WIG-292 - A Bad Time To Be A Mountain Lion

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

Vox shows diminishing support for gun control

Dallas officer sues Facebook, Twitter, and Google for radicalizing terrorists

Texas man makes 3 mile shot  to set a new record

Florida school isn't looking for a fair fight, hires combat vets for security

New ITAR rules will ease the burden on FFL's

Texas man gets 8 years in prison for a 3D printed gun and hit list of lawmakers

Tenn man is hero for stopping a murderer in a dental office

2 Las Vegas men arrested for stealing guns from SHOT show vendors

//End Positive News}

Dems reintroduce 10 round magazine ban

Dems file another AW ban in Congress

Former employee kills five in Aurora, IL

Kentucky Sheriff says "Lock your doors load your guns" suspends force due to lack of funds

Denver officer suspended for discharging his weapon when he meant to turn on the flashlight

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Dems don't want ICE notified when illegal aliens fail background checks

Miami Herald lists 1,157 "kids" killed since the Parkland shooting

Pelosi threatens that national emergency scheme could be used to take guns in the future

L.A. City Council votes 14-0 to force contractors to disclose NRA ties

S&W takes on the church, shareholder battle over "Smart Guns" isn't over  

Washington AG threatens Sheriff's that refuse to enforce I-1639 while he supports heroin injection sites

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**





NYPD commander told his officers to shoot 50 Cent on the spot

Let's hope he holds the soap more tightly, bank robber drops gun and stolen money in front of a cop

Florida man arrested for burglary after posting guns he stole on Snapchat

Tennessee woman shoots at men looking for their dog

Woman holds mountain lion so her husband could shoot it

Utah man shoots his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend after she accused him of cheating

Colorado man shoots neighbor over a parking space

Houston gunslinger shoots himself in the stomach at his daughter's birthday party


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Elderly Georgia woman uses 2 guns to shoot at intruder

No knock raid raises more questions than answers

11,000 guns seized in California is a hindrance to the 20,000 they wanted to take

Mississippi man who killed 4 hostages is dead

Suspect dead, 5 bystanders wounded in New Orleans police shootout

Synagogue security guard shoots YouTube celebrity in Los Angeles

Some CA gun owners are fearful after some have been robbed coming home from the range

NYPD ignored a gun dropped by a suspect and it was taken by a passerby

FL rep thinks GOP will have to cave and support 10 round magazine limit

Milwaukee man faces charges for killing officer executing a No Knock raid