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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

VA Senator openly carries her revolver while presenting bills in committee

New Orleans makes gun buybacks profitable for sellers

Texas woman arrested for fatal Snapchat photo

British SAS soldier stops Kenya terror attack while he was out shopping

Chinese VA Tech student arrested on gun charges has charges dropped after being in custody for 8 months

St. Louis officer charged in the Russian Roulette death of a fellow officer

NC nurse helps trooper that was shot in the face

Foster parents sue MO claiming that rules prevent them from protecting themselves while they are foster parents

Concealed carrier faces charges after negligently shooting himself in a restaurant

VA goes 0 for 26 in gun control bills

Minnesota teen is victorious in her challenge to pose with her shotgun in the yearbook

NY firearms transport law is headed to the Supreme Court

//End Positive News}

Sheriff Israel is raising funds to defend his suspension

United Sportsmen of FL President is endorsing Marion Hammer for NRA board

Suppressor case headed to SCOTUS could eliminate the NFA or raise the price of a tax stamp

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Kamala Harris says the 2nd Amendment has no place in our society

IEDs found around police headquarters following the release of bodycam footage of Antifa member that police killed

NC reporter opines that the Assault Weapons ban needs to be reinstated

Engineering students' attempt at smart gun technology is not too smart

Lake Oswego officials plan to move forward with students' 10 point gun safety plan

Activist writer says that woman who was being robbed at gunpoint shouldn't have killed her attacker. She should have let him rob her

WA presumes guilt before innocence and bans NRA protection insurance for defending criminals

Baltimore school board wants to disarm RSO's

Hit piece cites new study and claims "You don't need a handgun"

NM Sheriffs barred from entering state house because they were armed

Mueller is digging into Trump's campaign activity with the NRA

Pittsburgh mayor challenges DA to arrest him over gun laws that violate preemption

Junior Congressman alleges Kavanaugh perjured himself, launches probe into Justice Kavanaugh

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Florida man has machete named Kindness, threatens to kill a man with kindness

Florida woman stashes stolen Rolex watches in her vagina

Woman arrested for dancing naked in Waffle House parking lot

Alligators freeze in swamps with noses above ice

911 dispatcher helps child caller with his math homework


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

101 year old huntress takes 2 deer with 1 shot

Cumming man arrested for threatening an attack on the White House

Man wanted for 5 murders in LA is caught in VA

Convenience store owner gets 8 years for shooting robber in the back

Ex-DEA agent gets 5 years probation for running guns across the border

Crazed man kills one and leaves 2 others critically injured in Brooklyn hammer attack

-Group crowd funds DIY armor piercing ammo

IL Governor signs law requiring licensed gun dealers to get a license

Anti-gun attorney appointed to oversee Florida's CCW program

California is looking to revisit gun laws vetoed by previous governor

FN pistols become the new P320, will fire accidentally

Best Buy security guard fired for tackling fugitive that attacked a deputy

Irate man at IHOP kills 1 and is killed by the victim's son

Former corrections officer kills 5 in FL bank then calls police and surrenders