WIG-270 - Microwave Weapons: Fact Or Fiction

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Maj Toure - The Prophet of Philadelphia and founder of Black Guns Matter


Zane Mungillo - Host of the Firearms Insider Gun & Gear Review podcast and owner/lead instructor at contextual defense and consulting






Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


FBI arrests NM jihad suspects after state charges are dropped


Smith & Wesson posts a strong quarter, surprising analysts


San Jose teacher arrested for road rage and robbery had a loaded gun in the classroom


Rapper T-Pain and his bodyguard detained by TSA for a handgun in a carry-on


//End Positive News}


Immaculate Concussion: Microwave weapons may have been used against embassy workers in Cuba and China


8 people shot as San Bernardino dice game becomes a gun battle


Arlington, TX police kill driver fleeing from traffic stop


Texas woman shot herself in the hand with an unloaded gun


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Fake News: of 235 reported school shootings, only 11 could be confirmed


Research debunked: US mass public shooting rate is lower than the global average


S&W calls gun violence risk report a Political Stunt


Giffords is using the model of Planned Obsolescence to eradicate the Second Amendment


Antifa is stepping up their civil war efforts


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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):


**Each host picks a story to call their own**






No Ice Cube tickets at will call, start a shootout with police


Magnet fishing yields a bag of guns from an English canal


McDrugs drive thru - Florida couple installed a drive thru window in their mobile home


School put on lockdown because someone thought an umbrella was a rifle


Two Georgia deputies arrested for bringing their guns on a Mexico vacation


Pregnant woman kills intruder, now faces gun charges for a prior conviction



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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


Kentucky woman gets convicted of murder a second time for the same crime


ER actress shot and killed by police in California


Cleveland nightclub shooting leaves 1 dead and 7 wounded


Texas woman dies after being shot in the head during a road rage incident


Man shoots himself in the back of a NY taxicab


NY woman arrested for shooting boyfriend and his 12 year old daughter


Georgia woman arrested in the shooting death of her 2 year old daughter


Levi's takes a stand for gun control


Uber driver shoots irate man threatening him