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Maj Toure - The Prophet of Philadelphia and founder of Black Guns Matter

Kevin Dixie - Kevin is the owner and founder of No Other Choice firearms training and the man behind Aiming For The Truth, a community outreach program that is growing rapidly and having a profound impact





Top Stories

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LMT is leaving Illinois after 40 years to a more gun-friendly Iowa

Why medical training is just as important as firearms training

9th Circuit agrees to an en banc rehearing of Hawaii's Open Carry case

New bill would strengthen ban on using federal funds for gun registries

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NYC prison sued for power failure that led to suspended visitation

From the comedy files, Facebook is targeted for being too pro-gun

Hawaii opposes the Dickey Amendment and wants to use public funds for anti-gun research

How does your state rank according to the Giffords propaganda machine?

Junk study denounces mental illness and blames guns for violence

Anti-gunners in Washington are threatening to shoot Sheriff's for not enforcing I-1639

Nevada is holding gun control hearings in secret

WA Red Flag gun seizures almost triple in second year of the law being in effect

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Florida man shoots at wife and friend when he finds them fooling around in the hot tub

MO prison nurse accused of murdering her husband so she could marry an inmate

Woman in NJ Walmart pepper sprayed 5 people, pulled a knife, and barricaded herself inside of the store

NJ man arrested for sexually assaulting an underage waitress and starting a brawl at his wedding reception

Pregnant Florida woman poses with an alligator, a shotgun, a state flag, and a case of beer for her maternity photo

Two Rhode Island strippers arrested for stealing Boston police officer's gun


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

St Paul police will start carrying pepperball pistols as another non-lethal option

H&P Manufacturing is proud of their "Ugly" suppressor

Bump Stocks continue to sell despite ban

Relaxed rules in the State Dept will make it easier for manufacturers to sell guns overseas

Fontana, CA police find underground shooting range, weapons, and ammo while serving a warrant on a gang member

31 year old Minneapolis man shoots school bus driver in the head following a vehicle accident

NYPD detective killed by friendly fire

Pittsburgh synagogue shooter pleads not guilty on federal charges

Alabama man kills his hunting partner that he mistook for a deer

N.M. judge twice grants bail for man accused of raping three children in a week

Retired California police officer arrested for shooting shoplifter at Home Depot

Baltimore hall monitor shot by school intruder, media coverage is minimal

NY man tried to register family heirloom handgun, now the county wants to destroy it

13 year old Michigan boy killed himself over merciless bullying on the school bus

Universal background check bill could send you to prison for showing off your firearms

Montana man faces charges for killing his friend while under the influence of shrooms