WIG-271 - John Garand's Garand and How Many Times Do You Shoot A Suspect

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

John Garand's personal M1 Garand goes up for auction

Parkland 2: Armor clad suspect takes hostages in WA before being taken down by SWAT

Man who held up WA Walmart is killed by police

CA judge strikes down gun advertising ban

//End Positive News}

Dallas Police officer killed her neighbor in his own apartment when she thought he was an intruder

Man with a knife wounds 7 in Paris

CA jury finds officer guilty for firing twice instead of once to stop man attacking him with scissors

Police officer has an ND at Houston Airport

Jury selection begins for Chicago officer accused of murdering Laquan Mcdonald

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Feinstein wants to redefine "Common Use" to support gun bans

Twitter suspends Tanto for calling out the left and it's bias

Gun grabbers look to ammo control to achieve their goals

Study seeks to demonize semi-autos

Coalition wants a Constitutional Amendment to ban assault weapons in Florida

Republican candidate attacked in California

Nevada professor faces felony charges after shooting himself to protest Trump

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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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CO armed robber drops his gun and loses his pants as he tries to run away

CA cheerleader beats down a bully that she tried to make peace with

Dodge introduces armored Hellcat for police

Man claims he had to chop up his wife's body to protect his family

Woman is severely injured by dynamite stick she thought was a candle

Texas man gets shot by his own booby trap

Little woman is not so happy about her Happy Meal


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Bear opener converts an A2 pistol grip to a bottle opener

S&W releases M&0 2.0 in 45 ACP

14 year old in MD is being charged as an adult for raping and murdering an 83 year old woman

3 killed in Cincinnati bank before police kill gunman

At least 166 skulls found in mass grave site in Mexico

CA man stabbed protecting woman from machete attack

White man caught on video pulling a gun on black students to keep them from entering the elevator