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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

NZ has one thing right, they are not publicizing the face of the heinous killer

Dick's doubles down on its atrophy, pulls guns and ammo from 125 stores

Florida man arrested for bringing an AK pistol to his son's school

ATF could be seeing big changes soon

Mandatory AR-15 ownership bill introduced in Missouri

Iowa passes Constitutional Amendment to keep and bear arms

Fox News host recommends buying AR-15s after Beto O'Rourke suggests banning them

//End Positive News}

Gunman kills 49 at 2 New Zealand mosques

Florida bill would turn kids into criminals for posting pictures of guns online

Columbine copycats kill 8 in Brazil school shooting

Hudson Firearms files for bankruptcy

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Australian museum may have to destroy guns if they want to keep displaying them

NY is going to force gun owners render guns useless

Senate is to hold a hearing on national ERPO bill

Court finds narrow niche and says Remington can be sued for Sandy Hook massacre

British MP wants to put GPS trackers in knives

Portland parents sue school for spewing Anti-gun indoctrination propaganda to their children

Presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke wants to change the makeup of SCOTUS

Hawaii has introduced a measure to repeal the Second Amendment

Florida anti-gun CCW commissioner starts suspending licenses

YouTube bans Stolen Valor account for sharing too much

Oregon bill seeks to disarm campus police

IOC president wants shooting sports pulled from the Olympic Games

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Massachusetts city recalls and re-elects their mayor in the same election

Italian court finds that victim was too ugly to be raped

New mayor in Vermont takes to politics right away, leaves a mess for others to clean

Mich woman wins her case, flipping off a cop is free speech

Florida robber shoots at police and leads them on a wild chase

Man tries to run over police officer, officer fires at him from the hood of the car

65 year old MO man shoots and paralyzes Amazon driver for parking in a handicapped space

Police in TX are looking for a man that shot a dog in the face in front of children

Man shoots Target security guard with his own gun and gets away, gets arrested when he comes back for his wallet

Florida woman shot her boyfriend for snoring too loudly


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Using social media to rewrite the 2A narrative on Constitutional Carry

NC teachers that carry concealed could get a pay raise

Maryland Sheriff refuses to enforce anti 2A gun laws

KY Governor will remove concealed license requirement with "Great Celebration"

6012 yard record breaking rifle shot documented

Beretta steps into the competition gun market

The tolerant left; Woman removed from gun control hearing for sending threatening text

2 Indiana SWAT officers injured during training as a gun “ went off when it wasn't supposed to”

Texas police officer responding to burglar alarm is killed by homeowner

Are congressional investigations the latest tactic to ensnare the NRA?

IL deputy killed serving an arrest warrant, suspect could face the death penalty

Kansas man has his open carry gun stolen by teen while he is working on his car

St Louis pastor and Gun Violence Counselor wanted for shooting at a car

11 year old Indiana boy shot his dad for taking away his video games

S&W issues safety alert for the M&P 15-22

Former Sheriff Israel sues the governor for his firing

At least 15 dead in gangland  fight over fuel in Mexico

19 year old Chicago woman accused of shooting police officer was arrested a month before on another gun charge

Mother of Middleweight boxing champion is killed in officer involved shooting

Texas man that shot at police is accused of killing his girlfriend and another woman shortly before that

Washington AG threatens gun stores for not adhering to I-1639 debacle

Bait and Switch, Brady Campaign undergoes another name change

Surgeons are seeking to operate on the Second Amendment

Moms Demand representative receives bipartisan rebuke for false testimony

Alert parents take down sex offender trying to kidnap children from California park

Endo Mag makes a Pmag a 9mm PCC mag

Suspected casino robber dies in shootout with Las Vegas police

Senator introduces bill to make Texas a Sanctuary State

3 killed on Dutch tram in suspected terror attack

Playing stupid gun game, French police officer kills a colleague

Anti-gunner uses a cop to smuggle a receiver into a hearing

Gun registration bill introduced in Pennsylvania

Gambino crime boss killed outside his NY home

Bullet background check bill named after Parkland victim

Soldier that stole an armored vehicle flew to Iraq to research explosive devices

70 year old former priest accused of molesting boys found shot to death in Las Vegas

Montana trooper and 3 others shot in road rage incident that left 1 dead