WIG-264 - Open Carry Is Constitutional and Shootings in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Florida

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Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


Ninth Circuit affirms open carry is a constitutional right


Georgia waitress takes down customer that fondled her


Shootout caught on video, 1 suspect dead, 6 in custody including a 13 year old


FPC says that only 3% of California gun owners registered their "Assault Weapons"


//End Positive News}


2 dead, 12 injured in Toronto restaurant shooting


Trader Joe's store manager killed during hostage standoff


Father of 2 Parkland survivors killed during armed robbery


Minnesota Corrections officer killed by inmate with a hammer


Florida man won't be charged in deadly parking space dispute due to "Stand Your Ground" laws


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Florida Congressional candidate wants a full ban on "Weapons of War" as he invests in ammo companies


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Full Auto News Segment

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Ebbs - Putin gives Trump soccer ball with transmitter chip embedded


Woman shoots at first responders to her crash scene


Houston man holding woman at gunpoint is shot in the head by her husband


Carjackers try to run over armed victim who shoots and kills 1 suspect


Mark - Baby born at Chik-Fil-A gets free meals for life and a job


Woman impaled by beach umbrella


Florida man makes suicide look like murder by tying his gun to a weather balloon


Man who stripped naked at Planet Fitness "Judgement Free Zone" will face a judge


NJ woman,  attacked in her backyard, strangles rabid fox



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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


Army replacing M249 SAW only in close combat units


MGM Resorts sues 1000+ victims of the Las Vegas shooting


Mormon church shooting leaves 1 dead, 1 injured. Suspect in custody


Judge overturns terrorism conviction of man who trained with paintball group


Houston doctor killed biking to work, wife calls for gun control