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Top Stories

R.I.P Ron Bellan

{Start Positive News…

Sutherland Springs prompts Texas to introduce church carry bill

Constitutional Carry comes to South Dakota

SHUSH Act is reintroduced in the Senate

Solo 300, a bolt action .300 Blackout pistol

NC sex offender shot twice after breaking into home

Pink's Husband, Carey Hart, trolls the left with his parenting skills

23 states back petition for  certiorari in New Jersey "May Issue" case

Maj Toure and Head Down Firearms introduce the Solutionary AR-15

Anti-gun AARP faces competition from Pro-gun AMAC

NC man holds burglary suspects at gunpoint until police arrive

Colorado seeks to protect gun rights for medical marijuana users

//End Positive News}

DNA testing company is sharing data with the FBI

ICE detains 30 during immigration raid at Bear Creek Arsenal

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Gun control groups are prepared to relax their laws rather than have the conservative majority SCOTUS add teeth to the 2nd Amendment

Congress is pushing for Universal Background Checks and liability insurance for gun owners

California's secret plan to strip gun rights from the people

Swallwell strikes again, feelings trump rights

L.A. Times opinion piece promotes retired Justice Stephens' rewording of the 2nd Amendment

Free Speech and Gun Rights don't coexist in Illinois

CT lawmakers propose a 50% tax on ammunition

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Texas woman arrested for masturbating in public continues to pleasure herself in the back of the police car

Sioux Falls man arrested for yelling puns at people while dressed as Mr Freeze

Man in England calls police after McDonald's put onions on his Big Mac

81 year old Chicago man in critical condition after woman shoots him in the face

Drunk PA woman arrested for shooting at family, she drove into a ditch while trying to flee the scene

Pakistani man shoots his wife for refusing to go home

Panera Bread's socialist pay what you want experiment will be closing its doors


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

New Orleans PD arrest man who punched, kicked, and stomped 70 year old man that refused to give him $1

Barrett wins contract for new sniper rifle in 300 PRC

LAPD employee arrested in the murder of his wife and son

Colorado man strangles mountain lion that attacked him

Suppressor forms 1 and 4 have a new mailing address

Facts, feelings, and failures; Gun control fails the evidence test

UK Counter Terrorism unit says buying a hammer is suspicious

CA governor is aggressively attacking gun rights

Spec Ops suicides triple in 2018

Armed Antifa contingent marches at site of cancelled neo-confederate march

Digital Exchange founder gives up the ghost but not his password: users lose $137 million dollars in cryptocurrency

Judge rules that Sutherland Springs victims can sue gun store that sold the weapon used

350 Legend receives SAAMI approval

Federal court rules that stripping gun rights over misdemeanor vehicle offenses is unconstitutional

4 year old Washington boy finds gun and shoots pregnant mother in the face

NSSF says hunting is in decline while target shooting is on the rise