WIG-294 - Castration By Hi-Point

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Karen Hunter - Freelance Writer, Firearms Instructor, passionate 2A advocate

Lesley Hollywood - Founder and Director of Rally for our Rights, single mom, advocate for gun rights are women's rights





Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

Oklahoma Constitutional Carry will be legal November 1st

Expedited bump stock appeal scheduled for March 13th

White House tells Congress veto is "likely" on gun control bills

Indiana man could face charges after he castrated himself with a Hi Point

21 of 33 counties in NM declare themselves sanctuary counties

ATF gets burned trying to memorialize the agents killed in Waco

NY police officer arrested for making and selling guns illegally

NC moves one step closer to arming teachers

20 year old wannabe rapper arrested for threatening cop on video

//End Positive News}

Washington moves to reduce concealed carry

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NY Red Flag bill would allow teachers to report you as a danger

House passes 10 day wait for background checks

Sacramento mayor wants to prosecute officers for shooting suspects with imitation or unloaded firearms

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Alabama pair arrested at buffet restaurant for fighting over crab legs

Tennessee resident threatened with a fine for outline their car left in the snow

Doctors pulled a tooth from a man's nose after he lost his sense of smell

NY man faked his abduction to avoid paying Super Bowl losses

FL woman bit by kitten says her funeral would have been cheaper when she sees the hospital bill


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

US puts a $1 Million bounty on the head of Bin Laden's son

Winchester recalls .38 special ammo that it says could be dangerous

Irate man pulls an airsoft gun in Cleveland Taco Bell, customers beat him with it

Oregon man, trapped in the snow, survives for 5 days on taco sauce packets

Mountain lion that attacked runner was a kitten

NY man arrested for shooting inside of NY IHOP

Is Momo the new Slender Man?

Alcohol and drug deaths reach all-time high

V.A. doctor shot in the neck by a homeless vet

Washington Post reports that we could be on the brink of Civil War

NM dog that shot his owner ends up fatally shot weeks later

Drunk Ohio man arrested for accidentally shooting his friend in the leg at a bowling alley

21 year old Baltimore woman shot and killed helping her friend escape domestic abuser

60 year old PA woman recovering from multiple gunshots she sustained while answering her door