WIG-286 - Civil Disobedience In NJ and 7.8 Million Illegals Tried To Buy Guns

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{Start Positive News…

Civil Disobedience in NJ, not a single high cap magazine has been turned in

Ohio legislature overturns Kasich veto of gun law reform

UK sees an influx of guns and rising crime while the US sees a drop in crime despite record levels of gun ownership

Brazil plans to ease gun restrictions to curb violence

Hollywood security guard charged with murder in killing of shoplifter last month

75 year old Milwaukee man feels bad about killing a suspected robber

//End Positive News}

FAKE NEWS (see below) 7.8 million illegal aliens tried to buy guns in 2018

Story Correction: Hi everyone! I was informed that a story that we covered was "fake news". I did some research and it turns out that it was. Here's the details.

Our source:
Townhall.com (reasonably reputable) - 
Headline: (Oh Goodie: FBI Says A Record Number Of Illegal Tried To Purchase Guns This Year)
Correction: nope

So then I tracked it back from them to the Washington Examiner (meh)
Headline: FBI: Record number of illegal immigrants barred from buying guns
Correction: faint italics at the bottom. (CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said the numbers were of attempted purchases. The report is of "active records" of those barred. Washington Secrets regrets the error.)

Tracked from there to the FBI Report. And I see now how the wording was taken out of context. This is the number of records in NICS, not how many were rejected. Looks like total rejections was 3,300 or so.

The numbers seemed outrageous to me and I should have listened to my gut!

Thanks to Daniel for letting me know and I apologize for the inconvenience!

Hi-Point factory suffers fire damage

5 year old boy shoots himself in the face in a Wendy's parking lot

NFA branch employees are non-essential personnel during govt shutdown

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Hawaii ignores federal law, says off duty cops can't carry in their state

Boston Bomber lawyers want his death penalty conviction tossed

Washington gun grabbers set their sights on high capacity magazines next

Louis C K berated for mocking Parkland students and millennials

TV guide slams actor for his farm to table killing of animals

Non-binary is not an option on the 4473

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CA man shoots himself in the ankle while playing with a gun in his car

PA man in standoff with SWAT surrenders when negotiator sings Christmas carol

CT man shoots his own dog because he feared it might attack children

Holy Christmas Batman, man orders diamond bracelet for his wife, receives 48 bracelets

Texas man shoots wife's laptop for playing music too loudly

Huntress outrages the hunting community by posing with a bloody sex toy and her kill

GoFundMe for dead man fails after video shows him trying to kill the cop that shot him

Former NASA engineer makes glitter bomb that includes fart spray

Man gets something from the secret menu, a beat down from the McDonald's cashier he attacked


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Kansas robber shot in the head by concealed carrier

911 call prompts arrest of armed man en route to church to "fulfill a prophecy"

Glock 43X review gets leaked early

RIP Richard Overton, oldest WWII vet dead at age 112

Man who killed California police officer is believed to be an illegal immigrant

Washington mother shoots her 14 year old daughter while she was on the phone with 911

In 2018, more police officers died from shootings than traffic accidents, reversing a decades long trend

MO mother, her two kids, and her mother killed in their home

80 year old MD man shoots woman that forced her way into his home

Dallas man fatally shoots woman he caught stealing a gun from his car

30 year old Houston woman shot, her 7 year old daughter is killed in random shooting at Walmart parking lot

LV mother of 3, grandmother of 2, killed over $35 manicure

MD mother killed by son she had previously gotten a protective order for