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Ken Ross - A creative thinker with a passion for things that go bang.

Awr Hawkins - a man that open carries a Colt King Cobra .357, has a PhD, is a columnist for Breitbart News, AWR Hawkins





Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

California magazine ban overturned

WA man uses his real gun to shoot a robber with a fake gun

CO sheriff is willing to risk jail time rather than enforce ERPOs

TN bill would give gun carriers a free pass if they enter a "No Firearms" policy location

Judge rules CA magazine ban is unconstitutional

Study shows homicide rates unaffected by gun and magazine bans

NRA's opposition to Senator Rubio's ERPO bill

Inglewood officers kill man with sword at Church of Scientology, 2 officers shot during the incident

Constitutional Carry bill introduced in Ohio

Arkansas governor decriminalizes suppressors

Trump's appointees change the makeup of the Ninth Circuit court

Two drunks put on armor and shoot each other...

//End Positive News}

NZ is selling copies of the killer's manifesto for $102.20 to the press after censoring it to the public

NICS checks took and unexpected dip in February

Colorado Senate passes ERPO bill

All knives stolen from UK knife amnesty bin

Dick's CEO stands behind his $150 Million bad bet

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In NJ, guns are bad but assisted suicide is okay

Feminist website alleges the NRA wants to arm stalkers

LAPD wants to cancel CCW's in the city

Student activists want their deaths publicized if killed with a firearm

NZ has begun confiscating guns and one gun owner decided death was better than going to jail for his gun

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Arby's manager charged with murder for shooting a customer she claims threatened her

19 year old woman allegedly shot herself in the mouth while handcuffed during a traffic stop

Florida man shoots his pet zebra after it escaped

San Diego sex shop robber shot a computer screen after the robbery

Florida man kills couple and eats the man's face

Australian court rules flatulence does not constitute bullying

2 Arkansas men arrested for testing a bulletproof vest on each other


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Australian authorities lock down train station after a didgeridoo is mistaken for a rifle

Florida Carry files a civil rights lawsuit against Miami Beach Police for mistreating legally armed fishermen

AZ man kills intruder and says "If they come in... [they] better come in ready,"

14 year old WA student kidnaps and attack his intended rape victim with a hammer at school

S.C. college student got into what she thought was her Uber, her body was found the next morning

Rapper and community outreach activist Nipsey Hussle killed in Los Angeles

KS officer shoots suspect as she meant to deploy her Taser

SCOTUS refuses to block bump stock ban

4 year old CA boy shot himself in the head with a gun he found under a bed

AZ police raid home because mother didn't follow doctor's advice for her unvaccinated child