WIG-298 - Gang Leader Says No To Gun Ban

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Tony Simon - Host of “The 2nd is For Everyone: Diversity Shoot” and podcast, 2nd Amendment advocate, co-host of the Gun and Gear podcast, firearms trainer and owner of Simon Says Train

Antonia Okafor - Our next panelist is a media personality, gun rights activist & the founder & CEO of emPOWERed.





Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

Salt Lake City police kill armed robbery suspect with a hail of gunfire

Chuck Norris is the new spokesman for Glock

Gun dealer files federal lawsuit for having to destroy 60,000 bump stocks

Is Ted Cruz being smart about ERPO laws?

Brady Group is unsuccessful in their straw purchase lawsuit against Cabela's

Armed mother prevents child abduction at West Virginia mall

Shooting Range protection law signed by Maine governor

Campus carry bill gains ground in Missouri

GOA is championing constitutional carry and suppressor deregulation

//End Positive News}

New Zealand gang leader says they won't get rid of their guns

California magazine ban went back into effect on Friday, April 5th

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Gun Control activists take aim at Texas

US House passes the Violence Against Women Act with some scary new provisions

SCOTUS refuses to block bump stock ban; only Thomas and Gorsuch dissent

TX House speaker kills Constitutional Carry bill after activist shows up at his house

Former Mexican president Fox says lack of security detail allowed gunmen to storm his ranch

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Florida man arrested minutes after being released from jail

Florida man suspected of child porn kills himself with 2 kids in the car

NY man aiming at woodchuck shoots himself in the foot


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

District Court rules against NY in Gravity Knife case

April Fool's waffle iron is in high demand

San Ysidro man killed by police after pointing a rifle at them

Police aren't the answer, fathers are!

L.A. gangs hold a peace rally in support of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle

Suspected rhino poacher killed by an elephant and eaten by lions

Texas man is hospitalized and arrested after shootout with nightclub security guard

Rep Swallwell claims to be getting death threats

KY mom is shot at a drive thru ATM, bullet narrowly missed her daughter in a car seat

6 people shot at Chicago area baby shower

Waffle House security guard shot during armed robbery

DUI suspect arrested for possession of Assault Weapons