WIG-305 - Suppressors Are The New Bump Stock

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

Florida legislators are investigating Marion Hammer for not disclosing money received from the NRA

PA Supreme Court rules stop and frisk is unconstitutional

Texas rules in favor of self defense, legalizes brass knuckles

Parkland SRO arrested on 7 charges for. his negligence

//End Positive News}

The victims of the Virginia Beach killing

Suppressor case heads to SCOTUS following VA Beach massacre

Trump is seriously considering banning suppressors

Australian shooter used an illegal shotgun to kill 4

2 dead, 16 injured in Japan stabbing attack

NY man faces charges for killing 2 intruders because he didn't have a gun permit

Pete Brownell resigns from NRA board

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Salesforce puts the screws to gun sellers

Barack Obama, speaking in Brazil, says it's too easy to buy machine guns in the US

California governor wants ammo background checks nationwide

Presidential wannabe calls gun violence a national emergency

NY Legislature wants to overturn travel law ahead of Supreme Court hearing

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Florida woman arrested for attacking Burger Manager for not giving her free fries

Florida man arrested for killing woman during foreplay


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

NY removes gravity knives from list of illegal weapons

California ammo laws go into effect July 1st

LAPD's biggest dangers are fleas, rats, and typhus

9th Circuit rules Kate Steinle's parents can't sue San Francisco for her death

Nevada legislature passes red flag bill

WA grandfather stabbed for confronting man following children after school

CNN host criticizes rape victim for arming herself

Kimber founder Jack Warne dies at age 96

Milwaukee man gets shot after he attacks woman over handicap space