WIG-284 - Gun Safety In Schools and Bump Stocks Get Bumped

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

7th and 8th graders in Iowa will get mandatory firearm safety classes in school

Study show U.S. is not even in the top 60 in mass shootings worldwide

DOI tells San Diego they can't forbid shooting on BLM land in San Diego

Idaho medics get tactical with armored ambulance

Nunchuks are protected by the 2nd Amendment in court ruling

//End Positive News}

Bump Stock ban signed Tuesday, becomes effective in 90 days after it gets published

L.A. County deputy faces 21 years in prison for shooting suspect that hit him with a stolen car

14 year old gunman kills himself after opening fire on police

Venezuelans regret giving up their guns as crime runs rampant and the government does nothing to stop it

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Man shot by female motorcyclist he attacked is memorialized as a gun violence victim

Fuhrer Bloomberg doesn't think minorities should have access to guns

Pittsburgh mayor, with Bloomberg funded governor at his side, proposes gun control measures that violate state law

Vermont mother who lost her son to suicide uses his obituary to push for gun control

The forgotten victims of shootings, the survivors

NJ police are not exempted from new magazine ban, would become felons if they carry their duty guns off duty

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Full Auto News Segment

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Canadian play about a man and his penis has to pay a fine because of a fake cigarette

Professor hired mercenaries to rescue her student from ISIS so he could finish his thesis

Robot gone wild, Chinese factory worker impaled with 10 spikes by rogue robot

Kansas man shot himself in the head with a nail gun after falling off a ladder, walked to find help

Texas woman shot a masturbating bicyclist that was trying to get into her home


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Indiana woman retrieves a gun and saves her husband from home invaders

Baskin Robbins employee fights off robbery suspect with his own knife

Utah teen sentenced to 5 years for helping a fellow teen commit suicide

California felon found living in storage room had a gun and 600 rounds of ammunition

Man accused of beating toddler to death is beaten by inmates while cameras mysteriously malfunction

Alton Sterling's 18 year old son arrested for raping an 8 year old boy

On the 6th anniversary of Sandy Hook, school is evacuated for a bomb threat

American student stabbed to death by her neighbor in the Netherlands

Death Penalty executions continue at historically low rate

Green Beret faces murder charge for killing Taliban bomb maker

Ex cop turned gun dealer who smuggled miniguns to Mexican cartels is being exemplified to allow migrant caravan into the U.S.

Florida man shot and killed his older son to protect his younger son after they got into a fight over a pool game

LA woman fatally shot as 2 brothers struggle over a gun

Former Chicago cop accused of running guns and drugs with a gang and joining the DEA to traffic even more

Scot Peterson argues he had "No Legal Duty" to protect at Parkland, judge disagrees