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Jacki Billings - the shooting editor at Guns.com and Instagram’s favorite micro warrior.

Ryan Cleckner - creator of the Mayday safety app, RocketFFL, RocketCCW, best selling author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook, host of Trigger Words, husband, father,  and much more.





Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

Gun Owners of CA joins onto NY 2nd Amendment case that could make CA Shall Issue

Florida Woman arrested for threatening mass school shooting

Former college football star hailed as a hero for stopping armed student at a local high school

Texas father wrestled gun away from and shot intruder outside his 13 year old daughter's bedroom

US DOJ submits Amicus Brief in NY 2nd Amendment case

Team Global Precision makes 6012 yard, 3.4 mile, rifle shot

Oklahoma police officer takes out active shooter across six lanes of traffic

Federal court issue injunction against Riverside County Sheriff for not issuing handgun licenses to legal US residents

Canadian man in batman suit comes to armed standoff scene to help police

Oregon thief realizes his hatchet is no match for the gun pulled on him

Texas moves to legalize open carry after a natural disaster

//End Positive News}

California FFL stole cops' identities for illegal gun sales

Liberal media is salivating over NRA implosion

Seattle city council member wants to install speed bumps to curb drive by shootings

Chicago mayor calls gun violence a public health crisis

ATF agents are actively looking for purchasers of illegal machine gun parts

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Florida man calls 911 on comedian who made a middle east joke

MA teacher accused of planting ammo at school and calling 911

Fox News contributor says US has a gun violence epidemic that government has failed to fix

College suspends woman because she posted a picture of herself at the shooting range

NY, fearing a loss in SCOTUS, moves to make transportation case go away

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Town in England fixes potholes after graffiti artist Wanksy paints penises around them

Florida man takes deputies on a car chase in a replica General Lee

Ohio woman assaulted her husband after he refused to have sex with her

Suicide bomber teacher blows up his whole class

Boston burglar cleaned his victims house

Man jumps off balcony after woman says she'll shoot him if he doesn't perform oral sex on her


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Las Vegas woman charged with murder of 74 year old man she pushed off the bus

Gun rights groups are using draconian NY regulations as a rally cry for 2A support in SCOTUS

Alabama Senate passes bill making murder of a first responder a capitol offense

Minnesota man shoots at group of teens chasing him, hitting one

Forensics in Houston drug raid case find no evidence of shots fired by suspects

Arkansas woman arrested for posing as a sheriff's deputy to get boyfriend out of jail

Florida man arrested with loaded handgun and extra ammo at Bradley airport

Texas woman shoots her 2 children and herself after being denied for food stamps

Ice-T cautions Amazon's no uniform policy after he almost shot one of their delivery drivers

5 dead, over 30 shot in Chicago over holiday weekend

Man killed on Appalachian Trail was a veteran hiking to overcome PTSD

California Assembly Bill would toughen police use of force rules

Man uses stolen forklift to break into gun store

Washington man hiding drugs in his rectum shoots himself in the testicles

LAPD releases video of officer being ambushed while in foot pursuit of another suspect

10 shot, 1 dead in Virginia block party shooting