. The NRA mobilizes voters every election at every level and for that it is powerful.

“The NRA wants to arm teachers”: False. The NRA does not want to arm anyone. The NRA’s position is that if an adult wishes to be armed, and they meet state and federal guidelines, then they should not be denied. This markedly different from arming teachers or forcing them to arm themselves.

“Why do you need an AR15/Do you need an AR to hunt a deer?”:

Need: This is bait. 2A is a civil right and a civil right need not be justified. I don’t need to have a reason any more than someone needs a right to free speech, a fair trial, or exercise of their religion. A Muslim need not have a reason to practice rather than Christianity.

Hunting: 2A makes no mention of hunting and is not discussed in any writings of the time that I’m aware of. 2A exists for tyranny. And in many states a .223 round is insufficient for ethical hunting anyway.

“Your stupid rifle won’t be able to fight the army/drones/tanks.” First of all, the ability to win the fight stands apart from my ability to fight the fight. And AGs cannot abdicate my natural right of rebellion (if we should have the misfortune to see occasion in our time). Secondly, history is replete with lesser equipped forces doing very well against a superior force. The soviets in Afghanistan, the Viet Cong, the Taliban, and the American colonists are all examples of lesser forces challenging, and in some cases triumphing, over far mightier opponents.

Misdirection: This is the preferred tactic of AGs. This latest massacre is a great example because a lot of the buzz is around bump stock modifications. As of this writing, we have no evidence that a bump stock was used. After Pulse Nightclub, the Dallas Police attack, Baton Rouge Police attack, Draw Mohammed attack, Charelston Church shooting, etc., the talk was again on AR15s. None of those perpetrators used an AR15. Another popular push is the “gun show loophole” despite most of these shooters obtaining guns legally (i.e. with a NICS check), or stealing them. There is little to no evidence of any of these shooters obtaining a weapon through the so called loophole but AGs keep pushing it after every event.

Ignoratio elenchi: aka “missing the point.” This can be applied to nearly every discussion on the topic. For instance, the proposal to allow armed teachers in schools typically elicits a litany of outcomes where the weapon will not help. But that misses the point that having more tools is more advantageous than less tools—even if the tool is ultimately useless.

Moving goalposts: Typical argument when proven wrong. A great example is the Sutherland Church massacre. AGs often sneer at “good guy with a gun” stopping a massacre. Stephen Willeford, Jonnie Langendorff were good guys with guns that stopped the killing. AGs contend that their participation was irrelevant because he didn’t save enough people and/or that the killing was over despite overwhelming historical evidence that active killers don’t stop killing until they are stopped. Another example is ccw incidents of criminality. AGs insist that carrying guns around leads to more crime. States like Texas that keep meticulous records categorically disprove this, so the goal post is moved to say that ccw is ineffective for self defense.

Policing Brass:

AR-15 Podcast 194 - Who The Heck is Michael?

Welcome to Episode #194 of the AR15 Podcast. It’s the day after Christmas!

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Main Topic:  

Who The Heck is Michael?



Justin: 300 blackout powder.  I heard reed talking about getting some brass to reload from a sponsor and I was wondering which powder he prefers for supersonic and subsonic.

D. Sure enjoy the podcast. Was wondering if you meant the episode numbers on the website jumping from 188 to 193. Did we miss a few?

Big Al in Nevada:  Hi all, I've been enjoying the podcast for about a year, and have dug through some of the older podcasts. And I have a few questions.

1) What are your opinions on "dissipator" rifles? My youngest (who has great vision) is interested in an irons only rifle. I've considered building one for him. I'm thinking more of a fake dissipator with mid-length gas.

2) Next, I'm building a 6.5 grendel for target and hunting. I was considering a Luth-AR MBA-3. I know it is not a great idea to use a collapsible stock for target shooting. But any way to help fit this into my Jeep would help.

3) I haven't heard you guys say anything about the Boyd's wood furniture for ARs. I know it adds weight, but they look cool. Maybe these would get JD to build some of those imprisoned lowers he has locked up.

