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Mike Sodini - President of Eagle Imports and the founder of Walk The Talk America, focusing on mental health to reduce firearm deaths in the US

Kenny Ortega - man of many careers, editor, and producer of This Week in Guns





Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

Police chief in WA says his officers won't enforce new gun laws

Republic WA considers becoming a 2A Sanctuary City to fend off new gun laws

Good Samaritan saves Dallas police officer while others just stand around and film the incident

Quik Trip chain is looking to hire hybrid clerks / security guards in the Tulsa area

//End Positive News}

Study says that 85% of Utah gun deaths are suicides

WA man shoots another man that was trying to steal his car

Negligent discharge while working on a gun kills a NY wife and mother

IL man charged with gun and drug charges only has to post $500 bail for his release

Parkland deputy that failed to enter the school fails to show up for investigative panel

No cops for you! MO town disbands its police department

Seattle mayor calls cops leaving for nearby agencies mall cops

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DOJ is preparing to rule that Bump Stocks are machine guns and fall under NFA

CA Congressman Swallwell thinks nukes can be used to quell resistance to gun confiscation

Gov Cuomo promises more gun control as NYC shop owners beg for guns

Cards Against Humanity owners buy property on US border to prevent the wall from being completed

Ammo mental health background check bill passes in Detroit

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Wisconsin company is giving all of their employees a handgun for Christmas

$1500 reward for rifle stolen from a deputy's patrol vehicle

Japanese city short on ninjas is paying $85K per year for ninja services

Deputy that sparked a manhunt was shot by his own backup gun


This Week in Guns is produced by Kenny Ortega and is a production of the Firearms Radio Network

OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Workplace violence leaves 1 man dead at California newspaper offices

SCOTUS rules that Marilyn Mosby can't be sued by police officers she maliciously prosecuted

Man arrested in D.C. on gun charges called Synagogue shooter a hero