WIG-278 - Man In Pittsburgh Kills 11 In Synagogue And ATF Ignores Their Determination

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

NJ mom stops school shooting in Kentucky

Time Magazine presents “Guns in America”; an interactive mural

UVA student challenges constitutionality of handgun age restriction law

Pilot arrested with a loaded gun at FL airport

Armed citizen kills gunman at Alabama McDonald's

//End Positive News}

Gunman in Pittsburgh targets synagogue, kills 11

Kentucky man tried to go into a black church before he killed 2 blacks outside of a Kroger supermarket

Circuit judge opens the door for cities to challenge Florida preemption

Baby shower interrupted by bullets prompts county to review shooting laws

Aussie woman who killed her rapist and dragged him through the streets is sentenced to 10+ years

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DHS Secretary says Border Patrol will not return fire if engaged by migrant caravan

VP Pence defends against media assertions that shooting and mail bomb incidents are Trump's fault

ATF prosecutes man despite him being in compliance with their own determinations

San Diego wants to ban shooting on federal land

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The Purge Halloween party ends in gunfire

Man with uncontrollable flatulence pleads guilty to gun and drug charges

Humvee from heaven, Military Humvee falls in NC neighborhood


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Remington officially settles and agrees to replace triggers on their rifles

Texas man searched “Dark Web” for a young girl he could murder and eat

CHP officer takes his own life while on patrol

13 year old stabs his teacher with a butcher knife

Viral video of her son with a gun to his head enrages Missouri mom

2 satan worshipping preteen girls planned to kill classmates and drink their blood