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Othias McCarthy - Historical firearms researcher and host of C&Rsenal's Primer: small arms of WWI series

Timothy Knight - National 2nd Amendment advocate, Grassroots example, School Safety Proponent and NRA Director

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform act introduced

NFA changes, fee reductions, and dead red flag bill make Arkansas very pro 2A

Orem inventor is appealing his machine gun parts conviction because he was not allowed to testify

3 NY teens arrested for plotting to bomb their High School

Colorado gun rights group takes aim at Red Flag law

//End Positive News}

2 in custody, 1 dead, 8 injured in Colorado school shooting

Nebraska man was shot in the genitals when he dropped his gun and it fired

2012 gun ban hampers protest efforts against Maduro

Scathing letter published by former NRA staffer

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NC gov is looking at unspecific gun controls following UNC shooting

NJ wannabe presidential candidate wants all gun owners to obtain an FFL

Cory Booker wants Americans thrown in jail for keeping AR-15s

California bill would allow bosses and coworkers to have your guns seized

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Colorado Springs cougar likes to be tied up

Two shot in Chevy vs Ford argument

PA woman charged with shooting a BB gun at kids

Philly vs Florida, police officers arrested for altercation with Sheriff's Deputies


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Suspected terrorist compound discovered in Alabama

CPRC study shoots holes in the argument that arming teachers is an unsafe practice

Trainshot Bluetooth Target system opens a US distribution HQ

A budget line of Canik pistols?

WI Supreme Court rules in favor of Armslist and the First and Second Amendments, upholding a lower court's ruling

Florida home invader is found lying in the street with multiple gunshot wounds after woman in the home opened fire on him

Michigan continues to push towards Constitutional Carry

WI police praise armed citizen that captured burglary suspect

MISS police have a suspect in custody for the ambush killing of a 24 year veteran

Detroit woman shoots man with armed with a knife as he was trying to run away from her home

San Jose police kill suspect that dragged officer with stolen car

CT police release footage of Officer Involved Shooting of man that drove towards officer on foot

Military trade-in grenade launchers for sale, only $15K

Late Term abortions outnumber homicides in NYC by almost 5 to 1

YouTuber 904 Outdoors arrested on child pornography charges

2 NH girls shot with BB gun while walking home from school

Teen football prodigy killed by stray bullet

NC man with one blasting cap arrested for having a weapon of mass destruction

Bartender who served mass shooter charged for serving the shooter

Man posed as rideshare driver and raped female passenger

Over 1000 firearms seized from Los Angeles home