WIG-266 - Does The Constitution Apply To Illegals And LAPD Shoots The Hostage

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Lisa Edwards - Air Force veteran, licensed clinical social worker working with veterans with serious mental illnesses






Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


Legally armed bystander shoots armed suspect at Florida Back to School event


Adam Kraut, highlighted as a Gundamentalist, pressures the NRA from within


Georgia dad holds naked child molester at gunpoint until police arrive


NY SAFE Act sponsor sentenced to 7 years on Federal corruption charges


Matt Burkett pleads guilty to wire fraud for undelivered guns


Illegal immigrant charged with gun possession cites Heller and claims the 2nd Amendment as his defense


Eddie Eagle program hits all time high in July


//End Positive News}


74 shot, 11 killed, in Chicago over the weekend


Swedish police kill man with Down Syndrome carrying a toy gun


Alabama woman kills abusive husband in her driveway, gets arrested despite stand your ground laws


No motive found in Las Vegas massacre, LVPD closes the case


Gun sales in July fell to lowest July since 2014


Video shows LAPD killing knife wielding felon and his hostage


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People are outraged because police arrested teen that attacked them


Anti-gun group starts #downloadabledeath campaign that is being hijacked by pro-gun activists


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Full Auto News Segment

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Florida man shoots dog that bit him


California man shot his dog for killing a cat, faces 16 felony counts now


Florida man takes alligator with him on a beer run


Man who went head to head with a bison is arrested in Glacier Park


Two men indicted for trying to smuggle ammo that went up in flames into Mexico



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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


Dana Loesch, 3D printing guns is like knitting


Now you can shoot yourself quietly: Sig secures a patent for an integrally suppressed pistol based on the P320


Video shows NYPD Sergeant trying to plant a knife on a man he just shot


Bystanders in Ca record man beating cop and reaching for his gun


Masked man enters Wisconsin radio station and shoots DJ


Parking enforcement near the Capitol leads to arrest for having a gun and ammo in the car


2 Missouri teens arrested for road rage incident that turned to murder