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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

S&W is moving its warehousing from MA to MO

10th circuit issues a stay for the plaintiffs in the bump stock ban

Court strikes down assault weapons ban in Deerfield, IL

RATS tourniquets and their creator get exposed for shady practices

Nebraska bill would provide a tax credit for firearms training

Sword wielding robbers flee when they realize they started a gunfight

//End Positive News}

GA man is killed while testing the Tueller Drill

LA police officer wants assistant chief charged for not helping him with a combative suspect

Country music singer killed by prop gun while filming video

New Zealand does what the killer wanted, bans guns

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Alaska human rights commissioner under investigation for subverting Free Speech rights

NJ blames PA for its own failures in curbing gun violence

Gun grabbers are now turning their attention towards bolt action rifles

City of Columbus sues Ohio for protecting gun rights

Indiana teachers want a law to protect them from being shot with sims during training classes

NJ sues seller of 80% AR-15 kits

AOC calls for gun ban and confiscation following NZ killings

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Man with knife cuts himself trying to get away from woman shooting at him

Detroit man shot himself when he threw his shoe, with a gun in it, at a cockroach

NYPD officers shoot half naked man that set his car on fire and came at them with a knife

Florida man shoots his cousin over a pair of sunglasses


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

SCOTUS takes aim at gerrymandering

PA police officer acquitted in the shooting of Antwon Rose

Senators focus on guns, ignore other means, to prevent suicide

Muslim bus driver in Italy sets fire to bus with over 50 passengers on board

Texas home had 45 rattlesnakes removed from beneath it

Bernie Sanders jumps on the assault weapon ban bandwagon

Montreal priest stabbed by churchgoer during mass

Dallas man mercilessly beats woman for blocking his car

PA woman faces murder charge because she ran for a gun instead of the door when attacked by her boyfriend