WIG-282 - Universal Background Checks Prove Ineffective, Overdoses Skyrocket, and Broke Man Loses His Fried Chicken

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

UC Davis study finds that Universal Background Checks did not reduce homicides

Antifa member charged with assaulting Marine Reservists in Philadelphia

NRA TV rips active shooter PSA for all its shortcomings

US Marshals arrest suspected Alabama mall shooter

Indictment handed down for Dallas officer that shot Botham Jean

Virtue signaling fail, Dick's numbers continue to shrink

//End Positive News}

OK man shoots home intruder 5 years after shooting a previous intruder

Gun Free Mich college tells staff to use hockey pucks to defend against an active shooter

Suicide and OD's drop life expectancy rate for the third year in a row

HS teacher kills her ex's girlfriend in front of her own kids

FBI to start tracking police "Use of Deadly Force"

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Alleged bump stock ban will give owners 90 days to turn them in

CA Assemblyman proposes a tax on semi-autos

Harvard grad student kicked out of her apartment because her roommates were uncomfortable about her guns

GA police department wants citizens to give them firearm serial numbers

MA governor defies court order to reinstate gun permits

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IL man had no cash so robber stole his fried chicken

AZ man shoots himself in the groin at Walmart

Florida woman threatens to "gut" man that complained about her passing gas at Dollar General

Man shoots and kills pitbull that bit him in bed

Jesus take the gun. Woman heading for church kills intruder

Army housewife sentenced for tricking airmen into filming gay porn

Erie woman pleads guilty to fatally crushing her boyfriend with her own body


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Sig upgrades the MPX

CA license for illegals program makes it possible for illegals to buy guns (video)

NY Senator that wants social media checks has a history of violence and unpaid debts

19 year old woman shot 20 times in broad daylight in NJ

NJ man accused of murdering his brother and his family, and setting fire to mansion to cover it up

Man convicted of murder by DNA match admits to killing 90 women

Sex offender rapes and murders 87 year old woman then sets house on fire

Further evidence of incompetence at Parkland

Canadian man kills grizzly bear and then learns that it killed his wife and child