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Phil Rabalais- Veteran, author, 2nd Amendment advocate, professional rabble rouser, and host of the Matter of Facts Podcast.

Shelby Gallagher - Author of the series, A Great State, The wife of author, Glen Tate. Prepper & lover of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.





Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

Pittsburgh residents file a challenge to the city's 10 round magazine law

Texas pushes anti censorship bill

Son shoots home intruder in the head while his sisters hid in the closet

OR bill would teach gun safety to 1st graders

FL concealed weapons permits approach the 2 Million mark

Senator calls for compromise, enforce existing gun laws

ACLU sues Lacey School District for suspending students that posted pictures of them with guns

NICS checks rebound to second highest level in March

MO lawmaker that proposed mandatory AR-15 ownership was trolling the left

Over 1 Million magazines were purchased in California during Freedom Week

NZ expects large scale civil disobedience with new gun laws

//End Positive News}

Last of the Doolittle Raiders dies at age 103

Last of the Tuskegee Airmen dies at age 96

Multiple buyers of Glock auto sears from wish.com arrested by ATF

Michigan police chief pleads guilty to running a celebrity gun ring

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Kamala Harris blames the NRA, says they are endangering school children

Mass police chief suspended for liking Trump and the NRA

Defensive gun stories the media ignores

Nuke 'em all candidate thinks gun control defends the 2nd Amendment

California AG paints magazine buyers with a broad brush as criminals

Feinstein tweets about VA Tech, ignores the fact that none of her bills would have prevented it

Female student expelled for kneeing boy in the groin when he prevented her from leaving the girl's bathroom

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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3 year old locks iPad for 25 million minutes

TN woman steals Walmart scooter to go to Waffle House

NY woman crashes her car when she saw a spider in it

Oregon burglary in progress ends up being a Roomba stuck in a bathroom

Florida Bird kills his owner

Florida man threatened to release an army of turtles

Women who were air drying naked at a Florida rest area led police on high speed chase


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Glock has a model 47, Customs and Border Protection have adopted it as their own

Poachers lose their hunting rights for 15 years and in 47 states

UK police face disciplinary action for citing a stalking victim that was later killed

Hawaii Butterfly Knife ban faces a 2nd Amendment challenge

Career criminal's career comes to an end when homeowner shoots him in the head

Denver area schools have canceled classes amid fears woman infatuated with Columbine Massacre might attack

Man throws 3 year old form the 3rd level at Mall of America

Dad negligently shoots himself and his daughter while changing her diaper

California wants to restrict Lethal Force policies for police in the state

Veteran shoots himself as hundreds look on in V.A. waiting room

Colorado Red Flag law signed by governor

FBI and other law enforcement agents have their personal data published online

PA officer won't face charges for shooting suspect he thought he as tasering

1 dead, 3 injured in Australia drive-by shooting

Canadian woman shot with a crossbow at her home

NY Assembly refuses to pass tuition bill for Gold Star families