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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

UNCC student died a hero by jumping on shooter, saving lives in the process

House Committee in Texas passes bill to decriminalize suppressors

Washington burglar killed by homeowner with 911 on the line

Idaho case illustrates that deadly force doesn't require a suspect to be armed

Florida Senate passes bill to arm teachers

$90 million and 500+ jobs are headed to Little Rock with CZ-USA

Trump pulls US out of UN arms trade treaty

CBS covers the growth of women's carry wear (Auto Play Video)

Charleston church murderer is sentenced to death

South Carolina considers death by firing squad

Toronto is willing to pay up to $350 in gun buyback scheme

Southern California terror plot stopped by joint terrorism task force

//End Positive News}

Wayne Lapierre refuses to step down as NRA EVP

1 dead, 3 wounded, in California Synagogue shooting

Hudson assigns $0 value to warranty guns, says they're a pile of parts

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Anti-gun NJ governor signs assisted suicide bill

Trailblazer Firearms gets a Cease & Desist from American Express

Harris claims 1 Million women shot in the US

NRA sues Los Angeles over contractor disclosure requirement

What the California magazine case means for the country

California pre-crime bill could strip you of your gun rights

1st Circuit Appeals Court throws out challenge to MA Assault Weapons ban

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Oklahoma burglar has to get rescued from chimney by firefighters

Pennsylvania woman dies after falling into a meat grinder at work

Brazilian police arrest parrot for trying to warn drug dealers of raid

Hong Kong man gets a beat down for spoiling Avengers for moviegoers

Protester glues her rack to the ground outside of Goldman Sachs

Is that why they call it blow? Florida woman says the wind is to blame for cocaine that ended up in her purse

Gas station clerk shoots robbery suspect 6 times

One adult and one child are taken to the hospital after a wild Chuck E Cheese brawl


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Trijicon SRO takes the red dot world by storm

Parkland murderer may have to pay for his own defense

MA federal judge indicted for helping illegal alien escape from ICE agents

Ruger's new GP-100 competition revolver

First NY SAFE Act conviction is overturned

Last minute legislation protects Washington bump stock owner info

Judge grants bail to Coast Guard Lieutenant that had a kill list

Adams Arms heads to the auction block

Laziness leads to criminal police chiefs getting hired

Washington takes first step to Soylent Green, considers human composting

HBO spotlights Dick's and their decision to push gun control