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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

South Carolina woman shoots escaped convict in the head after he kicked in her back door

Study finds that prudent concealed carry laws have no bearing on violent crime

School deputy in FL takes down woman with a gun

Federal agents arrest 2 in Ohio for plotting terror attacks

Secret bump stock ban could go down in flames

//End Positive News}

3rd Circuit upholds NJ magazine ban in split decision

Boulder residents must certify their "Assault Rifles" or face repercussions

CA deputy killed in Thousand Oaks massacre was killed by friendly fire

GA restaurant employee shoots at dine and ditch customer

Colorado cop won't be charged for killing 73 year old homeowner

CA firearm homicides up 18% despite Utopian gun control laws

Sheriff Israel says he didn't know shots were fired at Parkland

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Nevada governor looks to toughen gun laws

Blaming the 2nd Amendment for the dangers of being Armed While Black is only a tactic to disarm the people

David Hogg wants to tax firearm sales, has no clue there is already a tax on firearm sales

Parkland parents are livid after students are given an assignment on the Parkland murderer

i1639 bill supporters now want to target magazine restrictions and ban open carry

NY Senate bill would require gun owners to have $1 million liability insurance

House dems plan to go after private gun sales

Pro gun group needs help to counter anti gun message

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61 year old Cincinnati woman arrested for pouring hot grease on a person she was arguing with, she is a sight to see

Nonstick frying pans could lead to smaller manhood

Las Vegas robber murders ATM then drains the cash register

Man in San Diego shot 8 times, expected to live

Colorado man shoots himself during DUI traffic stop

Texas woman arrested after she strips off her clothes during police chase


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

2 dead, 11 injured in French terror attack

78 year old Las Vegas man savagely beaten in carjacking and robbery

Downtown Los Angeles, man pushes random passerby in front of oncoming truck