AR-15 Podast - Magpul

Welcome to another edition of the AR-15 Podcast. On this episode JD and I will be talking to  Duane from Magpul.


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Chad - Are they making a stock for the Ruger PCC?

Mike - Thank them for all the support they give the shooting sports. I swear to God every 3 gun match I go to there are MagPul products in the swag bag or on the prize table.

Jarred - When are they going to make 7.62x39 “AR” mags?

Jesse - Remember when you invented the Pmag? That was awesome!

Curtis - M&P mags in the future?. Also would love some 223 AK mags but doubt there is enough market.

Craig - What stock would they recommend for an AR platform rifle that will be 50% hunting 50% bench shooting.

Brad - With the 224 valkyrie gaining in popularity do they plan on making a 6.8 based mag for standard mag well.

Nick - While I would love to ask when the next series of pistol mags is coming out. The better question is are they ever going to get in the complete firearm game again, they had some really interesting designs that would be neat to see them move on.

Chris - I see 9mm glock mags are on the way for my NFA C9, but is there a big enough market to make anything for the C5?