AR-15 Podcast - AR Myths

Welcome to another edition of the AR-15 Podcast. On this episode JD and I will bust some AR-15 myths


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AR-15 Problems

  1. Ammunition

  2. Chrome Lining

  3. Twist Rate

.22 vs .30

  1. Training

  2. Weight of ammo in combat load

  3. Combat effectiveness

Licensing to Colt

  1. Economic difficulty

  2. Lackluster success

  3. Original team was moving on

SOF Influence

  1. Not part of main procurement system

  2. More leeway given to SOF community’s procurement system

  3. Opinions seem to be respected more

Carry Handle

  1. Holdover from AR-10 which protected charging handle

  2. Emphasis on not using the handle to carry the rifle

  3. Slings thought to interfere with mobility in vietnam

First Long Range Bullets - From 65 to 70

  • Industrie Werke Karlsruhe AG (IWK) for Cadillac Gage

  • 77 grain projectile with a tungsten-carbide core

  • Maintained momentum out to 1000 yds

  • Penetrated 46 1 inch boards vs .223’s 10