AAP 028 - 2-Day Practical Performance w/ Tim Herron of timherronshooting.com

This week, on Episode 28 of the After Action Project, we’re bringing you into the student’s seat of Tim Herron’s 2-Day Practical Performance Course.

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Episode Notes

Tonight we're joined by Tim Herron, Top 10 Nationally Ranked USPSA Grandmaster and all around nice guy. His student, Eric, brings us into the student's seat of Tim's 2-Day Practical Performance Course, a class that focuses on the practical shooting skills that will help you more confidently plan, tackle, and shave time from your stages.

A little more about your instructor:

"Tim has been a GM since 2014, has won numerous national single stack titles, and continues to shoot enthusiastically, always pursuing improvement. Tim has been instructing since 2015, and loves working with people of all skill levels. His finely tuned eye for detail and personal "trial and error" experience gives him the ability to spot inefficiencies and shortcomings that many people overlook. His teaching style focuses on an individuals strengths and weaknesses, and he teaches classes with the sole goal of making sure no student feels left behind, ignored, or treated differently, regardless of their abilities or equipment. Tim fosters an atmosphere of fun and personal development, making a personal investment in the improvement of every shooter."

In addition to Tim's 2-Day Practical Performance course, Tim offers several other training courses and options, including one-to-one online training.

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