Thanks for reading, keep up the good work


ARP 098 - Giving Thanks to Our Listeners


Welcome to Episode #098 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me today are my co-hosts, JW Ramp and Anthony Hardy.  This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level. Our Special Guest tonight is Levi, winner of the first AR-15 Podcast giveaway

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Main Topic:

Interviewing Levi, the First AR winner of the podcast.

Round Table Discussion of the AR world this week

Electronic AR trigger

Machine Guns could be legal?

Selectable single/two-stage trigger

TRICON™ TAsk COnditions & Standards Rifle Training Program (cards)

Announcing the AR-15 Giveaway Winner:

Jennifer Gehman



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Jayoco:  Hey guys, great show!  Another option. For those who own or will be purchasing a Ram truck with Ram Boxes (I love mine), you can purchase a holster for the Ram Boxes. The Boxes on the '13's and '14's lock when you press the button to lock the doors. The holster looks like this:

They're on Amazon for about $250.

John W:  Hey guys I was just listening to episode 94 and wanted to give you a little more information on the carbon fiber wrapped barrel you were talking about in a question. The main advantage of going to that style of barrel is not the heat dissipation but the weight savings. Your able get the performance of a bull barrel out of something that weighs in a half the weight. The heat dissipation is only a plus.

I also have been reloading for a couple years now. I started so I could save money while shooting my 25-06. I now load for my AR and a few other rifles and multiple handgun calibers. I find no need to crimp my rifle rounds and only crimp my handgun rounds.

A tip if you happen to smash your case after seating the bullet. If you run it through the resizing die again you can save the round and still use it. As long as the case isn't too far gone it will straighten back out.

I hope you find some of this information useful. Thanks for the great podcast.

Arturo:  Hi Reed, Do you know if there are any FRN listener events planned for Shot Show?  What I’d like to see reviewed during Shot Show 2015:

  • Ultra light weight aluminum rails/handguards
  • Compare contrast piston conversion systems … compare/contrast Adams Arms with Syrac Ordance's new piston system.
  • Affordable silencers
  • Side charging upper receivers/BCG
  • Affordable battle rugged CQB and mid distance optics

Lumby:   Greetings and salutations from Lumby. Regarding the incredibly ugly AR pistol in episode 97; It's not actually a frankengun. It's a Professional Ordnance Carbon-15 pistol. Specifically, it's a type 97 (appropriate episode, eh?), denoted by its fluted barrel and quick-detach compensator. It had carbon fiber reinforced receivers and a proprietary bolt carrier and recoil buffer system. The goofy looking gas tube shroud is perforated sheet steel.

     And you were right about the laser-dongle-thingy being attached to the flutes in the barrel. It was an accessory available from the factory.

     Too bad Professional Ordnance had terrible quality control, or these might be more than just a curiosity.

     Thanks for all the work you put into the show. It continues to be pretty great.

Semper Fi.


Tom J:  Hey guys just wanted to share with you my franken gun. This my first 80% lower build of 3, the ironic thing is I named it Franken gun. Because of your podcast is the reason I started building (A)mericans (R)ifles. Keep up with the good work and always look forward to your opinion / advice each and every week.

Eric G: Hey guys! Just started listening to the show a couple weeks ago, since I just finished my 1st AR. Ya'll  do a great job covering different topics and keeping my 70 mile round trip drive to work from driving me crazy. Keep it up! Yes, I'll leave a 5 star iTunes review soon. Looking through the archives I can’t seem to find shows talking about optics choices. Can you point me in the right direction with show #'s? Im having a hard time deciding which way to go with optics. I want the best I can get of both worlds: Long range reach out accuracy AND close range speed. At this point I’m leaning towards a 1-4x or 5x scope with maybe a small red dot mounted on top. But then I really like the Vortex StrikeFire II red dot. And I read Vortex is good stuff. As far as budget, gotta keep it low for now. Under $250. I'd love a Burris setup but that's out of the question anytime soon. What do you think of AIM Sports? Or any other cheap-o's for that matter. Thanks!

Trey Wall: Hey guys I love the show when I can get my phone to download it. I was wondering if I missed the announcement of the winner of the ar. The last episode I was able to download was the Sbr episode. For some reason I keep getting a download error on all my podcast. Thanks guys have a great day.