AK-47 Radio 002 - JBI Armory

The AK-47 Radio Show covers all aspects of the AK lifestyle.  Tune in for interviews from industry leaders and great Kalashnikov discussion about your favorite Soviet bloc rifle.

Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in to Episode 2 of AK47 Radio.

AKR EP2.jpg

On this episode, I am bringing you an interview with Jim Roberts of JBI Armory.

JBI Armory is located in Sanger, Texas which is near the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Jim has made a name for himself as an AK platform armorer, not only in the Dallas area, but he has client throughout Texas and the U.S. Jim and I discuss a lot of things related to the building and maintenance of AKs.

Jim’s Interview was supposed to be part of Episode 1, so you will here me make reference to him being on the premier episode. Just disregard that info and sit back, listen in, and enjoy!



Source: http://firearmsradio.tv/ak-47-radio-show