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Amy Dillon - 12-year Marine Corps Veteran, Former Aviation Analyst, Marksmanship Instructor, and Drill Instructor. Firearms Instructor, 3-Gun Competitor, Writer, Brand Ambassador, 2nd Amendment activist with The DC Project

Yehuda Remer is the author of the Safety On series and owner of The Pew Pew Jew brand.





Top Stories

{Start Positive News… 

VA bill would allow government employees with permits to carry concealed at work

LWRCI releases SMG 45 PCC

New. study shows that enforcement of existing laws would significantly reduce crime

50 women, 50 states, 100% 2A, the DC project takes to the capitol

Traditions Crackshot rifle shoots arrows using a .27 caliber blank

19 year old Texas robber gets shot in the face with his own gun

California ammo control law failures open door to legal challenge

CRPA is seeking an injunction against the CA ammo background check law

Federal judge blocks gun show ban at the Del Mar Fairgrounds 

SAF and Calguns file challenge to California age requirements for buying guns

13 year old founds nonprofit to promote gun safety

US Marshall's capture one of ATFs most. wanted

PRS hits the big time with $40,000 in prize money

GQ discusses armed teachers

Eric Swallwell drops out of 2020 presidential race

Charges dismissed in first SAFE Act conviction 

//End Positive News}

Florida woman arrested for turning in her estranged husband's firearms to police

Former Antifa member explains why the group must be stopped

IL man shoots at kids for. playing with fireworks, gets shot by a bystander

ATF changes the way pistols with braces are measured 

Man gets 23 years for tracking down and beating sex offenders

Family fights off naked intruder, fires 39 rounds without a hit

Mexico homicide rates are triple those of the US despite stricter gun control

California man on bad acid trip is shot by police after stabbing people and running others down 

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Dems move to ban suppressors 

Arizona Starbuck's ejects police officers because customer felt unsafe

Journalism 101 fail causes CNN and others to publish false information 

House votes to overturn federal ban on gun violence research

Advice columnist advises father to evict his daughter because she owns a gun

NYC eases firearm transportation rules in hopes SCOTUS will dismiss the challenge to the rules

Portland students want campus police to be disarmed

MA teacher loses job for showing student a picture of a gun

David Hogg says he's the victim of 7 assassination attempts

Congress pushes for Smart Gun legislation

60 Minutes hit piece finds that bullets cause damage

Federal bill seeks to undermine preemption laws

Joe Biden calls the gun industry the enemy, other Dems don't disagree

Dems want nationwide, Massachusetts style firearm licensing

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Full Auto News Segment 

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Florida man steals and has sex with pool toys to avoid raping women

Florida dad wears short shorts to shame his daughter into not wearing hers

Milwaukee man shot himself as he thought he was about to be attacked

NC teacher is being investigated for pulling a gun during a McDonald's road rage incident

Michigan deputy drives off with AR-15 on his roof, has no idea where it is now

Kentucky man fires into home after being kicked out of party

California man shoots at woman that rejected him at a party, hitting her 10 month old baby

After hitting a bird, A-10 accidentally dropped dummy bombs on Florida 

Employee submits his resignation via sympathy card

Florida woman pulled over for having a man in a dog cage in the back of her truck 

Man pretending to be a cop pulls over a real cop

Loud fart leads to man's arrest


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Chick-Fil-A employee jumps out of drive thru window to save choking boy

LAUSD ends practice of random searches and wandings of students

Mistrial for MN man whose bumper sticker was used for probable cause in shooting case

NC business owner with a shotgun stops felon shooting in his business

NRA implicates Chris Cox in coup attempt and suspends him

NRA Shutters NRATV, severs ties with ACK MC

Texas deputy shot a suspect that shot him in the face with a crossbow

Dallas police recommend murder charges for officer that killed car thief

Permitless carry comes to Kentucky

California woman kills intruder inside of her home

Ohio moves one step closer to constitutional carry

Florida man tries  to rob woman at an ATM, gets shot by her boyfriend

Turkish 17 year old catches 2 year old that fell out of a window

2 more parkland deputies fired for inaction during massacre

Ford employee who defended himself with a gun gets rehired and  gets back pay

Federal judge allows California registration lawsuit to move forward

Army Staff Sergeants run towards gunfire to aid victims in California mall shooting 

Sacramento police officer gunned down responding to a domestic dispute

CA DOJ wants to mandate Federally Compliant ID's for gun and ammo purchases

UK student convicted for printing a 3D gun

Bud's Gun Shop was closed last weekend to investigate a death at the business

Seattle man convicted of rape tracked down and attacked his victim 3 days after he was released from jail

22 year old Fresno man shot to death at his own birthday party

Lack of panic buying is hurting the gun industry

5 dead in San Jose standoff that resulted in murder-suicide

3 year old Texas boy found a gun on a dresser and shot himself in the head

Detroit father in custody after shooting gunman that shot his son in front of their home

Alabama woman indicted for manslaughter after gunshot killed her baby

Springfield Armory founder passes away at 87 years old

California ammo background check system has problems

LAPD Pre-crime software not as good as once thought