WIG-276 - Deadly Directions, 12 Year Old Psycho, and 81 Year Old Perv

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Karen Hunter - Freelance Writer, Firearms Instructor, passionate 2A advocate

Kevin Dixie - Kevin is the owner and founder of No Other Choice firearms training and the man behind Aiming For The Truth, a community outreach program that is growing rapidly and having a profound impact





Top Stories

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MI man found guilty for shooting at 14 year old asking for directions

Houston range bans 2 men for dangerous selfie on the firing line

Remington releases semi auto Tac-13 12 gauge

Knife Owners Protection Act introduced in the Senate

//End Positive News}

Ruger safety bulletin for Ruger American pistols

Former bassist for 3 Doors Down sentenced to 10 years for gun possession

Belgian aircraft mechanic accidentally destroys F-16 with 20mm Vulcan cannon

San Diego man pleads guilty to firing a pellet gun at Navy SEALS in training

Looter shot after trying to steal a police car in Panama City

12 year old FL girl arrested for making threats against school on Instagram

Video shows FL city commissioner fatally shooting alleged shoplifter

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Bloomberg and Everytown spend more than $2 million on Florida candidates that oppose the NRA

NY college counsels student for holding unloaded gun on video at Cabela's in PA

CA wants the NRA to join it in fighting open carry

Jamie Lee Curtis tries to spin her "full support" of the 2nd Amendment while she wants bump stock and assault weapons bans

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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W VA man cuts off home invader's hand with a machete

Florida woman arrested after she claimed to kill her husband by accident when she slipped on dog poop

81 year old Florida man tried to buy an 8 year old girl from her mother in a FL Walmart

Passed out Texas man arrested for DUI had $830,000 in cash with him

3 Texas men arrested for cutting hole in a building and stealing guns from a gun store

SC man shoots his cousin for eating his potato chips

TN man shoots wife after she hit his mother with her car


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Sig Sauer makes a belt fed machine gun for the army to test

Ruger is adding 300 Win Mag and 338 Lapua to the Precision Rifle lineup

2 out of 3 Americans wouldn't pass US citizenship test

Dallas police sergeant arrested for felony child injury

Video shows OR defendant lunging for cops gun after judge denied request to restrain the defendant