WIG-285 - School Safety Spending and Red Flag Fail

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

NY judge rules that a concealed weapons permit is insufficient probable cause for a vehicle search

Baltimore woman will use gun buyback money to buy a bigger gun

Sex offender with 13 priors stopped by a good Samaritan with a baseball bat as he attempted to kidnap an 11 year old

GoFundMe campaign exceeds goal for disabled 8 year old whose hunting gear was stolen

Blackwater security guard convicted in 2007 massacre of civilians in Iraq

Wisconsin felon arrested for taking gun from man who was open carrying

California is being sued for refusing to restore rights of felons whose convictions have been set aside

Sacha Baron Cohen says there will not be a season 2 of Who Is America

LSU football player shooting that left 1 dead is being considered a self defense shooting

//End Positive News}

School shootings have given rise to a $3 Billion school safety industry

Armed shoppers draw guns on men trying to steal tools

MI man negligently shoots relative on Christmas morning

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NY town seeks to infringe on kid's guns too, hosts toy gun buyback

Parkland parents oppose commission recommendations to make schools safer

Utah lawmaker wants to punish gun owners for crimes they didn't commit

Mom's Demand instructor teaches unsafe gun safety

Inventor creates a new bump stock to circumvent the ban

Could the Bump Stock ban be a slippery slope to include all semi-autos down the road?

Inglewood will destroy records of over 100 police shootings to keep the public from seeing them

Broward County will now require deputies to intervene when people are being murdered

Teens were planning a school attack so police confiscated guns from an innocent 3rd party

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Former NASA engineer makes glitter bomb that includes fart spray

Google maps shows a UFO just outside of the Bermuda Triangle

Florida family is being investigated over fight that led to gunfire

Off-Duty officer involved in shooting outside of strip club, no charges filed for either party

Retired Marine tackles would be robber in Pennsylvania bar

Texas man shoots wife's laptop for playing music too loudly

Huntress outrages the hunting community by posing with a bloody sex toy and her kill

GoFundMe for dead man fails after video shows him trying to kill the cop that shot him


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

ATF publishes instructions for destroying your bump stock

Sec Def Mattis resigns amid differences of opinion with Trump

Sanctuary State fail, released man goes on crime spree in California

FBI flipper pleads guilty to avoid jail time, will be on 2 year probation

California Dems push new gun tax this legislative session

Criminal Justice reform bill clears the house