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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

Chicago homicides decrease, still far above LA and NY

Broward County sheriff is being suspended for his failure at Parkland

WA gun dealer legally defies new law barring 18-20 year old buyers from purchasing guns

Doctor sues FBI and ATF for denial of a gun purchase over medical marijuana use

Only 342 weapons have been certified in mass Non-Compliance to Boulder weapons ban

Security officer stops man shooting an AK outside an AL night club

//End Positive News}

House Dems plan to introduce bill to criminalize private gun sales

Corporate activism, the new wave of gun control

Turncoat Marco Rubio introduces Red Flag bill

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2019 assault weapons ban includes pistol braces, compliant stocks, and no sunset clause

VT passes Universal Background Check bill they can't enforce

Dallas county DA doesn't think some crimes should be punished if you're poor

CA red flag laws now extend to ammunition and magazines

OR students object to safer schools

23 guns seized from offices of Anti-gun Chicago alderman

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Florida mugger loses to kickboxing champ he targeted

Man chases his kidnap victim into a karate studio

Pedophile priest may have been killed by a hitman

Woman who sent man 65,000 texts to man she stalked actually sent 159,00 and wanted to use his kidneys for sushi

FL stripper arrested after she threatened a mass shooting

Thief tries to rob UFC fighter Polyana Viana and learns about her skills

Uber driver pleads guilty to 6 murders between fares


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Std Mfg releases a double barreled revolver

Texas man opens fire on 2 men trying to rob his wife

SAF hopes to get CA "safe gun" roster case before SCOTUS

Hearing Protection Act sees a revival in congress

NY DA's refuse to prosecute unconstitutional SAFE act arrests

Teen planning to shoot squirrels bags massive 27 point buck

Mossberg introduces its first handgun, joins the striker fired pistol market

14 year old Texas teen charged with murder after car chase led to a woman's death

NJ home invaders use victim's own gun to steal his Cadillac

Australian police respond to a call of a man screaming "Why don't you die?" He was trying to kill a spider

GA teen kills himself after negligently shooting his friend

Man arrested for shooting neighbor that asked him to stop shooting his gun on NYE

Tenn Congressman introduces constitutional amendment to abolish the electoral college

Ohio couple finds loaded gun on sidewalk while out for a walk in their neighborhood

Texas teen charged in his friend's death while playing the "No Lackin challenge"

Police are looking for man who stole gun off the body of a dead motorcyclist

Man shoots his wife and in-laws after he discovered  sex tape of his wife and best friend