WIG-272 - Good Guys, Clowns, and Contortionists

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Ken Ross - A creative thinker with a passion for things that go bang. Creative director for Athlon Outdoors

Karen Hunter - Freelance Writer, Firearms Instructor, passionate 2A advocate





Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

Illinois CCW holder comes to police aid during shootout

PA man is sentenced to 5 years in prison for shooting at imaginary clowns when he was drunk

Police seize dozens of guns from man accused of shooting at city worker

//End Positive News}

Dallas PD goes fishing in Botham Jean case to try and help officer that killed him

Bill Ruger Jr passes away

Intern for Sen Ted Cruz arrested in Wash. DC for unregistered ammunition

Border Patrol agent could be a serial killer

District Court Judge denies relief on Maryland SB707, bump stock law that is so vague it could include gun oil

Caretaker is charged after developmentally challenged patient finds his gun and shoots UA student

Suicidal man shoots himself while handcuffed

Detroit County Commissioner wants mental health background checks to buy bullets

Everytown buys FL state Senator for $200K

Cody. Wilson charged with sexual assault of a minor

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Anti-gun group says ammo in checked bags could lead to 9/11 style attacks

Some democrats in contested districts are using guns in campaign ads

Member of Democrat Socialists of America threatens to shoot up MAGA event

Bill Clinton calls for assault weapons ban after a killer uses a. handgun to kill 5

No open carry in Kent State pro 2A rally

Giffords plans to use "Gun Violence" statues to flip 10 pro gun districts

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Range Rover J turn gone wrong

Man shoots himself in the leg at Chuck E Cheese

Snake Fight: Dueling snakes fall into family bedroom

Nike manager calls the police on a man showing support for police in front of his store

Tulsa man shoots daughter's ex boyfriend when he forced his way into the home

Man who pulled a gun on a woman he was choking gets shot in the face with his own gun

Man tries to rob Waffle House with a BB gun, gets shot by patron with a real gun

Florida prosecutor faces charges for shoplifting beauty products


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Officer that arrested Sterling Brown arrested for offensive tweets

California man kills his wife and 4 others before killing himself

Ft Worth police officer killed by robbery suspect

Officer charged in Laquon Macdonald case opts for jury trial

Family of felon killed while reaching for a gun is suing for $5 million

Family dispute leads to death of 5 year old girl and mom is shot 16 times

Jerry Brown let's prisoners get away with murder